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Canonical responds to 'abusive' Ubuntu posts

Administrators overseeing Ubuntu mailing lists are taking steps to thwart and apparent rash of un-Ubuntu-like behavior.
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Cisco spruces media hub, declares consumer love

Cisco on Tuesday quietly updated its Linksys by Cisco line of networked home entertainment products and loudly trumpeted its expansion into consumer electronics products.
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US gov asked Twitter to stay up for Iran protests

On Monday, Twitter delayed a scheduled upgrade so that its micro-blogging service would not be down during daylight hours in Iran, where Tweets have fueled protests against the disputed presidential election. And according to press reports, the delay was requested by the US State Department.
Cade Metz, 17 2009
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MPs launch probe of massive net snooping project

MPs and Lords will launch an investigation into the Home Office's £2bn plan to store details of every online communication, after a critical report by the London School of Economics branded it unrealistic, disproportionate and misleading.
Ten of the Best... noise-cancelling headphones

Ten of the best... noise-cancelling headphones

Round-up When we organized a round-up of noise-isolating headphones recently, we were able to get hold of a couple of models that cost as little as £10. However, noise-cancelling headphones are a different kettle of fish. Rather than simply plugging up your ear canal to prevent external noise from getting through, noise-cancelling headphones are packed with sophisticated electronics – including microphones that allow them to analyse background noise and then generate their own sound waves that are designed to counter and nullify that background noise.
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Tories don black cap for ID cards

The Tory Party has written to firms involved in bidding for ID card contracts and told them to think long and hard before signing anything.
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Storage Platforms Regcast - Live today

Regcast Tune in at 2pm BST today (9am EST) as The Register's expert panel takes a live and interactive look at enterprise storage platforms.
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Endeavour launch scrubbed again

NASA has scrubbed today's planned launch of space shuttle Endeavour - the second such knock-back due to a gaseous hydrogen leak and despite assurances yesterday that the vehicle was "in good shape" to go.

Defensive contracts set for fail, say negotiatiors

Contract managers are being more cautious than ever when they negotiate new agreements, contract managers' body IACCM has said. It has surveyed the most negotiated contract terms and says that the wrong terms get most attention.

Dell replaces entry-level EqualLogic boxes

Dell has replaced the PS5000 entry point to its EqualLogic iSCSI storage arrays with the PS4000. It is also announcing a new NX3000 network-attached storage (NAS) box.
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iPhone OS 3 coming today tomorrow

Updated Apple has announced that the latest version of its iPhone OS will be available from tomorrow, forcing iPhone users to twiddle their thumbs for a day longer than expected.
Bill Ray, 17 2009
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Tories research increased net censorship

The activities, alleged activities, and destiny of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) are a constant source of controversy in these parts, so our interest was naturally piqued by a Parliamentary question from the shadow security minister Baroness Neville-Jones last week.
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Carter recommends 'G Cloud' for gov IT

Digital Britain The newly published Digital Britain report has advocated that more government IT applications be moved to cloud computing.
Kable, 17 2009

Samsung clears runway for Jet

Impatience is a virtue - at least according to Samsung, which has launched the super-stylish Jet mobile phone that, supposedly, “epitomises speed” and boasts a “super-fast processor”.
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New Pegi videogame ratings designed

Redesigned age rating and content classification symbols for videogames released in the UK have been revealed.
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Gay animals going at it like rabbits

Researchers have concluded that homosexual behaviour among animals is so impressively rife that it can "reshape their social dynamics and even change their DNA" - something which could have "evolutionary consequences" for species indulging in same-sex shenanigans.
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Dutch company augments mobile reality

Dutch developer SPRXMobile has created a browser that overlays local information on the camera view, augmenting reality with superimposed information provided by business partners, who pay for the privilege.
Bill Ray, 17 2009
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Chief constable caves to judges on disk grab

Avon and Somerset Chief Constable, Colin Port, bowed to the law this week and returned computer disks seized by his force from computer forensic expert Jim Bates.

iPhone OS still due later today

Despite reports to the contrary, including in our own pages, the iPhone update to version 3 will be available today. The confusion stemmed from a Singapore web site whose customers live on the other side of the International Date Line.
Bill Ray, 17 2009
HTC Touch Diamond 2

Win an HTC Touch Diamond2!

Reg Lucky Draw The Register has teamed up with our retail partner eXpansys to give one lucky reader the chance to get his or her hands on HTC's best handset yet, the Touch Diamond2.
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Gov considers website to teach tech skills

A review of England's computer skills has found over 11m people who lack even basic IT abilities.
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Sapped council staff offered SAP counselling

Harrassed Somerset County Council staff are to benefit from "support sessions" designed to help them face the trauma of a SAP implementation which has so far seen the software not quite providing local government operatives with "the visibility to pinpoint inefficiencies", the "capabilities to transform them into competitive advantage", the "foresight to identify new opportunities, "the agility to respond, the functionality to optimize your operations", or indeed "the resources to extend best practices to your entire value chain".
Samsung N120

Samsung N120

Review If you can live with the price, relatively fragile hard drive and Windows then the Samsung NC10 is, without doubt, one of the best netbooks currently available. However, Samsung has decided that its range needs to address the parts of the market that other netbooks don't reach and with that in mind it has launched the N120, an Atom-based mini laptop finessed, fettled and tweaked to provide a generally more fulfilling multimedia experience.

Chinese phone maker ponders solar-powered Android handset

Three months after it unveiled the world’s first low-cost solar-powered mobile phone, Chinese handset maker ZTE hinted today that it may launch an Android-powered solar phone next year.
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Britain looks to export net censorship model to Europe

Digital Britain The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) is a British success story - and one that our government would dearly like to export overseas. Although it would rather not pay for it, if it can possibly avoid doing so.

What's the best NAS configuration?

What NAS product or combination of NAS products would best suit the following home network requirements:
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Obama disconnects 'obsolete' cell phone tax

The US revenue service has made clear it is binning a controversial tax on personal use of employer supplied devices such as cell phones and BlackBerries.

Hydrogen-powered two-seater car unveiled

Leccy Tech British boffins have unveiled what they believe is the future of urban personal transport - a prototype two seater micro-car powered by a single hydrogen fuel cell.
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W3C launches appeal to scupper Apple patent

The W3C, custodians of web standards, have launched an appeal for prior art to contest an Apple patent that appears to cover any kind of automated updating procedure, including the Widget standard on which the group is working.
Bill Ray, 17 2009
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500-strong rat pack menaces Muscovites

Shaken eyewitnesses have recounted the invasion of Moscow's Preobrazhenskaya Square by a 500-strong rat pack, the Moskovsky Komsomolets reports.
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HDS drive array failure suspected in bank giant's ATM outage

Did a Hitachi Data Systems USP-V array controller failure cause the Barclay's ATM outage yesterday?

Storage co. ups profit forecast

STEC investors have reasons to be cheerful - the SSD supplier favoured by most enterprise array suppliers, has just announced it expects to sell a boatload more SSDs this year than it thought. More revenue equals a more valuable company equals higher stock prices equals happy investors.
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Catholic social club ousts coven of witches

The Diocese of Shrewsbury is risking soured milk and sickly cattle after deciding a coven of witches could not hold its annual shindig on Catholic premises.

Infortrend steps up to Fibre Channel

Second-tier drive array supplier Infortrend has revamped its product catalogue with the ESVA line - Enterprise Scalable Virtual Architecture - including both Fibre Channel and iSCSI connectivity.

IDC: Server market to decline through 2010

The box counters at IDC tried to put their best face forward with their revised server forecasts this morning, saying that the market has shown some signs of stabilization. But the forecast that IDC put out today is probably going to cause server makers and their resellers to freak out.
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Germany poised to impose police-run block list

Germany’s main political parties have agreed the text of legislation designed to enshrine the blocking of selected internet sites in law.
Konigsegg Quant

Quant sportster moves closer to reality

Leccy Tech When Register Hardware first clapped eyes on the Koenigsegg Quant leccy hyper-car back in March, we never thought the vehicle would see the light of day. But a company mole’s since claimed the very opposite.

Canonical certs Ubuntu on ProLiants

Canonical, the commercial organization behind the Ubuntu variant of the Debian distribution of Linux, said today that it has certified its Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition to run on all 17 configurations of Hewlett-Packard's sixth-generation of ProLiant servers.
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Microsoft takes hatchet to YouTube clone

Microsoft plans to "significantly scale back" its Soapbox service, the would-be YouTube challenger it launched in 2006. Whatever that means.
Cade Metz, 17 2009

Huawei's Android touchphone details revealed

Exclusive Huawei may have finally unveiled a few of the specifications for its first Android handset - the U8230 - but Register Hardware has laid its hands on the device’s full feature list.

Microsoft to pitch 'all-you-can-eat' Windows volume license

Microsoft will next month encourage partners to promote all-you-can-eat volume licensing so that large customers can save money while consuming more SQL Server and Windows apps.
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US feds subpoena names of anonymous web commenters

The all-too-typical violent hyperbole found in reader comments across the internet has landed one Las Vegas newspaper in the hot seat with US prosecutors.
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Dell grows Intel 'Nehalem EP' iron

Server makers continue to expand their server lineups for Intel's four-core 'Nehalem EP' Xeon 5500 processors, and today, it was Dell's turn to roll out some new boxes: two new tower servers and a low-end rack server.

Microsoft cries foul over Google Outlookware

Update: This story has been updated to include comment from Microsoft and better represent the dispute
Cade Metz, 17 2009

iPhone 3.0 - born on schedule...

Lightning Review Apple's iPhone 3.0 Software update went live Wednesday at around 10:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time. After a few hours of reviewing its flagship features, I can report that all - well, most - seems to be in order.
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Data Domain sued over NetApp takeover

Data Domain chose NetApp's takeover bid over EMC, and now dissident shareholders are crying dirty dealing.