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Red Hat jacks takeover price with 11% revenue leap

Commercial Linux distributor Red Hat is doing its best to be one of the few businesses in IT where sales and profits are both growing. And that's making it a more expensive takeover target.

EA merges Bioware, Mythic into single RPG gamehaus

Electronic Arts is combining its top RPG maker, Bioware, with its top MMO maker, Mythic, to make one massive roleplaying studio group.
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Why Google Wave makes Tim Bray nervous

Radio Reg Before Google’s founders were ordering pizza in their Stanford University dorm rooms, Tim Bray was working to commercialize search technology. At start-up Open Text Corporation, he was using the massive University-of-Waterloo project to put the Oxford English Dictionary online.

Is your cameraphone an oxymoron?

Pic Review All cell-phone cameras are not created equal - even the three-megapixel cameras in the recently released iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre. And I've got the photos to prove it.
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Adaptec adds NAND cache to RAID cards

Adaptec has done away with the need for battery back-up of its RAID controller cards by changing to a NAND flash cache and capacitor set up.
Acer Revo

Acer Aspire Revo R3600

Review The Aspire Revo is Acer’s take on Nvidia’s Ion platform so that’s a good place to start with this review.

Sonim S1

First Look The iPhone 3G S or Palm Pre are fine for city-dwellers, but if you live a more rugged lifestyle then you’ll need a handset capable of keeping up - come rain or shine, literally.
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Vodafone builds community, sharing via email oops

Vodafone's recently issued correction to new customers - crediting them with five pounds it had inadvertently billed for internet access - also bundled the email address of the 416 people to whom it was sent.
Bill Ray, 25 2009

HP whips out blades for future

Comment HP's next-generation arrays will be based on a scale-out, virtualised storage architecture using bladed storage processors and a separate storage management software layer - oh, and industry-standard drives and components.
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UK.gov decides best form of cyber defence is attack

UK cyber security spooks will soon have the ability to undertake proactive missions online rather than just playing defense, under the revamped National Security Strategy published today.
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Renta-cloud storage service launches itself at UK SMBs

Can't afford to buy a car? Then hire one as needed. That's the ThinkGrid cloud storage pitch in a nutshell. It's offering it to small and medium businesses (SMBs) that can't afford their own disaster recovery storage.

Steria wins passport processing deal

Steria is to take on a number of business processing services for the Identity and Passport Service (IPS).
Kable, 25 2009

DSGi trims losses amidst plunging economy

DSGi management claimed to have steadied the ship as it unveiled full year figures that showed a reduced pre-tax loss on almost static sales this morning.
Joe Fay, 25 2009
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Opiate-crazed wallabies create crop circles

Tasmania's opium poppy farmers have been offered an explanation for mysterious crop circles in their fields which have become part of local lore: They're caused by drugged-up wallabies which get blasted on the plant heads and hop around in circles.

TechNet Virtual Conference goes on-demand

Microsoft’s TechNet Virtual conference is now available on-demand. You can catch the proceedings at your own leisure here.
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Google brings (Ad)Sense to mobiles

Google has announced an open beta of its AdSense for Mobile Applications platform - allowing developers of Android and iPhone applications to embed advertising from Google into their apps and get paid for it.
Bill Ray, 25 2009

Panasonic patches cameras to block rivals' batteries

Panasonic has used a firmware update to prevent punters using batteries bought from other suppliers in its digital cameras.

WD tera-fies home storage buyers

WD is busily upgrading MyBook editions - hot on the heels of the 4TB Studio Edition II comes the World Edition II with doubled capacity of 4TB, courtesy of two 2TB drives, and sharing the SE II enclosure.

Sony Ericsson dictates secretary slider

If running your social life, work diary or general day-to-day activities is getting harder by the… well… day, then Sony Ericsson reckons it’s got the perfect solution: the T715 slider.

HTC Hero comes with Adobe Flash

Adobe has confirmed that the latest Android handset from HTC, the Hero, will come with a proper Flash client: version 9 with support for ActionScript 2, with version 10 to follow some time next year.
Bill Ray, 25 2009
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ISS crew snaps erupting volcano

NASA has published an impressive snap of the recent eruption of the Sarychev Peak volcano, captured by the crew of the International Space Station:

Pré-style wireless charging comes to the iPhone

The iPhone has finally caught up with Palm’s Pré thanks to accessory firm WildCharge and its wire-free charging system for Apple devices.
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Obama weighs into Raptor stealth superfighter fracas

The White House has signalled that President Obama may veto plans by Washington politicians to maintain production of the F-22 Raptor stealth superfighter. The move has important implications for the British arms industry, and even for the future of the Royal Navy.

Getting Started with Avisynth

Conventional wisdom tells us that to be truly useful, computers need to be tamed to work the way we work, not the way they want to do things. Following this philosophy, movie-editing software like Apple's Final Cut Pro and Adobe's Premier emulate reels of celluloid that you can wind through to find your edit points. Unfortunately, this emulation eats up computer resources. Dispense with it, and there's a great way you can do movie editing without having to lash out on a quad-core machine with multi-gigabytes of Ram.
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Microsoft strikes back at Outlook 2010 rendering grumbles

Microsoft has upset a bunch of Outlook users who loudly complained about the firm's decision to retain the Word rendering engine in its mail client for the 2010 edition.
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Crypto guru urges incentives for SSL cert recall

An SSL security guru is urging incentives to promote website certificate upgrade in response to problems with a widely-used digital-signature algorithm.
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Buzz Aldrin gets down with Snoop Dogg

Buzz Aldrin has rather agreeably, if improbably, teamed up with Snoop Dogg to flash his rapping skills on Rocket Experience - a track to commemorate next month's 40th anniversary of the first Moon landing and in support of the lunar geezer's ShareSpace foundation.
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Fifty Quid Bloke, meet Spotify's 14p man

Exclusive Move over Fifty Quid bloke - and make way for 14p man.
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Ballmer! in! anything! could! happen! shocker! over! Yahoo! deal!

Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer is still holding his arms out to internet giant Yahoo!.
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iPhone grows boobs at last

Updated iPhone users are finally able to get pictures of naked girls on their phone thanks to the age-rating of applications that came with the last OS update, providing welcome relief to users who would otherwise struggle to find porn on the internet.
Bill Ray, 25 2009
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WiReD editor 'fesses to churnalism

WiReD magazine Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson has copped to lifting chunks of material for his second book Free from Wikipedia and other sources without credit. But it could be about to get a lot worse.
DGA Livespeakr

DGA Livespeakr iPod travel sound system

Review Travel speakers come in all shapes and sizes and, to be frank, the majority are pretty horrid, both from an audio and design perspective. However every so often something comes along that piques our interest here at Vulture Central. X-MI's Mini II was one such device and the Livespeakr [sic] from US start-up Digital Group Audio is another.
BMW Mini E

UK launches £25m e-car trial

Leccy Tech The British government is to launch the "world's largest electric vehicle trial".
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Wikipedia kills legendary journalist

Say what you like about Wikipedia, you can't accuse it of lacking tact. Within 48 hours of the untimely death of music journalist Steven Wells, his entry has been summarily marked for deletion on the grounds that he isn't famous enough.
Sarah Bee, 25 2009
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MoD halfheartedly blocks Wikileaker 'dissidents'

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has made a not-very-serious attempt to block access by its staff to Wikileaks, apparently in response to uploads of not-very-significant material by "dissidents", possibly within the Ministry itself.
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EU plans giant IT network for 'freedom, security and justice'

The European Commission has laid itself open to accusatons of Orwellian doublespeak when describing its plans to run the IT systems behind a trio of security and border initiatives.
Joe Fay, 25 2009
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Microsoft unveils Windows 7 free upgrades and discounts

Microsoft is going into promotional overdrive with Windows 7, four months ahead of the operating system's official launch date.

FCoE: Divergence vs convergence

Comment FCoE seems to be a harbinger of network divergence rather than convergence. After discussion with QLogic and hearing about 16Gbit/s Fibre Channel and InfiniBand as well as FCoE, ideas about an all-Ethernet world seem as unreal as the concept of a flat earth.
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Brit firm stops anti-tank warheads with cloth

Cunning new UK technology will see British troops' vehicles in Afghanistan protected from armour-piercing rocket warheads - by cloth.

PS3's motion control kit better than Xbox's, claims analyst

As the motion-controlled gaming war intensifies, one brave market analyst as hinted that Sony’s Motion Control technology is superior to Microsoft’s Project Natal.
Twitter Bird

Man hooks home into Twitter

A computer engineer has connected his home to social networking service Twitter, enabling it to Tweet him with updates about his residence’s electricity and water consumption.
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US calls for China to revoke censorware plan

The US adminstration is pushing China to review its controversial policy of mandating the installation of specific content filtering software on new PCs.
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Pirate Bay judge cleared of bias by Swedish appeal court

The judge in the Pirate Bay trial has been cleared of any accusations of bias, a Swedish court of appeal ruled today.

IDC revises server-sale forecasts down for EMEA

If the server market in 2000 was a trip to the Elysian Fields, 2008 was like a break at Butlins, and 2009 will be remembered as a trip to grandma's for a painful weekend. That weekend will be longer and more difficult in EMEA, apparently.
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Defense-contract discs sold in African market for $40

Dumped hard drives with US defense data have turned up for open sale in a West African market.
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NY Stock Exchange cures jitters with Juniper

NYSE Euronext, which operates stock and options exchanges from ten data centers worldwide, has picked Juniper Networks as a primary backbone infrastructure supplier for a pair of redundant data centers that'll consolidate operations in New Jersey and outside London next year.
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Salty Saturn moon plumes suggest stuff of life

Massive geysers on Saturn's moon Enceladus may be fed by a salty ocean beneath the surface, adding weight to speculation it harbors the essential building blocks needed for life.
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Safari 4: Apple's crash-happy shipper

Updated Apple's shiny new version 4 of its Safari browser is causing headaches among many users - including here at The Reg.
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Louisiana judge holds Dell in contempt

A Louisiana judge found Dell in contempt of court Thursday after berating the eponymous computer vendor for making a "mockery" of the system though haphazard retrieval of evidence for a lawsuit that alleges corruption in the city of New Orleans' crime-camera program.
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HPC cluster maker sets x64 chips a-fighting

Impatient to see benchmark results comparing the performance of Intel's quad-core Xeon 5500 processors to Advanced Micro Devices' six-core Opteron 2400s on supercomputing workloads - and perfectly happy to sell either kind of box to its customers - cluster maker Advanced Clustering Technologies has put the High Performance Linpack benchmark through its paces on two of its Pinnacle rack-mounted, two-socket server nodes.

Microsoft to bridge earth and Windows Azure

Structure 09 Microsoft has hinted it will eventually offer tools that let businesses span the gap between their own infrastructure and Redmond's platform in the sky - Windows Azure.
Cade Metz, 25 2009
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Microsoft's Bing in travel trouble

Microsoft's Bing has run in to trouble for allegedly looking too much like a smaller rival's search service.