10th June 2009 Archive

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  • Webhost denies poor passwords led to catastrophic hack

    VAServ contradicts purported attackers

    Security 10 00:14

  • Microsoft patches record number of security bugs

    Adobe crashes monster patch batch

    Security 10 01:21

  • Palm Pre's inner iPhone revealed

    Comparisons are inevitable. And (mostly) favorable

    Phones 10 02:34

  • Facebook to offer vanity URLs

    Who wants facebook.com/imceobitch?

    Media 10 02:53

  • Government hints at gaming tax breaks

    Labour admits it's looking into it

    Developer 10 07:02

  • Philips GoGear Opus personal media player

    Some small screen shortcomings, but sounds sweet

    Hardware 10 08:02

  • Error time counts towards FOI rejections

    Information Tribunal finds fubars favourable

    Law 10 08:34

  • DoJ steps up Google Books probe

    Book monopoly hits buffers

    Law 10 09:16

  • Beeb invites net comments from unconnected

    No internet? Tell us online!

    Bootnotes 10 09:16

  • Phorm gets £15m lifeline


    Financial News 10 09:18

  • People without broadband in 'I don't want broadband' shock

    Bleeding edge obvious research

    Bootnotes 10 09:39

  • Snow Leopard kisses ZFS bye-bye


    Storage 10 10:12

  • Indian outsourcers prepare for US trade war

    You don't want our software? We don't want your guns

    The Channel 10 10:15

  • Wirelessly-powered phones on sale within four years, says Nokia

    Handsets will convert radiation into usable power

    Phones 10 10:37

  • Zaphod Beeblebrox home sun 'shrinking', may have blown up

    Improbable events in vicinity of Betelgeuse

    Science 10 10:38

  • MPs slap HMRC for lack of joined-up IT

    Gotta spend to save

    Government 10 10:39

  • Insurance giant rapped on knuckles over DPA breach

    Amicus in doghouse over stolen, unencrypted laptop

    Management 10 10:39

  • One fifth of humanity deprived of Milky Way

    None more black light

    Science 10 10:44

  • Next-gen Atom to launch in October, say moles

    'Pine Trail' coming sooner than thought?

    Hardware 10 10:52

  • Google boss claims no sting from Bing - yet

    No strip search required

    Applications 10 10:55

  • Software to turn iPhones, Pres into virtual pens grabs award

    Halting State style air-writing 'within months'

    Mobile 10 11:37

  • Thrustmaster gets into the tennis racket

    Serves up Wii peripheral pair

    Games 10 11:45

  • Japanese pop pineapple recovers from Swede mashing

    Full of beans, music vid shows

    Bootnotes 10 12:05

  • US extradition could push McKinnon 'towards suicide'

    'Fragile' UFO enthusiast fights on

    Law 10 12:08

  • STEC answers the billion dollar question

    Market capitalisation hits ten figures

    Storage 10 12:09

  • Canon Pixma Pro9000 Mark II

    Swift and accurate A3 inkjet

    Hardware 10 12:20

  • Dell turns Cloud into bite-sized chunks for enterprises

    Mix and match

    Site News 10 12:28

  • Bates accuses porn cops of misleading public

    Day of reckoning in Ore cases draws nearer

    Law 10 12:38

  • London's e-van drivers club together

    Drive to encourage electric, discourage diesel

    Science 10 12:45

  • Apollo 11 - The Owners' Workshop Manual

    Haynes celebrates 40th anniversary of Moon landing

    Science 10 13:24

  • Cartoon lion urges Lancs kids to dob in terrorist classmates

    Guy Fawkes left-footer extremists particularly feared

    Law 10 13:37

  • IT upturn? Not this year, say disties

    Flat is the new growth

    The Channel 10 13:38

  • Nursery worker faces child sex charges

    Computer and mobile search leads to arrests

    Law 10 14:16

  • Whizz for Atoms: inside Intel's next netbook generation

    Picking up the 'Pine Trail'

    Hardware 10 14:39

  • Samsung dominates SSD market

    STEC takes second place

    The Channel 10 14:43

  • Texas cop tasers gobby granny

    Speeding ticket spat ends with a shock

    Bootnotes 10 14:44

  • Samsung shows off video-capable colour e-paper

    For reading books or watching films?

    Hardware 10 14:49

  • One millionth English 'word' is... Web 2.0

    Jai Ho! as n00b celebrates Landmark 0.2

    Bootnotes 10 15:02

  • StrongWebmail holds up hands to hack, plots further challenge

    Er... best of three, chaps?

    Security 10 15:30

  • HP serves up cookie sheet servers

    The lighter way to enjoy data

    Servers 10 15:30

  • iPhone 'photo lawyer' app to take the stand

    'You sold a clone Mac, and we've got proof'

    Phones 10 15:38

  • Amazon, Apple dish up $300,000 to 'musical crims'

    Better than busking for a living

    Security 10 16:04

  • Acer Android smartphone pencilled for November launch

    Mole reveals all...

    Phones 10 16:35

  • France suspends Three Strikes

    Libretard hunting declared unconstitutional

    Media 10 17:14

  • AMD claws cash back from Intel

    Squeeze to continue

    Business 10 17:52

  • Yahoo! exposes very own stuffed elephant code

    Distributed data-crunching distro

    Software 10 18:09

  • AMD fab spin-off to break super-skinny ground

    Globalfoundries' NY wafer baker

    Hardware 10 18:27

  • OpenSolaris ported to ARM chips

    ZFS for netbooks?

    Operating Systems 10 19:23

  • iPhone reigns at Apple design awards

    So much for widgets

    Mobile 10 19:49

  • Network giants reject 'buy American' Obama mandate

    Parts are cheap, labor is not

    Data Networking 10 21:07

  • T-Mobile downplays hacking fears

    'No evidence customer data compromised'

    Security 10 21:56

  • America's radio lobby 'fighting dirty'

    'Snot fair, says RIAA

    Media 10 22:18

  • 'Tens of thousands' of US students sign up for legal P2P

    Paying to be guinea pigs, apparently

    Media 10 22:43

  • Crypto attack puts digital sig hash on collision course

    SHA-1, your time is near

    Security 10 22:55

  • Yahoo! defies Facebook with Hadoop SQL dupe

    Open-source disharmony in stuffed elephant land

    Developer 10 23:00

  • Bing 'better' than Google for advertisers

    The eyes have it

    Media 10 23:06