16th June 2009 Archive

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  • Oz boffins to milk 'other half' of WiFi

    Aussie lawyers eyeball Apple, RIM

    Broadband 16 00:20

  • Microsoft's Windows 7 price gamble opens door to Linux

    OEMs assume barrel-folding posture

    The Channel 16 00:37

  • US lawmakers call for AppleT&T probe

    Wireless exclusivity spotlighted

    Mobile 16 01:17

  • 'Lord of the Universe' loses Wikiland grip

    Guru disciple re-retired

    Media 16 05:47

  • Google to delete Street View source images

    Privacy watchdog growls - Google grudgingly complies

    Law 16 07:02

  • Yamaha TSX-130 iPod dock

    Quality player?

    Hardware 16 08:02

  • Herschel space 'scope flips its lid

    Pops lens cap, first observations follow

    Science 16 09:03

  • Amazon's Bezos hits out at Google over books deal

    Saucer of milk for table ten

    Media 16 09:07

  • Escrow vital for banks choosing cloud computing, says provider

    Although soft drinks firms might be too orangey for it

    Management 16 09:23

  • Malta pair charged over illicit Playmobil trade

    Decapitated knights filched from factory

    Bootnotes 16 09:24

  • Paris Airshow kicks off

    Ils montent diddly vers le haut et encore vers le haut

    Science 16 09:41

  • AMD to intro 6Gb/s Sata III chipset in early 2010

    USB 3.0 too?

    Hardware 16 10:09

  • Olympus unwraps first Micro Four-Thirds camera

    "Mirrors no longer necessary"

    Hardware 16 10:19

  • Extreme porn law used on beastly Chinese DVD pirates

    Cops make grab for mysterious black bags

    Law 16 10:42

  • French offer gunshot-locator flying robots

    Next: Droids which can pry open cold dead hands

    Science 16 10:43

  • Adventurer demands -70°C phone for next expedition

    Sonim pledges suitably chill-resistant handset

    Phones 16 10:44

  • Cracks in China censorware patched

    Claims personal pornwall is voluntary

    Government 16 10:57

  • Pirate Bay launches encrypted private network

    Delayed service fires broadside at Hollywood

    Data Networking 16 11:04

  • Opera to take web back to the old days

    A server in every client

    Applications 16 11:07

  • Gov tries to work out if anyone is visiting its websites

    But first it will try and work out how many it's got

    Government 16 11:34

  • Dell live Q&A on The Reg today

    Cloud claims grilled by Reg readers

    Business 16 11:38

  • Carterware - it's the new vapourware

    Virgin, Universal in rush to babble incoherently

    Media 16 11:38

  • First plug-in Prius paraded by car rental firm

    Streetcar adds socket to Toyota's motor

    Science 16 11:46

  • Symantec rides dedupe roadmap to backup software

    Will reach NetBackup and Backup Exec by next March

    Storage 16 11:50

  • Boffins design ferroelectric Flash cell for 'super' SSDs

    Tech to boost Flash longevity, slash write times

    Hardware 16 11:57

  • What's the best non-iPod music player?

    Not video, music

    Hardware 16 12:02

  • BlockMaster SafeStick hardware-encrypted USB drive

    Tough enough?

    Hardware 16 12:02

  • Pictures reveal upcoming skinny Dell Latitude laptop

    Dell keeping mum

    Hardware 16 12:10

  • Britain losing radio habit?

    BBC benefits from commercial carwreck

    Media 16 12:16

  • Israel to test ducted-fan robot air jeep 'within two months'

    Auto-stabilised for windowsill boarding

    Science 16 12:18

  • Western Digital intros own-brand SSDs

    Takes SiliconDrive III to new, expanded markets

    Hardware 16 12:19

  • Costa Rican snacks on boyf's todger

    Takes 'eat me up' a little too literally

    Bootnotes 16 12:30

  • Iran's revolution will not be televised, but could be tweeted

    For better or worse, a medium is just a medium

    Media 16 12:39

  • Google cloud told to encrypt itself

    R in RSA wants s in https

    Security 16 13:02

  • Reg reader turns 'homo devil machine' on eBayer

    Bandwidth-leeching photo link gets the Turing treatment

    Bootnotes 16 13:09

  • The Times kills off blogger anonymity

    And outs prize-winning blogger, well done lads

    Law 16 13:23

  • Antivirus giants fined over automatic renewals

    Payments so secure that users could not stop them

    The Channel 16 13:29

  • Endeavour 'in good shape' for Wednesday lift-off

    NASA tempts fate as techies tackle hydrogen leak

    Science 16 13:41

  • Reg live-Twitters the Carter report

    Digital Britain wonkery as it happens

    Media 16 13:44

  • Minority Report command sales system pushes Euro UAV

    Touchscreens: Combat maybe, marketing for sure

    Science 16 14:35

  • Law lord lashes out at ID cards

    "The idea should be abandoned"

    Government 16 14:49

  • Barclays IT systems have a strop

    No cash for you, mate

    Small Biz 16 14:57

  • Iran's nuke boffins prefer Opteron baby supers

    A few flops to make a rocket for nukes experiments

    HPC 16 15:09

  • Broadband tax of £6 per year to fund rural fibre rollout

    Town and country

    Broadband 16 15:36

  • RIM announces BlackBerry Tour

    A smartphone, not a roadtrip

    Phones 16 15:37

  • Homer Simpson speaks out on satnavs

    Dan Castellaneta voices navigational hilarity

    Science 16 16:02

  • That Digital Britain report in full

    Mandatory DAB, seedcorn for mega-telcos, etc

    Media 16 16:28

  • Ofcom gets power to punish pirates

    Regulator will throttle, cap, block filesharing

    Broadband 16 16:44

  • Apple releases Java patches (finally)

    Better six months late than never

    Security 16 17:41

  • Ryanair requires web check-in, shuts down website

    The 10 hour budget airline farce

    Business 16 17:43

  • SCO inks last-second life-saving Unix pact

    The firm that wouldn't die!

    The Channel 16 18:45

  • Broadband surges despite Meltdown

    China tops US as most-wired nation

    Broadband 16 18:49

  • Wind River punts homegrown hypervisor

    Extra goodies for Intel

    Virtualization 16 18:55

  • MySpace cuts 30% of staff

    Back-to-basics the hard way

    Business 16 20:56

  • Gartner: Windows 7 upgrade catch for XP converts

    The rising price of advice

    The Channel 16 21:03

  • Microsoft sues family over alleged click fraud

    Canadian crackdown a first

    Media 16 22:32

  • IBM launching American-only software support

    Big red, white, and Blue

    Software 16 23:25

  • Citrix ships XenServer 5.5

    Let the virtual fight begin

    Virtualization 16 23:54

  • Red Hat's standalone hypervisor goes beta

    RHEVing up

    Virtualization 16 23:59