18th June 2009 Archive

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  • EnterpriseDB revs Postgres database

    Now behaves like Oracle

    Servers 18 00:06

  • EchoStar stumped in Tivo patent prosecution

    Kill or cure four-million DVR boxes

    Media 18 00:18

  • AT&T rethinks iPhone 3G S upgrade fee

    For some, but not others

    Mobile 18 00:22

  • Microsoft open-source license finds (some) love

    'Intelligentsia' beats Google with AGPL

    Applications 18 05:24

  • HDS adds thin provisioning to mid-range

    Thinner middle, greater efficiency, smaller trousers

    Storage 18 06:02

  • Koenigsegg e-sportster moves closer to reality

    Mole leaks production plans

    Science 18 07:02

  • Roll up for the TechNet virtual tech conference

    June 19, 9.30am

    Software 18 07:51

  • Shuttle XPC SX58H7

    Monster CPU, miniature chassis

    Hardware 18 08:02

  • Home Office kicks ID cards into touch

    And now the end is near, and so I face the final curtain

    Government 18 08:29

  • LaCie rolls into array business

    Xyratex OEM partnership

    The Channel 18 09:16

  • New green and quiet jet-engine test results announced

    Revolutionary turbofan spun by P&W

    Science 18 09:24

  • Apple wilts under iPhone upgrade strain

    iTunes helps you seethe more easily

    Mobile 18 09:28

  • PETA pronounces on Obama fly-swat

    El Prez not Buddha, animal huggers confirm

    Bootnotes 18 09:32

  • Facebook facing regulator crackdown

    'Meeting with EU' may soon appear in event invitations

    Law 18 09:38

  • LG promises three Android phones for '09

    First due during late Q3/Q4

    Phones 18 09:56

  • How to speed up the iPhone 3.0 update process

    Turn off AirPort

    Hardware 18 10:06

  • Phorm incinerates $50m in 12 months

    EU mulls UK response on privacy failings

    Broadband 18 10:11

  • HP sees techies living in a box

    POD bay doors thrown open

    Servers 18 10:16

  • Intel tears up CPU branding scheme

    Centrino to move from laptops to Wi-Fi chips

    Hardware 18 10:52

  • Digital Britain dithers over spectrum plans

    Disses WiMAX, tries on caps, wobbles on universal service

    Mobile 18 10:59

  • Man dressed as dead mother to scam $1m

    'I am not Norman Bates', insists cuffed fraudster

    Bootnotes 18 11:01

  • Royal Navy sailors hurl Ronald McDonald into Chilean harbour

    Matelots in bungled Valparaiso hamburgling

    Bootnotes 18 11:38

  • Game laws to make underage selling illegal

    Vendors to be legally bound to think of the children

    Law 18 11:42

  • 9/11 hero mutt cloned

    Ground Zero rescue dog honoured fivefold

    Science 18 11:45

  • ITU calls for cooperation in keeping kids safe online

    Unhysterical guidelines for kids, parents and industry

    Law 18 11:50

  • Student leader demands lectures be 'put against the wall'

    Citizen Streeting wants end to fleshy student interaction

    Bootnotes 18 12:00

  • Xerox Phaser 6280V/DN

    Page turner – faster than your average duplex?

    Hardware 18 12:02

  • Vodafone lets slip Nokia 'N97 Mini'

    Official blog reveals cut-down version of flagship phone

    Phones 18 12:46

  • Alcatel-Lucent to eject '1,000 IT staff' into HP

    Computing and telecoms giants strike ten year deal

    The Channel 18 12:49

  • Bristol crim caught with mobile up jacksie

    Eight weeks' extra porridge for prison smuggle fail

    Bootnotes 18 13:15

  • Be broadband denies BitTorrent ban

    Customers blame Carter

    Broadband 18 13:30

  • January's Windows 7 hole still open

    Sort it out, Redmond

    Security 18 13:58

  • Fiancée discovers boyf is grumble flick stud

    Vicar's services dispensed with following net revelation

    Bootnotes 18 14:00

  • Oz comms minister cops Internet Villain jibe

    He'll 'roo the day

    Broadband 18 14:38

  • Reg reader bombarded by 3 sales calls

    10('Ah, go on')

    Mobile 18 14:42

  • Sweden: IP numbers are personal...unless you're a pirate

    Court ruling no defense

    Law 18 15:02

  • T-Mobile names next Android handset

    Huawei's U8230 - or HTC's Magic?

    Phones 18 15:18

  • Canucks buy 300 teraflops Blue iDataPlex super

    Melting Arctic sea ice to, er, save Arctic sea ice

    Servers 18 15:57

  • Collecta - real-time search in real-time

    Let the links come to you

    Media 18 16:02

  • Microsoft kills Visual Studio's Oracle data connection

    Swift reaction: 'Sucks', 'shortsighted'

    Developer 18 18:17

  • US city demands FaceSpaceGooHoo log-ins from job seekers

    Data protection and privacy...we've heard of that

    Media 18 18:25

  • EC calls for one world internet governance

    ICANN haz oversight too?

    Policy 18 18:40

  • Sun kicks out VirtualBox 3.0 beta

    Virtual SMP and graphics boost

    Virtualization 18 19:30

  • Google accused of avoiding YouTube revenues

    Toilet-using cats cheaper than you think

    Media 18 21:56

  • Economists say P2P file-sharing fuels art

    Moneymaking? Not so much

    Media 18 22:34

  • Ballmer not so bullish on Bing

    No more bets, gentlemen

    Media 18 23:44

  • Canadian bill forces personal data from ISPs sans warrant

    Requires police intercept hardware

    Security 18 23:49