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IBM finances vSphere-x64 server bundles

IBM has certified VMware's ESX Server 4.0 hypervisor and its vSphere 4.0 virtualization management stack on its System x rack and tower servers and on its BladeCenter blade servers. And the company is now shipping the vSphere stack on its x64 boxes.

Boffins guess social security numbers via public data

Predicting a person's social security number is a lot easier than previously thought, according to new scientific research that has important implications for identity theft.
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CompuServe signs off

CompuServe, the first commercially successful online and email provider in America, has been shut down by AOL after 30 years of service.
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Microsoft promises no patent prosecution of open-source .NET

Microsoft is promising not to pursue patent claims against Linux and open-source software using the open-source implementation of .NET, Project Mono.
LG HS102 Ultra Mobile projector

LG HS102 Ultra Mobile projector

Review Smaller, lighter, cheaper, less power-hungry: that's the road we want digital projector manufacturers to take. Indeed, LG does its best to satisfy our craving with a highly compact and thoroughly usable short-throw projector with minimal ongoing costs.
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Michael Jackson manifests in California tree stump

The case for the beatification of Michael Jackson has been strengthened by the pop legend's appearance in a California tree stump - the first reported Jesus-like simulacrum of the Man Who Changed the Face of Music Forever™.
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Blears sackee nothing to do with TheyWorkForYou

The civil servant sacked for being slightly rude about Hazel Blears did not post any comment on TheyWorkForYou: she only used the site to find Blears' personal website.

NetApp ponders getting off the pot, or...

Comment What do you make of this? "In response to EMC’s revised, unsolicited offer, the NetApp Board of Directors will carefully weigh its options, keeping in mind both its fiduciary duty to its stockholders and its disciplined acquisition strategy. We will provide an update shortly."

NASA fires up the 'interplanetary internet'

The International Space Station has become home to the first node in the "interplanetary internet". The Delay Tolerant Networking (DTN) system uses "store-and-forward techniques within the network in order to compensate for intermittent link connectivity".
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Ukraine slaps ban on all porn

Opinion Porn is now illegal in the Ukraine, unless used for medicinal purposes. Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko last week signed off on new legislation joining the Ukraine to an ever-lengthening list of countries that have decided to move the censorship goalposts over the last few years, from publication of porn on to simple possession of it.

UK Palm Pré carrier confirmed

Blighty’s exclusive Palm Pré carrier has finally been revealed. And the winner is, unsurprisingly, O2.
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BBC pulling back from the DAByss?

Simply because Tim Davie, the BBC's new radio chief, has a background in advertising and marketing, that isn't a reason to assume everything he says is a lie. It's more charitable to say he's well practiced in the dark acts of spinning, having learnt the trade at Pepsi and Proctor and Gamble. And so you might want to take the explanation he offered on DAB strategy last week with a large dose of organic salt.
Sony Vaio W

Sony preps hi-res Atom N netbook

Sony launched its first netbook, the Vaio P, back in February. The P's high price undoubtedly put plenty of punters off, so the consumer electronics giant is having another go, this time with a more standard notebook spec.
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Anti-smut Baroness sent to solitary

The likelihood that possession of extreme pornographic writings is about to become a crime dipped yesterday, as the Conservative Party officially distanced itself from a notion floated by one of its own peers.
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Fusion-io: It's off to work we go

Fusion-io is claiming to have developed a new type of flash memory combining single and multi-level cell (MLC) attributes. It will announce full details of the new development later today.

Plasma rocket in new test with Brit supermagnet fitted

A radical electrically-powered space rocket which has the potential to cut months or years off travel times to other planets has achieved a further successful test today. The new milestone for the Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (VASIMR) was achieved with the aid of a crucial new component - a superconducting magnet made in Britain.

Orange calls up LG watchphone

Following months of Dick Tracy jokes and speculation over its launch, LG has finally confirmed that its watchphone will be available in the UK next month.
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BCC calls recession bottom

The British Chambers of Commerce has called the bottom of the recession.
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Dot Hill hops the 2TB train

Dot Hill has qualified Western Digital's 2TB drives and is going to launch a 24TB RAID array taking up just 2U of rack space.
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Ofcom foresees an entertaining 2028

Ofcom has been busy crystal-ball gazing again, this time plotting out what we'll be doing for entertainment in the year 2028, and how much radio spectrum we'll need to do it.
Bill Ray, 07 2009
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Becta snuggles up to MS on UK schools licensing shake-up

The UK government’s technology agency has given Microsoft’s launch of the new Subscription Enrolment Schools Pilot (SESP) the thumbs up.
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Opera CEO: Unite not a security risk

Opera has been defending its Unite product, claiming that far from causing security problems it actually increases the security for users who would otherwise be dependent on the cloud.
Bill Ray, 07 2009
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IPO gives 'reputable' web pages prior art status

An online news story that described a bank's method for authenticating website visitors was valid evidence of prior art, the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has ruled. The date on the web page could be taken at face value, it said.
Core i7 Coolers

Ten of the best... Core i7 CPU coolers

Round-up Intel’s standard CPU cooler for the Core i7 family looks like a slightly bigger version of the cooler that we're used to seeing on LGA775 Pentium D and Core 2 chips. It works well at the standard speed but lets the side down when you start overclocking.
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Mandy promises end to illegal staff blacklists

Lord Mandelson has opened a consultation on banning the use of union blacklists by employers.
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Mozilla Labs canvases developers for web tools directory

Mozilla Labs has launched a central tools index to help simplify the lives of web developers across the globe.
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Magno stimulation makes brain learn skills better - boffins

Canadian brainbox brainboxes have found that cunningly targeted "magnetic stimulation" of the brain can help test subjects to learn manual skills.
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Phorm phading phast

Phorm shares continue to fall today, dropping another 11.5 per cent on top of the 25 per cent they fell yesterday, as another partner distanced itself from the technology.
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Too thick to boil an egg? Buy 'em preboiled

Having been relieved of the burden of having to make a jam sandwich, those without either the time or the intellectual capacity for basic culinary tasks can now avail themselves of the latest word in labour-saving foodstuffs: Preboiled free range eggs.
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Counter terror cops prep for recession funding squeeze

The UK's top counter terror cop is preparing to make cuts for the first time, as the recession hits the public sector, he revealed today.

Sony launches quick-boot Vaio notebook

Sony has expanded it Vaio laptop line with an eco-focused “Quick Web Access” model.

VW confirms e-car plans

Leccy Tech Volkswagen has announced plans to launch a small electric car in 2013. But the firm’s Chairman has warned the market to be cautious against premature e-car hype.
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$1m for seethrough vidspecs in DARPA VR war-graffiti plan

Brobdingnagian arms company Lockheed yesterday passed on a million of its government greenbacks in a subcontract aimed at helping it achieve a new standard in interface tech. The cash goes to Washington-based Microvision Inc to develop "daylight-readable, see-through, low-profile, ergonomic" colour video specs.
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US edges towards mobile antitrust case

Calls for an investigation into monopolistic practices by US mobile operators have been answered with a review by the Justice Department that could quickly turn into an investigation.
Bill Ray, 07 2009
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Schneier says he was 'probably wrong' on masked passwords

Security expert Bruce Schneier has said that he probably made a mistake when he backed a usability expert's plea to website operators to stop masking passwords as users type because it does not improve security and makes sites harder to use.
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Google strips beta wrapper from Gmail, Docs et al

Google has slipped the beta tag from its Gmail, Calendar, Docs and Talk apps in an effort to lure more businesses out of Microsoft and IBM’s clutches.
Chocolate slab

LG to release second-gen Chocolate

In an attempt to cash in on the success of its 2006 Chocolate mobile phone, LG has announced plans to launch a second-generation Choccy handset.

Sprint punts 99¢ netbook

If you're jonesing for a netbook and you live in the States, Sprint and Best Buy will sell you one for the low, low price of 99¢.

SUSE 11 takes off faster than 10

Novell kicked out its SUSE Linux 11 release at the end of March, so it's now time to ask how it's doing. The answer: better than SUSE Linux 10.
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Google laying off more 'second class citizens'?

Google is laying off contractors as well as full-time employees in multiple offices across the US, according to a new report.
Cade Metz, 07 2009
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Music labels take (more) Irish ISPs to court

The Big Four music labels want every ISP in Ireland to adopt a "three strikes" policy against repeated illegal file-sharers, and they intend to sue until they get their way.
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IBM UK snuffs 'final salary' pensions

IBM UK has shelved its "final salary" pension plan, pulling this prime benefit out from under about 28 per cent of its workforce.
Cade Metz, 07 2009
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Open-source .NET splits for extra Microsoft protection

A community implementation of .NET is splitting in two, hoping to protect Linux and open-source against potential patent claims from Microsoft.

VMware courts jilted Virtual Iron shops

Any time one vendor gets acquired by another, it's an opportunity for a third party to come in and steal some of the accounts unhappy with that acquisition. Oracle has made VMware's job of stealing away customers using Virtual Iron's enterprise-grade Xen hypervisor for server virtualization a whole lot easier by killing off the VI products.
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Linux patch sidesteps Microsoft's TomTom patent

A Linux patch has been released to circumvent a Microsoft patent that landed Linux user TomTom in hot water.
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Jammie Thomas calls for file-sharing trial #3

Faced with a $1.92 million fine, convicted file-sharer Jammie Thomas-Rasset's is seeking to undergo a third trial or have the "excessive, shocking, and monstrous" verdict against her reduced.
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PostgreSQL trumpets 8.4 release

The open source project behind the PostgreSQL relational database is blowing its nose trumpeting the availability of PostgresSQL 8.4, a rev that includes 293 new or improved features that make the database easier to administer and more useful to programmers and end users.
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Royalties deal lets internet radio play on

An agreement has been reached to help ensure the future of internet radio by warding off potentially devastating copyright-royalty rate hikes.