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Microsoft offers Bing filth quick fix

Embarrassed by Bing's taste for porn, Microsoft's come up with a fix - only you better like having to fiddle with your network or browser settings.

Swedish boffins spring for IBM System S super

Server maker IBM has been on a kick to commercialize its PowerPC-based massively parallel BlueGene Linux supercomputers and has just sold another of its System S streaming boxes to a bunch of Swedish boffins who want to "nowcast" as well as forecast the electromagnetic weather in the Solar System.
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Judge backs Halifax in Chip and PIN clone case

Halifax, the UK retail bank, has scored a victory in a closely-watched 'phantom withdrawal' case that put the security of Chip and PIN on trial.
Pioneer Kuro KRL-37V

Pioneer Kuro KRL-37V LCD TV

Review Pioneer makes great plasma TVs featuring the deep blacks and impressively high contrast that this technology offers. For years the company’s mantra was akin to ‘Plasma good, LCD bad’. So it was a surprise last year when Pioneer announced it would be making LCD screens. Like the plasma models, these screens are called Kuro. The word is Japanese for black and the brand is synonymous with high-contrast, high-priced, high-performance screens.

Carphone Warehouse splits in two

Carphone Warehouse has hit its financial targets for the year and confirmed it will split into two businesses - the telecoms biz TalkTalk and retail arm Best Buy Europe.

ECJ: One meeting can count as market-rigging

A group of companies can be guilty of breaking competition law even if they only meet once and the action taken does not result in higher prices for consumers, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled.

Russia stings Microsoft with monopoly case

Russian regulators have started legal action against Microsoft for stopping retail and OEM sales of XP.
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Great Panjandrum menaces North Devon

Fireworks experts will this morning perhaps unwisely unleash a replica Great Panjandrum on the beach at Westward Ho! in North Devon - recreating the original tests of the rocket-powered wheel which sadly did not contribute to the 1944 allied landings at Normandy.
LaCinema Classic Bridge

LaCie introduces telly-friendly external hard drive kit

LaCie has brought a pair of new releases to its LaCinema range, extending its line of TV-friendly hard drives with a minimalist black model and a separate unit that links external hard drives you already own to your telly.

Storage revenues slip sliding away

IDC has told us what we already suspected - storage spending is down. It's also revealing that some storage market leaders are losing market share to Dell and Hitachi.
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Home and Away star in 'Lewinsky' moment

The Oz TV world is reeling today after Home and Away star Lincoln Lewis admitted filming a sex vid on his mobile phone and then showing the amateur grumble flick to fellow cast and crew members.
Japanese games icons

Japanese games group to ban twisted 'sex torture' sims

One of Japan's two software rating organisations will no longer support the sale of sick rape games in the country.

BenQ backs Android

BenQ has become the latest tech firm to join Android’s ever-expanding band of supporters by announcing plans to develop both a smartphone and a netbook based on the Google OS.

Dell bulks up with block-level dedupe

As EMC and NetApp tussle over Data Domain, Dell has added block-level deduplication to its DL2000 product.
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MS warns of bumper patch batch

Microsoft is having an especially bulky Patch Tuesday, with the release of ten updates - six of which will address critical flaws.
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Johnson handed Home Office brief

Alan Johnson, the man tipped to take over if Gordon Brown is forced to quit, has today been handed the famously troublesome Home Office brief.

Steve Jobs could return for iPhone speech next week

Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs, could return from sick leave next week, in order to present the new iPhone at its developer conference in San Francisco.

Nintendo unveils pulse-sensing peripheral

Nintendo has proven that it’s still got its finger on the pulse of gaming by unveiling the Wii Vitality Sensor (WVS).

PSP Go will support UMDs, sort of

Sony’s PlayStation Portable Go may dispense with the UMD mini-disc format, but the electronics giant says it won’t leave trading up gamers out in the cold.
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Developers take Mac, Linux-friendly Chrome for a spin

Google has released a rough-round-the-edges version of Chrome for the Mac OS X and Linux platforms, nine months after the browser made its debut.
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NASA licences rat-wee based astronaut sports drink

NASA has offered for general sale a high-tech "electrolytic rehydration drink" developed to keep astronauts in top shape under the physiological stresses of orbital flight. For a truly authentic astronaut experience, Earthbound drinkers of "The Right Stuff™" may wish to mix their cutting-edge space beverage with (purified) rat piss.

Mitsubishi finalises mass-market e-car production plans

Leccy Tech Today is World Environment Day, so what better time for Mitsubishi to announce final production plans for its i-MiEV mass-market e-car.

Brown to Sugar: 'You're hired'

Desperate PM Gordon Brown has apparently promoted Alan Sugar and told him he's hired as "Enterprise Tsar".
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Sony hooks up with Vevo

Sony has plugged itself into the Universal/YouTube-owned music video website Vevo, ahead of its launch later this year.
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MoD to test 'Combat ID Server' from September

The UK Ministry of Defence says it will commence trials of its "Combat ID Server" (CIDS) system from September, according to reports. The CIDS is intended to make it easier for people about to unleash heavy firepower to find out if there are any British troops in their gunsights, so helping to reduce so-called "blue on blue" incidents.
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Police deny targeting kids for DNA

Police officers in Camden, north London, are deliberately targeting kids under-18 for arrest just so their DNA samples can be taken.
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Hackers scalp StrongWebmail to claim cash prize

Ethical hackers are claiming a $10,000 prize for successfully breaking into the webmail account of the chief exec of StrongWebmail after the firm issued a "hack us if you can" challenge.
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Copyright chief: The Emperor Has No Clothes

Interview Next week authors and composers meet in Washington DC for their biennial summit. The conference brings together big copyright users - broadcasters, digital companies - under the same roof as the creators and the member's societies. It can get pretty lively. As a preview, we asked Eric Baptiste, head of the International Confederation of Authors and Composers Societies (CISAC), to run over the hot topics.
Windows and Android

Acer: Android netbook to come with... Windows

Acer, it seems, has accepted Register Hardware's argument that World+Dog doesn't want - or, at least, doesn't know it wants - netbooks based on Google's Android OS.
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Note to employers: Better sex = happier workers

A Swedish researcher has found that a healthy sex life leads to happier, less stressed workers - thereby suggesting that employers might consider providing workplace "comfort rooms" where hard-pressed lackeys can get their ends away in the company's best interests.
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US unemployment rate growth slowed in May

The unemployment rate in the United States rose to 9.4 per cent in May, after employers cut 345,000 jobs. That's certainly nothing to be happy about, until you realize that this is about half the average job losses per month reported in the US for the past six months. And more good news: the May job cuts were a lot lower than expected.
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UK Communist website abused by Chinese hackers

Updated The website of the Communist Party Of Britain has been infected with malicious code.
Patterned Media for HDD

HDD data density to hit 2.4Tb/in² 'by 2014'

World+Dog may have its eye on solid-state storage, but hard disk engineering isn't going to run out of steam any time soon. Disks capable of holding an amazing 2.4 trillion bits in each square inch of their surface are coming within the next five years, an industry executive has forecast.
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Obama urged to halt Google government takeover

Two consumer watchdogs - including the aptly-named Consumer Watchdog - have urged US President Barack Obama to avoid appointing Google's director of global public policy as the country's deputy chief technology officer.
Cade Metz, 05 2009
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Colbert salutes El Reg

El Reg has made it on to the best US satirical current affairs show: The Colbert Report. Is there a better one anywhere?
HP Pavillion dv2

HP Pavillion dv2 AMD Neo notebook

Review The first Asus Eee PC was only released a little over 18 months ago, but given the sheer number of Small, Cheap(ish) Computers on the market you could be forgiven for thinking it had been around for much longer.
Will Head, 05 2009
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Intel could Atomise handsets in two years

Intel's increased focus on Linux and real time operating systems will see it pushing its Atom architecture into handsets within three years and launching "handset-sized" devices much sooner, the chip giant's sales boss said today.
Joe Fay, 05 2009
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Pirate Party set to board European Parliament ship?

Two separate polls have today indicated that the Pirate Party could win at least one of Sweden's 18 seats in the European Parliament elections.
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Wolfram Alpha to venture beyond boron nucleus

Stephen Wolfram, the physicist behind the new Wolfram Alpha search engine, says his team is working on cramming more knowledge in the new service across a broader range of topics.
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Remembering the true* first portable computer

A lot of folks tend to honor the Osborne 1 as the world's first mass-produced portable computer. The machine was admittedly an early pioneer in totable systems in 1981, but another, much-earlier computer perhaps really deserves the credit.
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Money mule cops plea in online brokerage hacking scam

A New Hampshire man has agreed to pay almost $112,000 and face prison time after admitting he was a mule in a scheme that hacked in to online bank and brokerage accounts and siphoned out large sums of cash.
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Intel MIDs stare into the great abyss

The mobile internet device revolution isn't going as swimmingly as Intel had planned.
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Dell and the dedupe appliance conundrum

Comment Dell is announcing a new deduplication appliance on Monday, the DL2000, while simultaneously saying dedupe will move on from a backup and appliance focus to something broader and more pervasive. What's going on?
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Microsoft's software vision chief embraces future horror

Ray Ozzie, Microsoft's chief software architect, is optimistic about Microsoft's future despite the challenge to PC software from cloud services and netbooks.
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Big Ben squeezes into your iPhone

Big Ben celebrates its 150th anniversary this year, and you can now equip your iPhone or iPod touch with a free clock app in commemoration of the big fella's sesquicentennial.
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Baseball icon sues Twitter over parody account

American baseball icon Tony La Russa is suing Twitter over a "demeaning and damaging" parody account created in his name.
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Cray sells Opteron-Linux super to Swiss boffins

The Swiss National Supercomputing Center (CSCS) in Lugano has coughed up some serious Swiss francs to buy a Cray 141.6 teraflops XT5 system, dubbed Monte Rosa.
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Pondlife scammers abuse Air France tragedy

Cybercrooks are once again taking advantage of current events to push malware.
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Hulu headed for subscription service scheme?

Hulu's days as a completely free internet TV outfit may be numbered if News Corp.'s new digital chief gets his way.