8th July 2009 Archive

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  • Yahoo! takes notes on your searches

    Self-scribbling Search Pad

    Media 08 03:44

  • China cuts internet to quell ethnic riots

    Snipping 'overseas opposition forces'

    Government 08 04:31

  • US websites buckle under sustained DDoS attacks

    South Korea, too

    Security 08 06:33

  • ECB Cricket 1.0

    Play with matches and end up with the Ashes

    Phones 08 08:02

  • Google polishes Chrome into netbook OS

    The sound of Ballmer hurling a thousand chairs

    Hardware 08 08:50

  • Gartner cuts 2009 IT spending forecasts

    Stops just short of predicting a plague of locusts

    The Channel 08 09:05

  • Microsoft talks turkey in Brussels

    Last orders in the last chance saloon

    Software 08 09:14

  • Sony intros three-way anti-shake camcorder

    Super-sturdy shooting for wobbly hands

    Hardware 08 10:26

  • Symantec eliminates dedupe disparities

    NetBackup and Backup Exec to be given same toys

    Storage 08 10:35

  • Ofcom coughs 3G coverage maps

    Tells stunned world that hills may affect signal

    Mobile 08 10:38

  • 'Metal muscle' memory-alloy robot flapper bat shown off

    Can droid chiropterthopter get off the ground?

    Science 08 10:41

  • Spam tool developer faces six years in chokey

    Ralsky cohort cops a plea

    Security 08 11:12

  • Happiness Index: Don't move to Vanuatu

    The bogus logic of 'sustainability'

    Science 08 11:21

  • Overland branches out

    Adds replication and CDP product

    Storage 08 11:40

  • Moderatrix to gain even more sinister powers

    Cyberbullies quail as online reputation software launches

    Security 08 11:43

  • Cops swoop on e-crime gangs after banks pool intelligence

    Early success for new task force

    Security 08 11:45

  • Freecom adds RFID to HDD

    Innovative feature or unnecessary security?

    Hardware 08 11:48

  • Patriot Torqx 128GB SSD

    The new solid-state speed champ

    Hardware 08 11:50

  • Reg Mobile and Wireless newsletter is go! go! go!


    Site News 08 12:34

  • Shell issues 12% pay cut ultimatum to IT contractors

    More double bubble trouble

    Management 08 13:15

  • Deal inked in US Navy 'R2-D2' raygun robo-turret plan

    Boat-blaster also wearable by (frigate-sized) sharks

    Science 08 13:18

  • Cops to step up use of phone and net records

    Hello hello hello

    Law 08 13:20

  • Google reinvents network computing

    Where Netscape feared to tread

    Operating Systems 08 13:24

  • Short URLs in spam skyrocket

    The Twitter effect

    Security 08 13:59

  • The 3G map Ofcom didn't want you to see

    Regulator goes to great lengths to stymie useful info

    Government 08 14:02

  • Google fear? BCS shrinks away from Tories

    Sideways shuffle on NHS IT review

    Government 08 14:07

  • iPhone hackers update jailbreak, unlock tools for 3GS

    Quick, before Apple updates its code...

    Phones 08 14:29

  • LG's first Blu-ray player with Freeview+ uncloaked

    Record telly, watch HD films

    Hardware 08 14:35

  • Plod to get computer forensics 'breathalyser' next year

    Commercial offerings fail forensic tests

    Security 08 14:50

  • OpenSSH exploit rumours swarm

    As milw0rm shuts up shop

    Security 08 14:57

  • Vulture Central unleashes RegPad™

    Redefining the web-surf Linux tablet paradigm

    Bootnotes 08 14:58

  • Phorm confirms TalkTalk fail

    Agreement terminated

    Broadband 08 15:32

  • New boffinry: North Atlantic could be massive CO2 sink

    Icelandic phytoplankton starved of iron, seemingly

    Science 08 15:40

  • Predicting floods through mobile telephony

    Flood warnings? There's an app for that

    Mobile 08 15:53

  • Enertia e-bike wheeled into shops

    Electric two-wheeler available to buy

    Science 08 16:02

  • Google's vanity OS is Microsoft's dream

    Snug as two bugs in an antitrust rug

    Operating Systems 08 16:20

  • US judge prunes damages from YouTube copyright suit

    Foreign vids need not apply

    Media 08 18:20

  • MyDoom dabs spotted on mega cyberassault

    Traces of guilt

    Security 08 18:23

  • HTML5's Flash and Silverlight 'killer' potential chopped

    Web media oneness postponed

    Developer 08 20:26

  • SEC extends Jobsian health probe

    What did the board know?

    Government 08 20:35

  • Fujitsu chases SMBs with entry tower

    Protecting EMEA x64 server turf

    Servers 08 21:11

  • Orange UK exiles Firefox from call centres

    £250 threat sends rogue reps back to IE6

    Applications 08 21:37

  • EMC wins Data Domain with $2.1bn offer

    NetApp blinks

    Financial News 08 22:19

  • Neon revs cost-cutting mainframeware

    zPrime risks Big Blue ire

    Servers 08 22:25

  • Apple punts Safari update

    Anti-crash course?

    Applications 08 22:36

  • EMC stakes claim in IT management

    Five years in the buying

    Management 08 23:10

  • Samsung smartphone keyboard takes wing

    Patent woos three-handed people

    Phones 08 23:34