15th June 2009 Archive

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  • Microsoft downloads drive by Dell site

    All above board

    Business 15 07:30

  • Acer Tempo X960 Windows Mobile smartphone

    Sound but samey satnav smartphone

    Phones 15 08:02

  • Swine flu eclipsed by new fruity, full-bodied menace

    Stuff pig plague, this is serious

    Bootnotes 15 08:13

  • MacBooks afflicted with SATA 'degrade'

    Flash no longer quick as a flash

    Hardware 15 08:42

  • Johnson shuffle returns ID cards to the table

    U-turn ahoy?

    Government 15 08:58

  • What's the best NAS-to-TV box?

    Hardware 15 09:02

  • Orthodox Jews tuck into kosher Koogle

    New kvetch engine for 'vital services'

    Bootnotes 15 09:15

  • EMC could dig deeper for Data Domain

    $5 a share bid raise on the cards

    Storage 15 09:18

  • Shoppers demand 'try before you buy' phone stores

    Plastic dummies not sufficient, survey finds

    Phones 15 09:41

  • 'Alien' lifeform wakened from 120,000 year Arctic slumber

    Meddling boffins refuse to heed sci-fi common sense

    Science 15 09:52

  • Microsofties lose their iPhones

    iForfeit my non-Windows Mobile

    Mobile 15 10:26

  • UK.gov to create central cybersecurity agency

    A job for Jim Hacker

    Security 15 10:28

  • Worst of recession is past but tech jobs harder to find

    Possibly due to techies relying on ads in newsagent windows

    Financial News 15 10:39

  • Bing boxes off mucky vids

    Finally fixes filth threat

    Applications 15 11:12

  • Jaguar said to have electric XE in pipeline

    E-sportscar to have battery boosting engine?

    Science 15 11:13

  • Nokia posts then pulls E-series phone vid

    Movie showed unannounced E72 in action

    Phones 15 11:13

  • Nurse Lovelace gives hardened lag 55-hour stiffy

    Ex-con sues for 'irreparable' todger injuries

    Bootnotes 15 11:35

  • DataSlide reinvents hard drive

    64 parallel read-write heads

    Storage 15 12:02

  • Toshiba Regza 37AV615DB

    Big screen, small price

    Hardware 15 12:02

  • Adobe begins to charge in online apps battle

    Adds spreadsheet to its Google Docs rival

    The Channel 15 12:07

  • Race to pinpoint VoIP callers in emergencies

    999 system developed to locate net phones

    Broadband 15 12:32

  • GPS-guided wreckers flatten wrong house

    Errant crew have 'paperwork', but no address or common sense

    Bootnotes 15 12:35

  • Virgin to offer unlimited, DRM-free music

    But freetards may experience a temporary disconnection

    Media 15 12:37

  • Nokia launches second music-centric touchphone

    5530 to join 5800

    Phones 15 12:51

  • More holes open up in Green Dam Youth Escort

    US firm claims China stole its filters

    Government 15 12:56

  • HP slims down extreme filer

    Downsize my turnkey box

    Servers 15 13:00

  • Nvidia rolls out latest laptop graphics chip

    GeForce 200Ms offer more performance, less power hungry than 100Ms

    Hardware 15 13:02

  • Palm politely cuts Pre tether

    Bigger boys made them do it

    Mobile 15 14:02

  • Buying Solutions plans £600m managed services deal

    All ur infrastructures are belong to us

    The Channel 15 14:47

  • Dell and the Cloud: Can it hack it as a services company?

    Live interactive debate and expert answers

    Reg Technology Panel 15 15:34

  • Mobile internet? It ain't just for the iPhone

    'Dumb' handsets involved in half of sessions

    Mobile 15 15:52

  • Data Domain to EMC: What part of 'no' do you not get?

    DD scours EMC proposals for reasons not to sign

    Storage 15 16:01

  • IBM churns up CloudBurst clouds

    Not raining on Google and Amazon parades

    Servers 15 16:08

  • Intel to play hi-lo in 2009

    New Celerons, Core i7 on the way

    Hardware 15 18:46

  • Google prepping Web2.0rhea search?

    But of course

    Media 15 18:50

  • Microsoft fans call for Opera boycott

    Don't pick on little ol' Redmond

    Applications 15 19:03

  • Former top Sun exec mourns end of a franchise

    Watermelons, Elton John, and killing SGI

    Servers 15 19:58

  • AT&T's iPhone MMS to be free

    Internet tethering silence

    Mobile 15 20:33

  • Chinese Green Dam pilfers open source too

    No filth, no BSD license

    Applications 15 20:37

  • HP servers still half-cold to Ubuntu

    No high-end love

    The Channel 15 21:44

  • EMC pushes services for virtual servers

    Like physical, like virtual

    Virtualization 15 21:50

  • Salesforce turns website host

    First hit is free

    Applications 15 22:04

  • NASA bumps lunar 'bots for Endeavour launch

    Humans call 'cutsies'

    Science 15 22:10

  • Sun killing 'Rock' Sparc chip?

    House cleaning before Ellison move-in

    The Channel 15 22:24