10th July 2009 Archive

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  • Symbian frees security source code

    Open kernel on horizon

    Mobile 10 Jul 01:03

  • Steve Jobs snubs LSD daddy

    What a long, cheap trip it's been

    Bootnotes 10 Jul 01:08

  • Has Spare Backup had a Carphone Warehouse boost?

    Vastly expanded agreement

    The Channel 10 Jul 08:02

  • NetApp tried to buy Snap NAS business in 2004

    Just not snappy enough when it comes to buy-outs

    Storage 10 Jul 09:09

  • Intel seeks Android-on-Atom MID deal with Google?

    Daft not to

    Hardware 10 Jul 09:19

  • Written material saved from censor's big black pen - for now

    Lords suicide debate saves the day

    Government 10 Jul 09:25

  • Rogue CA update bricks Win XP systems

    Sky not really falling

    Security 10 Jul 09:42

  • Police may have had a duty to notify phone-hacking victims

    Make sure no-one's listening in when you do, though

    Law 10 Jul 10:12

  • Whining serial commentard bemoans Reg bullying

    'Do not harrass me online'

    Bootnotes 10 Jul 10:17

  • Infosys says outlook bad despite profit boost

    No recovery this year

    The Channel 10 Jul 10:34

  • ESA to develop cargo-lander space podule

    UK's Major Tim may not be space hitchhiker forever

    Science 10 Jul 10:34

  • Sony confirms second-gen Vaio netbook

    Taking the P to new heights?

    Hardware 10 Jul 10:46

  • Datawind breezes into netbooks

    From PocketSurfer to UbiSurfer

    Hardware 10 Jul 10:47

  • iPod fingered in car inferno

    Saab torched, Apple roasted

    Bootnotes 10 Jul 11:08

  • Microsoft throws Bing into Hotmail mix

    Hunting down the clicks

    Applications 10 Jul 11:16

  • Endeavour set for Saturday launch

    'All systems are in excellent shape'

    Science 10 Jul 11:18

  • Home Office gets another ad agency for ID cards

    Tell a lie big enough, and keep repeating it

    Government 10 Jul 11:57

  • The practical guide to patch management

    Get back in there and build me a proper business case

    Security 10 Jul 12:07

  • Connecticut man misses dental appointment

    Turns up at clinic five days late, naked, but with 'a good tan'

    Bootnotes 10 Jul 12:12

  • Music biz should do more - Top Eurocrat

    Viviane Reding gives industry a kick up the bum

    Media 10 Jul 12:19

  • Coming soon: clothes that take photographs

    MIT boffins stitch together photo fabric

    Hardware 10 Jul 12:21

  • Did the Vatican suppress hidden 'Galileo Cryptogram'?

    Inquisition Neptune conspiracy vs Copernican Heresy

    Science 10 Jul 12:22

  • Police decline to reopen mobile phone hacking case

    'Nothing to hear, move along' says Yates of the Yard

    Mobile 10 Jul 12:27

  • Sony Cybershot DSC-HX1

    Super zoom camera with Full HD video, sort of

    Hardware 10 Jul 12:47

  • Phorm: How it went down

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Broadband 10 Jul 12:53

  • Mel Gibson to put hand up Jodie Foster's Beaver

    Movie project delights El Reg headline bureau

    Bootnotes 10 Jul 13:00

  • WhipTail promises no bull 6TB SSD

    A 2U whopper

    Storage 10 Jul 13:08

  • Calvin Klein puts storage in the shade

    4GB sunglasses

    Hardware 10 Jul 13:28

  • Internet Heroes and Villains named by ISPs

    ISPA calls for file-sharing reasonableness

    Media 10 Jul 13:57

  • Google filters image problem

    But you still have to do the work

    Applications 10 Jul 13:59

  • The comic-book guide to SIM hacking

    Read stored numbers quicker than a speeding bullet

    Mobile 10 Jul 14:08

  • Jaguar opens up about future e-car plans

    As Elle Macpherson helps shift latest XJ

    Science 10 Jul 14:10

  • NHS hospitals struggle to hold back the malware tide

    Still ill

    Security 10 Jul 14:11

  • Pig flu promises holidays for all

    Two weeks off for pig sick lazy swines

    Science 10 Jul 14:44

  • Two jailed for online racism after US turned down asylum bid

    Freedom of speech claim denied

    Law 10 Jul 15:48

  • Sprint to outsource network operations

    But only for the old network

    Mobile 10 Jul 15:57

  • Hijacked Twitter accounts spread Koobface worm

    Micro-blogging site suspends compromised accounts

    Security 10 Jul 16:02

  • Citrix gives away more virtual goodies

    And partners with Fujitsu, Arista Networks

    Virtualization 10 Jul 16:46

  • RIP tennis gal's DD jubs

    Simona Halep goes under the knife

    Bootnotes 10 Jul 16:57

  • Rosetta Stone rocks Google with trademark lawsuit

    Parlez-vous legalese?

    Business 10 Jul 18:23

  • Intel cozying up to Google Chrome OS

    'Privy to the project'

    Operating Systems 10 Jul 18:47

  • Jaspersoft punts 'unlimited' licenses

    Business Intelligence grab bag

    Applications 10 Jul 20:06

  • Silverlight 3: closer to what client-side .NET should have been

    Microsoft cranks it against Adobe

    Developer 10 Jul 20:08

  • 'Secure' Wyse thin clients vulnerable to remote exploit bugs

    More secure As susceptible as PCs

    Security 10 Jul 20:41

  • Net sleuth calls eBay on carpet over shill bidding

    Thrashed with a feather

    Media 10 Jul 21:01

  • Apple celebrates first year of App Store hijinks

    Happy birthday, fartmonger!

    Mobile 10 Jul 21:59

  • Serena Software to pick over Borland's remains

    Plays the old switcheroo

    Developer 10 Jul 22:19

  • Orange UK drops DRM

    Music wants to be free 79p

    Media 10 Jul 23:19