22nd June 2009 Archive

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  • Opera Software reinvents complete irrelevance

    Unites browser with self-delusion

    Applications 22 04:39

  • Green GT motors through trial run

    62mph recorded down track's straight

    Science 22 07:02

  • Samsung Story Station 1TB external HDD

    Nice one, Sammy

    Hardware 22 08:02

  • Don't call me Ishmael

    Choosing a name for your new PC

    Verity Stob 22 08:02

  • Bolivian TV falls for Air France crash hoax

    Dramatic images of flight 447's last moments

    Security 22 08:49

  • Satnav technology becomes self-aware

    Recognises your favourite roads, driving style, etc

    Science 22 09:20

  • Health Dept puts HealthSpace under review

    Online records system given hospice bed

    Government 22 09:38

  • Wanna buy an old PC factory?

    Mothballed IBM plant for sale - models, balls, the lot

    Hardware 22 10:02

  • BT deposits Wi-Fi in cashpoints

    Link machines get even linkier

    Broadband 22 10:06

  • German MP jumps ship for Pirate Party

    Porn probe Social Democrat's search for new berth

    Law 22 10:11

  • Sony talks up Motion Control

    Developers treated to tech rundown

    Games 22 10:20

  • DataDirect takes on EMC in the cloud

    Atmos to meet that WOS

    Storage 22 10:34

  • Dinosaurs actually slimmer than we thought, say boffins

    Unfeasibly lardy elephant exposes duff calculations

    Science 22 10:36

  • Iranian hacktivists hand-crank DDoS attack

    Farsi hackers do without botnets

    Security 22 10:42

  • Orange unveils GlastoNav

    Navigate your way through the mud

    Phones 22 11:00

  • T-Mobile's second Android revealed

    US buyers to get the myTouch 3G

    Phones 22 11:05

  • Windows 7, Bing and security: Mr Ballmer regrets

    Steve hopes Microsoft money can buy your love

    Microbite 22 11:08

  • Palm Pre developers told to read a book

    No SDK for WebOS until the end of summer

    Mobile 22 11:14

  • KCOM hands network management to BT

    Straight to Hull, boy

    The Channel 22 11:34

  • Union attacks fire-brigade control room IT modernisation

    Claims of 'meltdown' not ideal for fire service project

    Government 22 12:07

  • Facebook tackles potent click fraud scam

    Disgruntled advertisers turn anti-social

    Security 22 12:25

  • Mellanox cranks up InfiniBand switches

    648 ports and 40 Gb/sec are the magic numbers

    Data Networking 22 12:31

  • Apple won't let Commodore onto its baby

    Ruling bodes badly for Spectrum

    Mobile 22 12:37

  • WD 2TB Caviar Black appears on promo card

    I'll swap you a hard drive for Ryan Giggs

    Storage 22 12:51

  • Apple iPhone 3GS

    This object of techno-lust just got even better... and pricier

    Phones 22 12:52

  • Plantronics touts 'world's best' Bluetooth headset

    Crystal clear call clarity?

    Hardware 22 14:43

  • Google submits to Beijing porn drive

    Thumbing nose at Tehran OK, but not at Beijing

    Government 22 14:45

  • Blade Runner house yours for $15m

    Frank Lloyd Wright classic seeks loving owner

    Bootnotes 22 14:53

  • Please don't eat your horse, EU asks owners

    Sign equine pledge or face jail

    Bootnotes 22 15:50

  • O2 tells Apple fans to talk to the hand

    No Safari to iPhone land

    Mobile 22 16:09

  • iPhone 3G S sales surpass 1m units

    Firmware 3.0 downloads growing...

    Phones 22 17:02

  • After six months, Steve Jobs speaks

    One million reasons why 'The iPhone is winning'

    Mobile 22 17:26

  • Platform leaps from grids to clouds

    Traffic cop in the sky

    Virtualization 22 17:54

  • Kodak retiring iconic Kodachrome film

    Joins smoke signals, hammer and chisel

    Bootnotes 22 18:19

  • Microsoft goes green to win IE 8 and Bing users

    Revives failed 'facts' thinking

    Applications 22 18:47

  • Microsoft plucks Yahoo! data center efficiency expert

    Powers up GeoCities veteran

    Business 22 21:25

  • Another Xbox chief leaves for EA

    Executive exchange program

    Business 22 21:29

  • Google News serves up...Wikipedia links

    Walesian prophecy fulfilled

    Media 22 21:41

  • Voltaire's monster Infiniband switch

    40Gbit/s, 324-port Boss Hogg

    Storage 22 22:06

  • US city ends FaceSpaceGooHoo log-in grab

    Bozeman bows

    Security 22 23:12

  • VMLogix plugs virt jukebox into Amazon cloud

    Gold record storage

    Virtualization 22 23:21

  • People just not that into Blu-ray

    I'd rather be surfing

    Media 22 23:46