30th June 2009 Archive

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  • China bans virtual cash for real-world trade

    Peer-to-peer transactions only

    Media 30 Jun 00:25

  • Windows 7 free upgrade generosity hits limits

    Stuck in the middle

    The Channel 30 Jun 01:11

  • Spotify founder hints at video, P2P sharing, world domination

    Thinking big

    Media 30 Jun 01:11

  • Asus launches Windows 7 upgrade path

    But only for machines bought from now on

    Hardware 30 Jun 05:02

  • Buffalo Linkstation Quad

    Nas simplicity and versatility, but at a price

    Hardware 30 Jun 08:02

  • Masked passwords must go

    'Shoulder surfing is largely a phantom problem'

    Security 30 Jun 08:06

  • How secure are your applications?

    Locking the stable door before the horse bolts

    Security 30 Jun 08:55

  • Broadcom raises Emulex bid

    Madame, will you talk?

    Storage 30 Jun 08:58

  • An American Werewolf returns to London

    Chilling news points to rehash

    Bootnotes 30 Jun 09:00

  • Pirate Bay sells out to Swedish software firm for $7.7m

    Plans biz model that compensates copyright owners

    Media 30 Jun 09:33

  • Bloke uses nail clippers to go roundhead

    DIY circumcision ends in hospital

    Bootnotes 30 Jun 09:44

  • Intel's first 32nm desktop chips coming early?

    Big roll-out in Q4, not Q1 2010, it's claimed

    Hardware 30 Jun 09:47

  • SuperSpeed USB to be 'successful', enthuses analyst

    Faster version of popular bus to be popular too. Apparently

    Hardware 30 Jun 10:04

  • Moles unveil Dell's Android gadget plans

    One MID and multiple smartphones for 2009, claim sources

    Phones 30 Jun 10:13

  • Tribunal backs TUPE rights in service provider transfers

    EAT adopts 'pragmatic' approach

    The Channel 30 Jun 10:20

  • Cybercrooks ramp up recession-themed scams

    DoJ Untouchables plan crackdown

    Security 30 Jun 10:22

  • Samsung wafts 11.6in, Ion-based netbook around

    N510 release imminent?

    Hardware 30 Jun 10:46

  • GSMA talks up embedded phones

    Competition to get the price down

    Mobile 30 Jun 10:51

  • UK obscenity law: Where to now?

    Post-Girls (Scream) Aloud, the written word is safe - for now

    Law 30 Jun 11:21

  • Nokia prepping 12Mp cameraphone with optical zoom?

    Super-snapper handset could be out this year

    Mobile 30 Jun 11:23

  • US senators demand boycott of Iran 'snoop' firms

    International telco standards? So what, say pols

    Mobile 30 Jun 11:33

  • Mimosa unifies NearPoint archive operations

    Now lawyers can divorce techies

    Storage 30 Jun 11:46

  • Micron move heralds Intel 320GB SSD

    Waves around own 34nm process NAND

    Hardware 30 Jun 12:05

  • Hotmail hack blamed for exposing extra-marital governor frolics

    Mucky affair mails leaked by prurient hacker?

    Security 30 Jun 12:13

  • Japanese airport trials 'personal mobility vehicles'

    Transport of delight?

    Hardware 30 Jun 12:15

  • Lockheed engineer: F-22 Raptor Stealth tech is 'defective'

    Emperor's invisible clothes actually visible shocker

    Science 30 Jun 12:32

  • Nokia admits killing off Widsets

    It was the Finns, behind the Ovi, with the candlestick

    Mobile 30 Jun 12:47

  • How to improve your application security

    What products and services are available?

    Security 30 Jun 13:02

  • Apple MacBook Pro 15in June 2009 release

    Faster and cheaper - whatever next?

    Hardware 30 Jun 13:03

  • Child exploitation chief to defend net snooping plans

    Ministerial no-show at IMP hearing

    Government 30 Jun 13:17

  • NTT to buy German security services firm

    Security axis

    The Channel 30 Jun 13:34

  • Ashdown's missile dump security panel puts women to flight

    Generals, spooks and academics want more soft power

    Government 30 Jun 14:10

  • HP Ireland asks staff to vote for pay cut

    Dear turkey, early Christmas?

    Financial News 30 Jun 14:38

  • AgfaPhoto dunks its latest underwater camera

    Captures sub-aqua action with ease

    Hardware 30 Jun 14:41

  • Max Vision pleads guilty to running cybercrime bazaar

    Iceman melts

    Security 30 Jun 15:02

  • Eurostar tunnels through UK border ring of steel

    Trains won't take the strain

    Government 30 Jun 15:11

  • China Green Dam crumbles after protests

    Censorship program postponed indefinitely

    Government 30 Jun 15:20

  • Home Office ditches compulsory ID card trial

    Dead project still dying

    Government 30 Jun 15:25

  • Pirate Bay website sinks as 'sell out' accusations fly

    'Where's the thanks?' asks a perplexed BrokeP

    Media 30 Jun 15:35

  • Comcast takes broadband to the (Wi)Max

    Cable-branded Clearwire comes to Portland, Oregon

    Mobile 30 Jun 15:48

  • Dutch clotheshorse menaces plastic surgeon

    'Blonde with Class' cuffed for 'vicious' nip-and-tuck objection

    Bootnotes 30 Jun 15:55

  • Red Hat inks cloud partnership with Amazon

    A surge in cloud interest

    The Channel 30 Jun 16:07

  • Mozilla's servers wobble as Firefox 3.5 hits interwebs

    Calm down everyone - it'll still be there tomorrow

    Applications 30 Jun 16:14

  • Researcher barred from demoing ATM security vuln

    Not ready for prime time

    Security 30 Jun 18:00

  • World's first in-cinema interactive 3D game inbound

    Control a spaceship with your hands!

    Hardware 30 Jun 18:26

  • DoJ Java questions delay Oracle's Sun buffet

    Fox in the hen house

    Applications 30 Jun 18:36

  • NASA, Japan (nearly) finish topographic map of Earth

    Everything but the boring polar bits

    Media 30 Jun 18:53

  • RIP, Pirate Bay

    Notes on an exit strategy

    Media 30 Jun 20:50

  • Apple SD Cards fuel (more) Mac tablet chatter

    SanDisk love-in

    Hardware 30 Jun 21:29

  • US court upholds penalty for phone records seller

    200,000 reasons to never do it again

    Law 30 Jun 22:17

  • Firefox 3.5 - it's not a 'web upgrade'

    But it's a nice browser

    Software 30 Jun 22:26

  • Microsoft enlists WSUS, ex-Superman, and puke in IE8 push

    Take it or leave it

    Applications 30 Jun 22:30

  • Google boasts of melting data center antidote

    No chillers? No problem

    Servers 30 Jun 22:36

  • Cisco cuddles all clouds but one

    Leaves Amazonian play to the Amazons

    Servers 30 Jun 23:20

  • GPLv3 grows as GPL stumbles

    New shoot on an aging tree

    Software 30 Jun 23:27

  • Forrester re-slashes 2009 IT spending forecast

    How low can you go?

    Financial News 30 Jun 23:37

  • Rolling Stone allegedly DDoSed for negative story

    Perverted Justice

    Security 30 Jun 23:49

  • Joost gives up the ghoost

    Tries business model 3.0

    Media 30 Jun 23:59