26th June 2009 Archive

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  • Apple sued for 30¢ $5m

    Gift card gamble gone awry?

    Media 26 00:17

  • Great Australian Firewall to censor online games

    Must suit the 15-year-old mind

    Media 26 00:22

  • Cash-strapped LucidEra 'exploring options'

    Reality of SaaS and Salesforce.com

    Financial News 26 00:58

  • Sun CTO douses own cloud in cold water

    Amazon appears with hair dryer

    Software 26 01:36

  • Firms must go to court to stop all counterfeit hauls

    HMRC policy change could cost IP rights holders

    The Channel 26 07:02

  • LG XD4 500GB

    Not enough capacity by half?

    Hardware 26 08:02

  • ISPs vs BBC iPlayer: Missing the point?

    BT Wholesale is villain of the piece, Entanet argues

    Broadband 26 08:02

  • BT axes 20 jobs at Dabs.com

    Warehouse staff despatched

    The Channel 26 08:50

  • Garmin wrestles with failing satnavs

    Fix posted, but problems persist for some

    Science 26 09:06

  • Is Ocarina missing a trick?

    Joining the external drive gold rush

    The Channel 26 09:14

  • Web swoons as Jackson dies

    Shock death trips up news sites, concert venue

    Media 26 09:23

  • US kids busy bullying, sexy texting

    Mobile is weapon of choice for mean/horny teens

    Mobile 26 09:28

  • Apple MacBook Pro firmware fritzes third-party HDDs

    Fast Sata drives fail post patch

    Hardware 26 09:30

  • HP shows off Simple home backup

    Let me taste your ware

    Storage 26 09:40

  • Spammers swift to exploit Jackson death to punt malware

    Who's bad?

    Security 26 09:47

  • Boffins 'cage the demon' of white phosphorus

    Moleculo-prison could neutralise hellfire weapon

    Science 26 10:48

  • Rogue knob could ground space shuttle Atlantis

    Wedged between dashboard and window, and refusing to budge

    Science 26 10:51

  • iPhone 3G S unlock path discovered

    Liberation from O2, AT&T etc coming soon?

    Phones 26 10:56

  • In-building coverage: What’s the problem?

    Signal suckers

    Mobile 26 11:13

  • Qantas cancels $3bn Dreamliner order

    Cites 'worsening economic environment'

    Science 26 11:17

  • Firefox 3.5 gets third release candidate

    Final countdown?

    Applications 26 11:18

  • Why would anyone run their own base station?

    Saying goodbye to home Wi-Fi

    Mobile 26 11:22

  • PC repair techs police dangerous picture law

    Careful where you surf

    Law 26 11:57

  • ICANN appoints former cybersecurity chief as new boss

    Provocative pick

    Security 26 12:05

  • HSBC online banking goes off the wall

    Coughs to 'intermittent issues' as users vent spleen

    Management 26 12:08

  • Dell takes Reg readers to the Cloud

    What's in it for them?

    Management 26 12:16

  • Copyfraud: Poisoning the public domain

    How web giants are stealing the future of knowledge

    Law 26 12:21

  • Samsung to drop 1.8in HDDs, focus on SSD?

    Will lead to thin'n'light laptop shortages, moles warn

    Hardware 26 12:37

  • Seagate shines under Luczo's law

    New CEO broom sweeps clean

    Storage 26 12:40

  • Contactless payment tech in all phones next year, says Ericsson boss

    Killer phone feature for 2010?

    Phones 26 12:55

  • DARPA: Can we have a one-cabinet petaflop supercomputer?

    With 'self-aware OS' so anyone can program it, please

    HPC 26 13:26

  • Electric plane takes to the skies

    But is yet to earn its sales wings

    Science 26 13:37

  • Ten of the best... iPhone beaters

    The iconic Apple's hard to swallow? Try these tasty smartphone bites instead

    Phones 26 13:58

  • Blue chip FTP logins found on cybercrime server

    Monster breach exposes Amazon and BBC to compromise

    Security 26 14:13

  • Google's real YouTube strategy

    Meet the new boss

    Media 26 14:44

  • Apple races developer to censor smut

    Nothing to see here, anymore

    Mobile 26 15:01

  • Freeview HD to debut in December

    New set-top box for Xmas...

    Hardware 26 15:36

  • Man+dog plunged into 'faecal lagoon'

    Totally crap Swedish sh*t pit ordeal

    Bootnotes 26 15:38

  • Faux Foreign Secretary dupes UK press with Jackson Tweet

    David Miliband does not have Web2.0rhea

    Media 26 17:27

  • Facebook knuckle-raps Intel, AMD

    'The server vendors have failed us'

    Servers 26 17:55

  • Apple ups stake in UK mobile chippery

    Still chasing Intel

    Hardware 26 18:32

  • UK climate change funding cut by 25%

    Weather soothsayers lose £4.3m

    Government 26 20:19

  • Google Android code goes native

    Dalvik VM hugs C, C++

    Developer 26 20:24

  • eBay scuffles with Skype founders

    Dueling lawsuits threaten IPO

    Media 26 21:50

  • Ecopocalypse causes giant fish ears

    First Vulcans, then Obama, now les poissons

    Science 26 22:06

  • Judge says IBM dude gets the Dell (job)

    IBM says dude touched its stuff

    Business 26 22:49