19th June 2009 Archive

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  • Microsoft bribes Oz to ditch Firefox

    'Get rid of it or get lost'

    Bootnotes 19 00:54

  • Intel clones your phone in the cloud

    Data center in your pocket

    Mobile 19 01:00

  • Microsoft: 18-month Windows 7 downgrade rights

    Not for all!

    The Channel 19 01:22

  • Viviane Reding sees talking yoghurt pots

    Internet of Things strikes again

    Broadband 19 07:07

  • Sony Ericsson Walkman W995

    Sonic sophistication with a photo finish

    Phones 19 08:02

  • Russian woman poorly after half dozen 'revirginations'

    Like a virgin, touched for the very sixth time...

    Bootnotes 19 08:02

  • US record industry wins $1.92m from file sharer

    Even RIAA 'embarrassed' by $80,000 per song verdict

    Media 19 08:53

  • What's the best open source Windows back-up app?

    FOSS to the rescue

    Hardware 19 09:02

  • Church of England schism fear over mobile phone masts

    Not an ecumenical matter

    Mobile 19 09:04

  • TTxGP: world's first e-bike grand prix race report

    Went the day well?

    Science 19 09:17

  • BlackBerry subscriber growth dips

    A bit

    Mobile 19 09:18

  • Israeli robo-kamikaze selling like hot exploding cakes

    Blighty reinventing prowlerbomb wheel as usual

    Science 19 09:21

  • SGI plays numbers game with 6120 storage box

    Inexplicably named, self-contained storage appliance

    Storage 19 09:44

  • NASA unleashes Moon-attack probe

    Successful launch of lunar suicide mission

    Science 19 10:05

  • UK gov admits gamble on massive net snoop plan

    IMP bets £2bn on non-existent horse

    Government 19 10:14

  • Emulex cloud storage gateway revealed

    Through an unlikely EMC conduit

    Storage 19 10:23

  • Spanish bar invites customer abuse

    Oi, Pedro, gimme a f**king beer you t**t

    Bootnotes 19 10:46

  • Microsoft pooh-poohs CEO's 'new Xbox 360 next year' claim

    And his Project Natal talk

    Games 19 11:12

  • The great FM radio switch-off: Don't Panic!

    The media's media dept got Carter completely wrong

    Media 19 11:13

  • Google and Facebook jump on bloodstained Iran wagon

    Publicity-seeking gesture halts crisis, heals wounds, ends tyranny

    Applications 19 11:16

  • MS names ship date for free security suite

    Free as in lunch

    Security 19 11:22

  • Che Guevara's granddaughter poses for PETA

    ¡Viva la revolución vegetariana! etc etc

    Bootnotes 19 11:22

  • So what we do when ID Cards 1.0 finally dies?

    Jerry Fishenden argues the case for making next time non-evil

    Government 19 11:39

  • British boffins ditch spinning media for ultra-fast storage tech

    Not SSD, not HDD. Say hello to 'Hard Rectangular Drive'

    Hardware 19 11:48

  • Laptop stand intros pin-pointed cooling

    Moveable fan means moveable breeze

    Hardware 19 11:53

  • SuperTalent adds Ram to SSD to boost write speeds

    Eight-channel Flash architecture helps too

    Hardware 19 12:17

  • F-22 may live on: Cheap secondhand Eurofighters on offer

    Classic jet for sale, one careful owner, hardly flown

    Government 19 12:21

  • Kingston achieves 128GB Flash drive feat

    Small form-factor, big capacity

    Hardware 19 12:22

  • iPod saves lightning-strike teen

    All-powerful device takes 300kV hit

    Bootnotes 19 12:23

  • Regulators and law don't protect UK net neutrality

    ISPs can do as they want, as long as they tell you first

    Broadband 19 12:36

  • NPfIT failed nine Gateway Reviews

    You mean it actually passed some?

    Government 19 12:51

  • Kodak EasyShare Z915

    10x zoom without the price magnification

    Hardware 19 12:58

  • The Moon? We're going nowhere, says NASA official

    More cash or new technologies essential

    Science 19 12:59

  • Baffled-by-tech MPs expense IT support

    Your tax money at work

    Government 19 13:04

  • Man queues overnight to buy iPhone 3GS... and take it to bits

    London teardown

    Phones 19 13:08

  • Controversial mobile directory fails on launch

    'Hello, can I have the number for Mr Cockup?'

    Mobile 19 13:19

  • FCC to investigate iPhone-like deals

    No more network exclusives?

    Mobile 19 14:40

  • Boffins: Gigantic crustacean sperm is 'viable strategy'

    Ostracods' jumbo jism is 10x longer than own bodies

    Science 19 14:42

  • Vodafone hosts 'wish you were' service for smug tourists

    See where everyone else is spending the summer

    Mobile 19 15:06

  • Underwear obligatory for Florida city workers

    Days of braless Spandex halter tops well and truly over

    Bootnotes 19 15:08

  • UK.gov CIO speaks out on sheep and clouds

    He wanders lonely as a cloud

    Government 19 15:32

  • Inside Adam Curtis' funhouse

    A sneak preview

    Media 19 15:38

  • Street View solves Dutch mugging

    Google in good deed shocker

    Bootnotes 19 15:47

  • Wii bowling ball rolls in

    Gutter ball idea or a sure strike?

    Games 19 15:53

  • Twitter would have stopped Rwandan genocide, claims PM

    RT @gordon 'I can haz crass opportunism?'

    Government 19 15:56

  • Samsung demos OLED security card

    Powered by an RFID reader?

    Hardware 19 16:04

  • Microsoft forbids changes to Windows 7 netbook wallpaper

    Redmond-approved art only

    Operating Systems 19 17:59

  • AT&T playing iPhone streaming favorites

    Baseball, yes. Sling Media, no

    Mobile 19 18:53

  • Oracle kills Virtual Iron-ware

    'Shafts' partners, customers

    Virtualization 19 20:27

  • Intel powers netbook via thin air

    Wireless juice due 2015

    Hardware 19 20:30

  • China recruits volunteer net porn police

    Censors Google (again)

    Media 19 20:42

  • Oracle tried to sell Sun hardware biz

    'Unrealistic' price

    Servers 19 20:52

  • US net nanny ratchets Chinese censorware spat

    Stall the PC makers. Then sue

    Security 19 22:42