25th June 2009 Archive

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  • Red Hat jacks takeover price with 11% revenue leap

    Worth more than Sun?

    Financial News 25 00:19

  • EA merges Bioware, Mythic into single RPG gamehaus

    Taps Bioware chief as leader

    Games 25 00:23

  • Why Google Wave makes Tim Bray nervous

    XML co-author on complexity and the web

    Applications 25 00:34

  • Is your cameraphone an oxymoron?

    iPhone 3G v iPhone 3GS v Palm Pre

    Phones 25 04:23

  • Adaptec adds NAND cache to RAID cards

    Look mum, no battery back-up

    Storage 25 07:02

  • Acer Aspire Revo R3600

    Nvidia's Ion gives Atom the boost it needs

    Hardware 25 08:02

  • Sonim S1

    The Land Rover of rugged phones

    Phones 25 08:02

  • Vodafone builds community, sharing via email oops

    Sharing email addresses with 415 other punters, that is

    Mobile 25 08:02

  • HP whips out blades for future

    Post-modular array plots afoot

    Storage 25 09:02

  • UK.gov decides best form of cyber defence is attack

    Playing the great game online

    Security 25 09:03

  • Renta-cloud storage service launches itself at UK SMBs

    ThinkGrid offers hand

    The Channel 25 09:06

  • Steria wins passport processing deal

    Hops on the ID conveyor belt

    Government 25 09:40

  • DSGi trims losses amidst plunging economy

    Strong volume growth at computing biz in second half

    The Channel 25 09:42

  • Opiate-crazed wallabies create crop circles

    Tasmanian marsupial poppyheads

    Bootnotes 25 10:00

  • TechNet Virtual Conference goes on-demand

    Show and tell

    Software 25 10:02

  • Google brings (Ad)Sense to mobiles

    Spreading the word into the pocket

    Mobile 25 10:03

  • Panasonic patches cameras to block rivals' batteries

    DRM-like tech implemented for 'customer safety'

    Hardware 25 10:07

  • WD tera-fies home storage buyers

    WE II goes large

    Hardware 25 10:11

  • Sony Ericsson dictates secretary slider

    Take note...

    Phones 25 10:18

  • HTC Hero comes with Adobe Flash

    Desktop multimedia on mobile phone

    Phones 25 10:37

  • ISS crew snaps erupting volcano

    Impressive view of Sarychev Peak blast

    Science 25 10:37

  • Pré-style wireless charging comes to the iPhone

    WildSkin takes on Touchstone

    Phones 25 10:38

  • Obama weighs into Raptor stealth superfighter fracas

    Royal Navy will be cheering for the president

    Science 25 11:00

  • Getting Started with Avisynth

    Turn your PC into a video powerhouse

    Applications 25 11:02

  • Microsoft strikes back at Outlook 2010 rendering grumbles

    Whose line is it anyway?

    Developer 25 11:10

  • Crypto guru urges incentives for SSL cert recall

    Come in MD5, your time is up

    Security 25 11:17

  • Buzz Aldrin gets down with Snoop Dogg

    Rapping Moon geezer in charity Rocket Experience

    Bootnotes 25 11:18

  • Fifty Quid Bloke, meet Spotify's 14p man

    The first real numbers tumble out

    Media 25 11:18

  • Ballmer! in! anything! could! happen! shocker! over! Yahoo! deal!

    Coulda shoulda woulda

    Financial News 25 12:02

  • iPhone grows boobs at last

    Pinch to zoom

    Mobile 25 12:03

  • WiReD editor 'fesses to churnalism

    Information wants to be stolen

    Media 25 12:04

  • DGA Livespeakr iPod travel sound system

    Portable speakers for any orientation

    Hardware 25 12:15

  • UK launches £25m e-car trial

    Electric vehicle rentals used to test popularity

    Science 25 12:16

  • Wikipedia kills legendary journalist

    Points deletion-gun at sadly departed Swells

    Media 25 12:43

  • MoD halfheartedly blocks Wikileaker 'dissidents'

    More likely to be bin-diving crusties, actually

    Government 25 12:44

  • EU plans giant IT network for 'freedom, security and justice'

    Will allow 'full exploitation of citizens synergies'

    Government 25 12:55

  • Microsoft unveils Windows 7 free upgrades and discounts

    Prices that dare you to wait

    The Channel 25 13:02

  • FCoE: Divergence vs convergence


    Storage 25 13:53

  • Brit firm stops anti-tank warheads with cloth

    Out of the box thinking indeed

    Science 25 14:05

  • PS3's motion control kit better than Xbox's, claims analyst

    A fanboy speaks?

    Games 25 14:07

  • Man hooks home into Twitter

    World's first self-Tweeting home?

    Hardware 25 14:13

  • US calls for China to revoke censorware plan

    Green Dam under attack

    Security 25 14:46

  • Pirate Bay judge cleared of bias by Swedish appeal court

    BrokeP claims 'human rights violations'

    Media 25 15:31

  • IDC revises server-sale forecasts down for EMEA

    Even longer weekend at grandma's

    Servers 25 18:22

  • Defense-contract discs sold in African market for $40

    Northrop Grumman and Pentagon data dumped

    InfoSec 25 18:34

  • NY Stock Exchange cures jitters with Juniper

    When 150 microseconds ain't fast enough

    Data Networking 25 19:17

  • Salty Saturn moon plumes suggest stuff of life

    Giant geysers project forth

    Science 25 19:45

  • Safari 4: Apple's crash-happy shipper

    Stable beta - we've heard of that

    Applications 25 19:56

  • Louisiana judge holds Dell in contempt

    Dell making a 'mockery' of system in New Orleans brouhaha

    Security 25 21:36

  • HPC cluster maker sets x64 chips a-fighting

    Xeons and Opterons duke it out

    Servers 25 22:16

  • Microsoft to bridge earth and Windows Azure

    The private lives of Redmond's cloud

    Software 25 22:43

  • Microsoft's Bing in travel trouble

    Unflattering imitation?

    Media 25 23:10