24th June 2009 Archive

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  • Safety wonks condemn digital TV satnav

    Mio Spirit an accident waiting to happen?

    Science 24 Jun 00:02

  • Oracle razzle-dazzles Wall St with recession performance

    Ellison goes War and Peace

    Financial News 24 Jun 04:20

  • LG XD2 500GB

    Half-a-terabyte of storage in your palm

    Hardware 24 Jun 08:02

  • Ginetta gunning for electric Goodwood


    Science 24 Jun 08:02

  • Euro data watchdog claims progress on data protection

    Tres bon, chaps

    Government 24 Jun 09:03

  • El Reg commentards offered extra iconography

    You see, we do care really

    Site News 24 Jun 09:05

  • Paris Hilton in Dubai hotel spycam shocker

    'Secret recording device' rattles bafflingly famous reason-vacuum

    Bootnotes 24 Jun 09:17

  • Commission investigates right to 'chip silence'

    Will it help me shut these bloody yoghurt pots up?

    Broadband 24 Jun 09:30

  • PayPal UK titsup

    Server error of all our days

    Small Biz 24 Jun 09:35

  • Nokia toughens up

    Rugged phone uncovered?

    Phones 24 Jun 09:36

  • HP unwraps ultra-tough netbook

    Magnesium here, spill resistance there...

    Hardware 24 Jun 09:48

  • Designer pitches flat-pack power plug

    Foldable three-pinner

    Hardware 24 Jun 09:54

  • AMD preparing Centrino-esque laptop brand... again?

    Vision thing

    Hardware 24 Jun 10:20

  • Femto cells with big ideas

    Good for coverage, bad for teenage romance

    Mobile 24 Jun 10:25

  • Spanish court in favour of topless celebs

    Jubsout photographic exposés 'legitimate news'

    Bootnotes 24 Jun 10:31

  • Prof: Global windfarm could power entire human race

    Provided most of it remains in misery, that is

    Science 24 Jun 10:32

  • Nokia chucks Ovi combo onto desktop

    One app to run them all

    Mobile 24 Jun 11:16

  • German old timers torture financial adviser

    Kidnap pensioners a bit hacked off about $4m lost savings

    Bootnotes 24 Jun 11:19

  • Mystic Met Office predicts neighbourhood Thermageddon

    Modelling 'totally inadequate' last year - why trust it now?

    Science 24 Jun 11:30

  • Windows 7 RC downloads to end 15 August

    Beta to be snuffed out soon

    The Channel 24 Jun 11:31

  • 'Overweight' people live longer than those of 'ideal' weight

    Pie orgies sadly unlikely to increase lifespan, though

    Science 24 Jun 11:37

  • UK police chiefs mull regional cybercrime squads

    We're the eSweeney son, and we ain't had any dinner

    Security 24 Jun 11:55

  • Nokia N97

    Mobile content creation tool, anyone?

    Phones 24 Jun 12:02

  • Disney punts hetero luuurv to wide-eyed kiddies

    Children spared the magic of Snow White and the Seven Gays

    Science 24 Jun 12:40

  • Bing zings, but for how long?

    Paid clicks on the up

    Applications 24 Jun 12:51

  • Geek demos Theremin Super Mario game controller

    New use for 1920s musical gadget

    Games 24 Jun 13:16

  • Vodafone has head stuck in Smoke

    Wants to work nearer home partners

    Mobile 24 Jun 13:27

  • CGI Thunderbirds sadly not go

    ITV disses Gerry Anderson remake plea

    Bootnotes 24 Jun 13:35

  • Panda fattens up by gobbling European franchises in pre-float drive

    Recession bamboo(zle)

    The Channel 24 Jun 13:39

  • IT contractors demand overhaul of company transfer visas

    But not concerned with immigrating ballet dancers

    CIO 24 Jun 14:32

  • Homebrew Pre apps find easy install

    We've got ourselves a security hole, Rubber Duck

    Security 24 Jun 14:45

  • Kate Moss kills Kills cuts

    Song-filled laptop goes for supermodel-assisted swim

    Bootnotes 24 Jun 14:47

  • Rapidshare stung with €24m fine

    German royalties collector chalks up big win

    Media 24 Jun 14:59

  • US military cyberwar force will work with NSA

    Priority is net 'defense'. As in Department of Defense

    Security 24 Jun 15:03

  • L'Oreal appeals eBay ruling

    Gavel meet gavel

    Law 24 Jun 15:15

  • MS no-frills security scanner gets thumbs up in early tests

    Security Essentials does what it says on the tin

    Security 24 Jun 15:21

  • Hero: HTC names third Android smartphone

    Enough to rival the iPhone 3G S?

    Phones 24 Jun 15:25

  • Vivitek readies UK debut of world’s first LED Full HD DLP projector

    Impressive. Most impressive

    Hardware 24 Jun 15:27

  • Tesla cashes multi-million dollar govt cheque

    For expanding its e-car business

    Science 24 Jun 16:01

  • UK mobile networks clash following HTC Hero launch

    Orange and T-Mobile slug it out for Hero customers

    Phones 24 Jun 16:02

  • Steve Jobs liver transplant confirmed by doc

    With Steve's permission, natch

    Business 24 Jun 17:01

  • Microsoft cuts off Security Essentials downloads

    Less than a day later

    Security 24 Jun 17:48

  • Eclipse worms into Apple Cocoa, iPhone

    Galileo magnifico

    Developer 24 Jun 18:08

  • Doom creator bought by Bethesda

    Swallows ego, sells psyche

    Games 24 Jun 18:15

  • HP switches to DC for telcos

    Servers get their NEBS on

    Servers 24 Jun 18:23

  • Apple wins right to continue Hackintosh beating

    A very dead horse

    The Channel 24 Jun 18:45

  • Beijing snuffs Google.com

    Two hour blockage

    Government 24 Jun 19:52

  • AT&T punts not-free iPhone nav app

    Ten bucks a month for turn-by-turn

    Mobile 24 Jun 20:56

  • Chrome update plugs hush-hush browser hole

    As Secunia releases browser patching tool

    Security 24 Jun 21:03

  • US IT outfits slice 34,800 jobs

    The lovely month of May

    Financial News 24 Jun 21:28

  • Hohm - save energy the Microsoft way

    More Google coat-tail obsession

    Media 24 Jun 21:45

  • SCO's lifesaver 'profited from Iraq war'

    Dealer in cement and software

    Operating Systems 24 Jun 22:02

  • UK retailer apologizes for faux Iran Tweets

    Habitat's Mousavi gift card

    Media 24 Jun 23:40