29th June 2009 Archive

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  • Tesla's first UK showroom opens for business

    Roadster Sport debuts

    Science 29 07:02

  • Samsung ML-1640

    No-brainer budget buy

    Hardware 29 08:02

  • Transformers MacBooks, robots in disguise

    Apple laptop turns flying spaceship

    Hardware 29 09:02

  • Vodafone said to be mulling T-Mobile UK bid

    Auf wiedersehen?

    Mobile 29 09:04

  • Think tank rumbles over gov data-hogging

    We want our stuff back

    Government 29 09:08

  • Oracle hits DoJ roadblock on Sun deal

    In a lather over Java

    Financial News 29 09:39

  • JustGiving CEO pledges refund over upgrade cockup

    Fundraisers slam dot com era 'amateurism'

    Management 29 09:39

  • EMC forced to extend Data Domain offer

    Barely any takers so far

    Storage 29 10:04

  • Toyota in 'real time brainwave driver control' success

    Handsfree driving only on wheelchairs for now

    Science 29 10:07

  • Britney Spears dead hacked

    TwitPic exploit suspected in celeb fake obit assault

    Security 29 10:14

  • Humberside koi carp rustlers trawl Google Earth

    Ponds targeted from space, police believe

    Bootnotes 29 10:30

  • NASA reacquires original Moon landing footage

    Tapes discovered in Oz, agency confirms

    Science 29 11:02

  • Girls Aloud net obscenity case falls at first hurdle

    Prosecution offers no evidence

    Law 29 11:22

  • HSBC online banking hits another wall

    Trouble at t'mill

    Management 29 11:31

  • Intel to double SSD capacity

    Roadmap brought forward by a quarter

    Hardware 29 11:36

  • Chaps: Give up, you'll never understand women

    Pointless even to try, indicates new research

    Science 29 11:43

  • Sony building design team for assault on iPhone?

    PSP Phone rumour update

    Phones 29 11:43

  • The bogus FM switch-off: Will you budge?

    Don't touch that dial

    Media 29 11:52

  • Win a Samsung C6625!

    Windows Mobile handsets up for grabs

    Mobile 29 11:53

  • Samsung premiers Blu-ray laptop

    With anti-bacterial keyboard for germ-o-phobes

    Hardware 29 11:55

  • Dell Inspiron Mini 10v netbook

    The Small, Cheap Computer is back. Hurrah!

    Laptops 29 12:02

  • Firefox 3.5 set to land tomorrow

    It's got a touch of Tuesday Weld

    Applications 29 12:06

  • Cyber security minister ridiculed over s'kiddie hire plan

    'Naughty boys' nonsense

    Security 29 12:36

  • A Google monopoly today means packet snooping tomorrow

    A plan to protect our privacy

    Broadband 29 13:11

  • Stop ID cards, says Scottish minister

    Nae mair o'that

    Government 29 13:26

  • Owners say iPhone 3GS is a scorcher

    Don't put it under your pillow...

    Phones 29 14:01

  • EU plays catch up on mobile single charger standard

    Only 18 months after agreement reached

    Hardware 29 14:07

  • The human factor in laptop encryption

    Lock down the business managers!

    Security 29 14:09

  • DARPA hands BBN $30m in evil 'Machine Reading' plan

    Satanic devil project to automate low-rent journalism

    Science 29 14:45

  • Broadcom ready to raise Emulex bid

    Can't we at least just sit down and talk?

    Storage 29 15:13

  • Court reinstates ID theft charges in email hack case

    Malicious gossip connected to suicide

    Security 29 15:20

  • Firefox's little cousin pops out of den

    Fennec for all (at least those running Windows Mobile)

    Mobile 29 15:24

  • StorageWorks goes Citrix and Hyper-V virtual

    HP cosies up to Citrix

    Virtualization 29 15:35

  • Bull waves red flag at HPC with blade supers

    Never mind the bullx

    HPC 29 15:54

  • Yes! It's the air-powered car!

    Just a load of the proverbial?

    Science 29 16:31

  • FTC settles with scareware scammers on reduced terms

    10 cents per victim? We've spent the rest

    Security 29 17:35

  • Obama: the face of USB Flash storage

    Fail to the Chief?

    Hardware 29 18:02

  • Amazon.com dumps North Carolina affiliates

    Says ta-ta in anticipation of taxes

    Media 29 18:34

  • Microsoft to offload digital ads agency?

    Madmen not wanted

    Media 29 18:50

  • Steve Jobs finds part-time work

    Succession question postponed

    Business 29 19:34

  • Mitnick site targeted in DNS attack on webhost


    Security 29 21:12

  • US IT staff salaries and benefits shrink

    Experience pays - eventually

    Business 29 21:58

  • Stallman: open-source .NET 'danger' for Debian

    Microsoft patent warning

    Software 29 22:24

  • Notorious phone phreaker gets 11 years for swatting

    End of the (party) line

    Security 29 22:57

  • HDS spices up mid-range

    Things get dense

    Storage 29 23:01

  • Hip-hop site served child porn, police say

    Unbeknownst to operator

    Security 29 23:31

  • Sun hardens OpenSolaris for EC2

    A bunch of different AMIs for the masses

    Servers 29 23:51