17th June 2009 Archive

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  • Canonical responds to 'abusive' Ubuntu posts

    Troll watch

    Operating Systems 17 00:45

  • Cisco spruces media hub, declares consumer love

    Fanbois invited into digital home

    Media 17 00:52

  • US gov asked Twitter to stay up for Iran protests

    Obama meddling?

    Government 17 00:55

  • MPs launch probe of massive net snooping project

    Unrealistic, disproportionate and misleading, experts say

    Government 17 06:02

  • Ten of the best... noise-cancelling headphones

    World, shut your mouth

    Hardware 17 08:02

  • Tories don black cap for ID cards

    Think before you sign, contractors told

    Government 17 08:03

  • Storage Platforms Regcast - Live today

    Expert interaction from the comfort of your desk

    Storage 17 08:52

  • Endeavour launch scrubbed again

    Hydrogen vent system not in such good shape

    Science 17 08:54

  • Defensive contracts set for fail, say negotiatiors

    Contract managers scramble to avoid risk at all costs

    Management 17 09:03

  • Dell replaces entry-level EqualLogic boxes

    Plus a new NAS box

    Storage 17 09:16

  • iPhone OS 3 coming today tomorrow

    Delayed to allow Apple more unexplained faffing time

    Mobile 17 09:51

  • Tories research increased net censorship

    Jihad.com 404

    Government 17 10:02

  • Carter recommends 'G Cloud' for gov IT

    Getting touchy feely over tech procurement

    The Channel 17 10:03

  • Samsung clears runway for Jet

    Firm's latest all-powerful, speedy handset lands

    Phones 17 10:09

  • New Pegi videogame ratings designed

    Out with the BBFC?

    Hardware 17 10:18

  • Gay animals going at it like rabbits

    Lesbian albatrosses, boy-on-boy bat bugs...

    Science 17 10:31

  • Dutch company augments mobile reality

    Like life, only with more fluorescent writing in the sky

    Mobile 17 10:38

  • Chief constable caves to judges on disk grab

    Judges concerned over conduct

    Law 17 10:51

  • iPhone OS still due later today

    International Date Line causes confusion

    Phones 17 11:01

  • Win an HTC Touch Diamond2!

    Last call for iPhone botherer promo

    Phones 17 11:02

  • Gov considers website to teach tech skills

    And sharks to teach swimming

    Government 17 11:09

  • Sapped council staff offered SAP counselling

    Somerset struggles with 'shambolic' shared solutions

    Government 17 11:56

  • Samsung N120

    The netbook with a notebook keyboard

    Laptops 17 12:02

  • Chinese phone maker ponders solar-powered Android handset

    Google-based device coming next year

    Phones 17 12:03

  • Britain looks to export net censorship model to Europe

    And they say this country doesn't make anything anymore

    Law 17 12:06

  • What's the best NAS configuration?

    On box for best, one box for everyday data

    Hardware 17 12:16

  • Obama disconnects 'obsolete' cell phone tax

    'Burdensome, poorly understood' law hung up

    Mobile 17 12:21

  • Hydrogen-powered two-seater car unveiled

    240 miles from a single tank, anyone?

    Science 17 12:33

  • W3C launches appeal to scupper Apple patent

    All your updates are belong to Cupertino

    Developer 17 13:03

  • 500-strong rat pack menaces Muscovites

    City braces for follow-up from moles, badgers

    Bootnotes 17 13:04

  • HDS drive array failure suspected in bank giant's ATM outage

    Red faces all round after service goes titsup

    Storage 17 13:25

  • Storage co. ups profit forecast

    Recession? What recession?

    Storage 17 14:22

  • Catholic social club ousts coven of witches

    Witchy knees-up 'not compatible' with church ethos

    Bootnotes 17 14:30

  • Infortrend steps up to Fibre Channel

    Award winning ESVA arrays get new goodies

    Storage 17 14:37

  • IDC: Server market to decline through 2010

    Three crunches to combine into perfect storm

    The Channel 17 15:04

  • Germany poised to impose police-run block list

    Quality of German debate shames cosy UK arrangements

    Government 17 15:23

  • Quant sportster moves closer to reality

    Mole leaks Koenigsegg's production plans

    Science 17 15:39

  • Canonical certs Ubuntu on ProLiants

    If HP won't do it, we will

    The Channel 17 17:42

  • Microsoft takes hatchet to YouTube clone

    Admitting Failure 2.0

    Media 17 17:44

  • Huawei's Android touchphone details revealed

    Gaze in wonder at its bizarre 'full and half Qwerty' keyboard

    Phones 17 18:41

  • Microsoft to pitch 'all-you-can-eat' Windows volume license

    Save now, pay later

    The Channel 17 18:56

  • US feds subpoena names of anonymous web commenters

    Should have hired a Moderatrix

    Media 17 20:45

  • Dell grows Intel 'Nehalem EP' iron

    'Istanbul' servers coming soon

    Servers 17 20:59

  • Microsoft cries foul over Google Outlookware

    Chocolate Factory plug-in disables Windows search

    Applications 17 21:16

  • iPhone 3.0 - born on schedule...

    ...and (mostly) healthy

    Phones 17 21:57

  • Data Domain sued over NetApp takeover

    Shareholders cry for EMC

    Storage 17 23:26