9th June 2009 Archive

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  • Google mentor drowns in swimming pool

    Brin remembers Rajeev Motwani

    Media 09 Jun 00:03

  • Apple security is 'struggling,' researcher says

    Laments lack of 'formal security program'

    Security 09 Jun 00:52

  • Apple takes Snow Leopard for walk

    Claws Windows, embraces Exchange

    Hardware 09 Jun 03:52

  • Mike O'Brien becomes NHS IT minister

    Fun job

    Government 09 Jun 07:02

  • Orange Vegas

    Less Elvis, more Johnny?

    Mobile 09 Jun 08:02

  • LxLabs boss found hanged after vuln wipes websites

    Shocking development in VAserv megahack affair

    Virtualization 09 Jun 08:38

  • EC asks: Been leant on by Microsoft?

    MS investigated during another MS investigation

    The Channel 09 Jun 08:55

  • Computer-related injuries in US 'increase sevenfold'

    Falling-monitor bloodbath eased by LCDs, though

    Hardware 09 Jun 09:20

  • Storage software following hardware downwards

    Symantec doing well, though

    Storage 09 Jun 09:24

  • ContactPoint offers tokens for access

    Restricted to three government departments, 100 local authorities

    Government 09 Jun 09:39

  • Russian porn starlet brands DD jubs

    MMO currency firm spunks $500k to ink 'ample canvas'

    Bootnotes 09 Jun 09:40

  • Opera Mobile 9.7 beta lands

    ET phone home

    Applications 09 Jun 09:49

  • ECHR overturns Court of Appeal prisoner privacy ruling

    No fair peeking at cons' medical correspondence

    Law 09 Jun 09:51

  • She Wolf of the SS mourns her Grindhouse master

    Cult helmsman Don Edmonds dies at 73

    Bootnotes 09 Jun 09:52

  • Millions opted into UK mobile phone directory

    Are you one of them?

    Mobile 09 Jun 10:17

  • iPhone 3G S in the UK: what you need to know

    We unpick O2's small print

    Phones 09 Jun 10:46

  • Acer talks up 3D notebook

    Gunning for October launch

    Hardware 09 Jun 10:55

  • T-Mobile hack data is genuine

    How deep does the rabbit hole go?

    Security 09 Jun 10:57

  • Nintendo pooh-poohs Xbox, PS3 motion control

    Wii better, company chief claims

    Games 09 Jun 10:59

  • E-bike TT race to include e-cars next year

    Plus battery-swap pit stops for bikers

    Science 09 Jun 11:39

  • Corporate social responsibility - ya gotta love it

    Papering over the governance cracks

    CIO 09 Jun 11:44

  • Windows 7 boss predicts 'modest' initial shipments

    But will the price be right?

    The Channel 09 Jun 12:00

  • Japanese lunar orbiter to go out with a bang

    Moon impact tomorrow for Kaguya

    Science 09 Jun 12:03

  • The best netbook-friendly Linux distros

    Android on your Eee, anyone?

    Software 09 Jun 12:08

  • TomTom maps route onto iPhone 3G S

    Unveils satnav app and car kit

    Science 09 Jun 12:20

  • Firefox 3.5: In, out, shake it all about

    Mozilla does hokey-cokey with inbetweeny preview release

    Developer 09 Jun 12:30

  • 'D'oh!' tops fave kids' TV catchphrase poll

    Yabba Dabba Doo!

    Bootnotes 09 Jun 12:32

  • Drayson back at MoD, retains biznovation portfolio

    'Malodorous' supersonic-car lord returns

    Government 09 Jun 12:52

  • McKinnon launches second extradition challenge

    Belt and braces strategy

    Law 09 Jun 12:54

  • WD drops 4TB whopper

    Supersize My Book

    Hardware 09 Jun 13:25

  • Zac Efron to catch Saturday Night Fever?

    'Tragedy, when you lose control and you got no soul...'

    Bootnotes 09 Jun 13:26

  • Data watchdog clears mobile phone directory

    You agreed for your details to be used like this, right?

    Mobile 09 Jun 13:37

  • Site news: Unique commenter handles coming

    Here’s why

    Site News 09 Jun 14:07

  • EMC sends love letter to Data Domain

    The big bad wolf is really soft and cuddly

    Storage 09 Jun 14:30

  • Companies to be Bob the Builder with Firefox 3.5

    Mozilla hopes firms will fix it themselves

    Applications 09 Jun 14:52

  • Capita snares Carillion IT Services

    Rings the changes in Scotland

    The Channel 09 Jun 14:57

  • Engineers are troublesome 'expert loners', says prof

    Media image, student foolishness blamed

    Science 09 Jun 15:03

  • Red Hat goes one louder with Fedora 11

    And why not?

    Operating Systems 09 Jun 15:07

  • McAfee downplays service pack fail

    Virus update leaves PCs unbootable

    Security 09 Jun 15:17

  • Can Dell hack it as a services company?

    Open forum for Reg readers

    CIO 09 Jun 15:29

  • Samsung debuts germ-proof gaming laptop

    Domestos R270

    Hardware 09 Jun 16:45

  • AT&T jettisons the last of its Usenet

    A bad year for newsgroups

    Broadband 09 Jun 17:10

  • Microsoft spins out intellectual property business

    Two-years and you're out

    Small Biz 09 Jun 17:54

  • Apple tight-leashes 'Snow Leopard' Server

    Only Intelified Xserves need apply

    Servers 09 Jun 19:14

  • Palm Pre breaks Sprint sales records

    By ??? amount!

    Mobile 09 Jun 19:22

  • Google lets you code for Googlephones on Googlephones

    Android's mobile scripting kit

    Developer 09 Jun 19:25

  • Fedora 11 leaps into filesystem unknown

    Data vanishes along the way

    Operating Systems 09 Jun 19:38

  • Google wraps Gmail and Co. in Microsoft comfort blanket

    Redmond client, Mountain View cloud

    Applications 09 Jun 21:43

  • AT&T squeezes wannabe iPhone upgraders

    You can have an S. For a price

    Mobile 09 Jun 21:44

  • Novell musing Moblin open-source app store

    Schooling netbookers on software feebies

    Operating Systems 09 Jun 21:51

  • Isilon clusters having swell time

    To 5.2PB and 144 nodes

    Storage 09 Jun 21:55

  • Publisher defends Google Books 'sell out'

    Fox raising chickens is good for chickenhood, says exec

    Media 09 Jun 22:00

  • Nokia enlists Adobe and .NET armies on mobile web

    Is that a WRT in your pocket...

    Developer 09 Jun 22:58

  • Germans fire up 200 teraflop Juropa2 super

    Sun makes good on Constellation promises

    Servers 09 Jun 23:05