23rd June 2009 Archive

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  • Wikiland gets Euro data center

    Amsterdam hub

    Media 23 Jun 01:30

  • Top 500 supers - world yawns at petaflops

    Not the norm. But getting there

    Servers 23 Jun 07:02

  • Asus Crosshair III Formula AM3

    Top-notch gaming performance

    Hardware 23 Jun 08:02

  • Asus Republic of Gamers OC Station control box

    Bios tinkering made simple and sweet?

    Hardware 23 Jun 08:02

  • Seagate polishes BlackArmor range

    Panoply of disk drives

    Storage 23 Jun 08:02

  • NASA takes stick over feet and inches

    Go metric, agency urged

    Science 23 Jun 09:07

  • Manchester council caned over school data breach

    Must do better

    Security 23 Jun 09:09

  • Apple hikes MacBook SATA speed

    3gig is the magic number

    The Channel 23 Jun 09:18

  • 11 Time Lords plan charity shindig

    Doctor Who special to unite every incarnation

    Bootnotes 23 Jun 09:19

  • Rockstar to launch Grand Theft Auto on... UMD

    Chinatown Wars coming to PSP

    Games 23 Jun 09:20

  • Kodak cuts the cord on latest digital frame

    Perfect for sharing?

    Hardware 23 Jun 09:25

  • Mitsubishi slashes iMiEV's price

    50 per cent off within six years

    Science 23 Jun 09:38

  • Notorious spammer Ralsky pleads guilty to stock scam

    Father and son-in-law spammers face slammer

    Security 23 Jun 10:05

  • LSI hauled to court for trade libel

    SanDisk tires of licence claims, bleating letters

    The Channel 23 Jun 10:07

  • Nokia to use Intel mobile chips?

    'Significant' announcement due this afternoon

    Hardware 23 Jun 10:10

  • Social networking big boys must bow to EU data laws

    The Fat Data Controllers

    Security 23 Jun 10:19

  • Musk hits out at co-founder's Tesla Roadster allegations

    Denies he insisted on '$140m door latch'

    Science 23 Jun 10:21

  • Surveillance response 'inadequate', say Lords

    Upper house forced to do Government's job for them again

    Government 23 Jun 10:29

  • Toshiba hopes for 3D flash chip within three years

    Very small drill needed for 16 layer hole

    Hardware 23 Jun 10:36

  • Rebrand ahoy for tainted Satyam

    Just like renaming Windscale as Sellafield

    The Channel 23 Jun 10:43

  • A Geeks Guide2 ...The Illustrated Network

    40% discount at Reg Books

    Data Networking 23 Jun 10:51

  • DARPA seeking Genesis-style godware capability

    Self-organising Tetris AIs, smart-vat superlife on cards

    Science 23 Jun 11:04

  • Punters 'confuse' netbooks with notebooks

    Bad news for vendors, not users

    Hardware 23 Jun 11:09

  • Lenovo test drives 'roll cage' PC

    Tougher than The Stig?

    Hardware 23 Jun 11:17

  • Nokia Siemens clamps down on Iran snoop claims

    Nothing to see here

    Broadband 23 Jun 11:21

  • Firm digs up iPhone 3.0 gaming 'bone'


    Games 23 Jun 11:30

  • Kodak to kill Kodachrome

    74-year-old film brand faces final spool

    Hardware 23 Jun 11:40

  • Alleged Craigslist killer pleads not guilty

    Long wait for trial

    Law 23 Jun 11:53

  • HTC Touch Pro2

    The Windows Mobile iPhone antidote?

    Phones 23 Jun 11:57

  • Vodafone offers customers chance to pay for own infrastructure

    Let's hope rail companies don't pick up on the idea

    Data Networking 23 Jun 12:18

  • MPs slam 'disgraceful' Type 45 destroyers

    You don't know the half of it, Mr Leigh

    Government 23 Jun 12:22

  • Consumers think netbooks are notebooks

    Terminological confusion

    The Channel 23 Jun 12:28

  • Ministry of Defence offers luvvies reprieve

    Military all that stands between theatricals and free market

    Broadband 23 Jun 12:37

  • MySpace squeezes out two thirds of international staff

    From MySpace to NoSpace

    Media 23 Jun 12:45

  • Street View projects Woolworths through temporal portal

    Sic transit gloria Woolies

    Bootnotes 23 Jun 13:02

  • Nine-ball attack splits security researchers

    Ruck over whether figures stack up

    Security 23 Jun 13:28

  • Demanding times for storage platforms

    Download at your leisure

    Storage 23 Jun 13:30

  • Transformers helmsman demolishes English language

    Pearl Harbor sucked... and so does your grammar

    Bootnotes 23 Jun 13:47

  • Freetard Prof faces fine, jail

    And the trial hasn't even begun

    Media 23 Jun 14:10

  • Recession will destroy 40,000 UK IT services jobs

    They won't come back till 2013

    Financial News 23 Jun 14:22

  • JustGiving.com website goes titsup after upgrade

    Better to give than receive

    CIO 23 Jun 14:49

  • Dreamliner first flight delayed yet again

    Boeing's 787 woes continue

    Science 23 Jun 15:26

  • Nokia to develop Intel-based pocket internet gadgets

    Pair to pool Linux resources

    Hardware 23 Jun 15:37

  • Steve Jobs spotted at Apple HQ

    Black turtleneck, jeans

    Hardware 23 Jun 16:02

  • DHS killing satellite self-spying program

    Space cops 'not an urgent issue'

    Security 23 Jun 17:09

  • Intel and Nokia's brave new world

    They have seen the future. And it is Linux

    Mobile 23 Jun 18:44

  • Oracle plucks meat from Virtual Iron carcass

    Mmm, tastes good to us

    Virtualization 23 Jun 18:46

  • Microsoft begins Security Essentials downloads

    To Morro comes today

    Security 23 Jun 19:00

  • Shutters brought down on mortgage foreclosure racket

    Sub-prime scam

    Security 23 Jun 19:20

  • NASA moon-attack probe beams home first lunar shots

    Next meeting won't be so friendly

    Science 23 Jun 20:29

  • Titsup TSA partner closes airport express lanes

    You are not in the Clear

    Security 23 Jun 22:06

  • Super Micro stuffs super node into pizza box

    Thin crust CPU-GPU

    Servers 23 Jun 22:32

  • Sun buffs InfiniBand for Constellation supers

    Over two petaflops sold

    Servers 23 Jun 22:55

  • Web-based Zoho jumps into bed with Microsoft Sharepoint

    Add-on does Office collaboration

    Applications 23 Jun 22:58

  • Ruby shines in North American developer survey

    Use up 40% from 2008

    Developer 23 Jun 23:53