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Firefox update squashes 9 security bugs, 4 critical

Mozilla has released a new version of its Firefox browser that plugs nine security holes, four of which are rated "critical," the foundation's highest vulnerability level.

Apple's 13in MacBook Pro in online strip tease

Photos One item announced during Apple's keynote address at this week's Worldwide Developers Conference took most observers by surprise: the new 13-inch MacBook Pro. It didn't take long, however, for the teardown specialists at iFixIt to get their hands on one and take it apart.
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Jimbo Wales: No one can make money from Wikipedia...

A longtime Wikipedia admin has been caught editing the online encyclopedia in exchange for cash. But the Wikicult can't decide if that's a problem.
Cade Metz, 12 2009
Buffalo TeraStation III

Buffalo Terastation III

Review Heading Buffalo’s Terastation range of Nas boxes, the new Terastation III is aimed at demanding users and businesses. It certainly feels heavy duty, weighing in at 6.3kg with a locking door to secure its drive bays.
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LastMinute.com wins right to block last minute trade mark

Online travel company LastMinute.com has won the right to have a competing firm's European trade mark cancelled. The European Union's Court of First Instance (CFI) has backed the British firm, overturning a ruling by the EU office for trade marks.
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Oz cops in Taser fatality

A north Queensland man has died after being tasered by police officers during a "domestic incident", Australia's ABC News reports.
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Moneymaker clinches licence to print passports

De La Rue, the company which prints all British bank notes, has won a ten year contract to make biometric passports.
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Brits can't tell their heart from their elbow

A good proportion of Brits have almost no idea where their major organs are located, with just 50 per cent able to identify where eight key internal body parts lie.

EC rejects Microsoft's browser promises

The European Commission seems unimpressed with Microsoft's chest-beating - the company said yesterday it would release versions of Windows 7 without Internet Explorer in order to comply with EC competition law.
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Carter to cart self back to big business

Lord Carter, the former Ofcom boss currently finalising a major review of the next decade of technology policy, will quit the government soon after it is published, according a report.

Chinese firm hits back at cyberspy claims

Exclusive Chinese networking giant Huawei is battling suggestions it could be in collusion with the Beijing government and could cause massive disruption to UK communications in a future cyber conflict.

Asus prices up tablet netbook

The Eee PC T91 touchscreen tablet netbook will finally arrive in Blighty next month - more than six months after the machine was first demo'd.
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Tesla claims founder's lawsuit is 'fiction'

Spokespersons for electrocar company Tesla Motors - makers of the renowned Roadster li-ion battery sports car - have roundly disparaged a lawsuit mounted against the company and its helmsman, colourful space-rocket kingpin and PayPal hecamillionaire Elon Musk.
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Chrome update completes busy browser patch week

Google has pushed out an update designed to fix a pair of vulnerabilities involving the WebKit application framework that underpins its Chrome browser.
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German lad hit by 30,000 mph meteorite

A 14-year-old German lad survived a close encounter with a meteorite when a pea-sized piece of rock which had entered Earth's atmosphere at 30,000 mph left him with nothing more than a "nasty" three-inch gash on his hand.

Archos claims crown for 'world's slimmest' netbook

The Archos 10 was first leaked back in January, and now, five months on, manufacturer Archos has unveiled the netbook’s follow-up model: the 10s.
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Surrey schoolkids whip out 12ft todger

The powers that be have ordered the removal of a brick-based jolly jape carried out by pupils from Sutton Grammar School in Surrey - years after school leavers left a message for ET and months after sharp-eyed Google Earth scourers spotted the 12ft todger:

Ice air con system aims for cool on the cheap

Ice Energy, with its fiendishly simple Ice Bear product has got together with data centre air-conditioning company Data Aire to combine Ice Bear with its Data Temp cooling systems.
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BOFH: Stick this

Episode 8 Episode 8
HTC Touch Diamond 2

HTC pledges allegiance to Windows Mobile

Despite being the world’s first mobile phone maker to launch an Android-based handset, HTC still favours Microsoft's Windows Mobile.

F1 waves goodbye to KERS

Leccy Tech Formula 1 racers must ditch Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) technology before next year’s season, the Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) has decided.
Canon Digital Ixus 95 IS

Canon Digital Ixus 95 IS

Review Some people want style. Others want simplicity. And then there are those who want both. If you belong to this last group, then Canon’s Digital Ixus 95 IS could be just the ticket. This compact camera is aimed at the point-and-shoot snapper who fancies a camera that looks good and takes decent pictures with the minimum of effort.

Beeb says sorry after iPlayer network fail

Updated Some BBC licence payers struggled to access the iPlayer yesterday due to problems with the Corporation’s network connections.
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Mobile directory made legal threats to get personal details

The company behind a controversial new directory of private mobile phone numbers threatened O2 with legal action when it refused to provide its customers' personal details, The Register has learned.
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Belarus media sites under attack by zombies

The spectre of politically-motivated hacking attacks has once again risen in Eastern Europe.
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Imagine! Government to legislate against badness

It's official: the government is today publishing a bill that will make child poverty illegal.
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NASA working on 'open rotor' green (but loud) jets

NASA and General Electric have teamed up with French industry to revive a type of fuel-efficient aircraft engine shelved in the 1980s, in an effort to tackle aviation carbon emissions and high fuel costs.
Windows Vista teaser

Windows 7 to push up netbook prices

Anyone putting off purchasing a netbook until the next-generation Atom processor, the N450, arrives in October, should expect to pay a premium thanks to the extra cost of Windows 7.
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Sun's top brass get golden parachutes...

As top Sun execs get ready to deploy their golden parachutes as Oracle prepares to devour the company for a mere $5.6bn in July, someone is about to make a killing on T-shirts.
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Indian politico's webmail hacked to punt lost-wallet scam

Fraudsters hacked into the webmail account of an Indian politician in a bid to sponge money from his contacts.
Apple 12in PowerBook G4

Any uses for an old Mac G4?

I have an old Apple 12in PowerBook G4 sitting in a cupboard. It's way behind the curve, PowerPC-equipped - no good for Snow Leopard, in other words - and the battery's had it.
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Opera applauds scepticism on MS browser pledge

Browser maker Opera has applauded EU officials for rejecting Microsoft's promises not to include Internet Explorer in European copies of Windows 7.
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Israeli army develops one-eyed robot trouser snake

Vid The Israeli armed forces are developing a flexible man-portable robotic snake equipped with a camera, intended for battlefield surveillance missions. The experimental military snake was displayed on television this week.

Rambus hopes lower prices will placate EC

Rambus Inc has offered to license some of its chip technology at capped royalty rates, in a bid to end a long-running legal spat with European anti-trust watchdogs.
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Endeavour 'in really good shape to fly'

NASA has declared space shuttle Endeavour "in really good shape to fly" for tomorrow's slated blast-off on the STS-127 mission to the International Space Station - the 23rd ISS construction mission.

Twitter profile hack pwns Mormons

Microblogging Mormons are up in arms after the Twitter account of the Church of Latter Day Saints was hijacked by pranksters.

Team Agni scores e-bike grand prix victory

Leccy Tech The inaugural TTxGP has been won by Rob Barber on the Team Agni bike.

Archos updates internet-enabled PMP range

The Archos 5 internet-enabled personal media player scored a whopping 90 per cent in Register Hardware’s review back in October. But now manufacturer Archos has upped the stakes with an updated model called, simply, Archos 9.

Samsung shines a light on first solar cellphone

Samsung has spent the last few months talking up solar-powered handsets, but its first commercially available model has finally been unveiled. It’s called Crest Solar.
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Opera to 'reinvent the web' in four days

Opera Software has told the world it will soon "reinvent the web."
Cade Metz, 12 2009

Cisco California pricing revealed

Exclusive Cisco Systems is fixing to start shipping its "California" Unified Computing System blade servers with their integrated networking for servers and storage, and it looks like one of the key features not on the list of components for the California boxes is going to be a red discount pen. Cisco is charging some pretty high prices for the components of the California boxes, according to sources who have obtained its price list and shared with El Reg.
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Buggy 'smart meters' open door to power-grid botnet

New electricity meters being rolled out to millions of homes and businesses are riddled with security bugs that could bring down the power grid, according to a security researcher who plans to demonstrate several attacks at a security conference next month.

Video game sales hit three-year low in US

US video game sales took a 23 per cent tumble in May compared to the previous year, dropping below the $1bn sales mark for the first time since August 2007.

iPhone owners are superior beings, says survey

iPhone users are often accused of acting as if they believe they're a cut above the common rabble. Well, they are.
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Lightning strikes Amazon cloud (honest)

Amazon's cloud was struck by lightning earlier this week. And that's the truth.
Cade Metz, 12 2009
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Ex-Borland's Delphi owner re-ignites cross-platform dream

Embarcadero Technologies, having itself been been bought by private capital in 2006, acquired Borland Software's CodeGear division just over a year ago.

Dell tweets $3m in revenues

Twitter itself can't be bothered to come up with a business plan, but Dell at least seems to be making out gangbusters on the micro-blogging service.

Behind Microsoft's IE-free, Windows-for-Europe ploy

Microsoft's offering what it's called the best solution to shipping Windows 7 in Europe while staying within European regulatory law.