5th June 2009 Archive

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  • Microsoft offers Bing filth quick fix

    Invites you to fiddle

    Media 05 00:13

  • Swedish boffins spring for IBM System S super

    Space weather nowcasting

    Servers 05 04:08

  • Judge backs Halifax in Chip and PIN clone case

    Phantom withdrawal verdict may go to appeal

    Security 05 06:27

  • Pioneer Kuro KRL-37V LCD TV

    LCD with with plasma pretensions

    Hardware 05 08:02

  • Carphone Warehouse splits in two

    To demerge TalkTalk

    The Channel 05 08:35

  • ECJ: One meeting can count as market-rigging

    Data recipients advised to cover eyes, ears and go 'la-la-la'

    The Channel 05 09:18

  • Russia stings Microsoft with monopoly case

    It's all about XP

    The Channel 05 09:20

  • Great Panjandrum menaces North Devon

    Experts to unleash unpredictable Nazi-busting wheel of destruction

    Bootnotes 05 09:24

  • LaCie introduces telly-friendly external hard drive kit

    Inspired by 2001?

    Hardware 05 09:52

  • Storage revenues slip sliding away

    Dell and Hitachi shares on the up

    Storage 05 10:16

  • Home and Away star in 'Lewinsky' moment

    Captured for posterity on mobile phone

    Bootnotes 05 10:17

  • Japanese games group to ban twisted 'sex torture' sims

    About time

    Games 05 10:18

  • BenQ backs Android

    Google-based smartphone and netbook en route

    Phones 05 10:21

  • Dell bulks up with block-level dedupe

    Remote office data on a diet

    Storage 05 10:26

  • MS warns of bumper patch batch

    Six critical updates locked and loaded

    Security 05 10:30

  • Johnson handed Home Office brief

    Poisoned chalice for alleged leadership contender

    Government 05 10:34

  • Steve Jobs could return for iPhone speech next week

    Or not

    Phones 05 10:58

  • Nintendo unveils pulse-sensing peripheral

    The Wii Vitality Sensor

    Games 05 11:08

  • PSP Go will support UMDs, sort of

    Digital delivery system in works

    Games 05 11:13

  • Developers take Mac, Linux-friendly Chrome for a spin

    'DON'T DOWNLOAD THEM' warns Google

    Developer 05 11:21

  • NASA licences rat-wee based astronaut sports drink

    The Right Stuff™: should have been called Rodent Gold™?

    Science 05 11:46

  • Mitsubishi finalises mass-market e-car production plans

    i-MiEV spec, speed, range, price announced

    Science 05 11:56

  • Brown to Sugar: 'You're hired'

    Amstrad man made a Lord and biz Tsar

    The Channel 05 12:05

  • Sony hooks up with Vevo

    Totally devoted to YouTube, dude

    Media 05 12:08

  • MoD to test 'Combat ID Server' from September

    Airstrike inbound! Quick, turn the radios on!

    Science 05 13:02

  • Police deny targeting kids for DNA

    Get 'em while they're young

    Law 05 13:29

  • Hackers scalp StrongWebmail to claim cash prize

    $10,000 for successful schedule snoop

    Security 05 13:33

  • Copyright chief: The Emperor Has No Clothes

    CISAC's Eric Baptiste

    Media 05 13:42

  • Acer: Android netbook to come with... Windows

    Dual-boot downer for FOSS fans

    Hardware 05 13:45

  • Note to employers: Better sex = happier workers

    Swede makes case for workplace shag breaks

    Science 05 15:00

  • US unemployment rate growth slowed in May

    Economic meltdown cooling?

    Government 05 15:03

  • UK Communist website abused by Chinese hackers

    Moaist malware mayhem

    Security 05 15:46

  • HDD data density to hit 2.4Tb/in² 'by 2014'

    15TB 3.5in drive, anyone?

    Hardware 05 16:02

  • Obama urged to halt Google government takeover

    Stop the revolving door

    Government 05 16:35

  • Colbert salutes El Reg

    And we salute back

    Bootnotes 05 16:46

  • HP Pavillion dv2 AMD Neo notebook

    Thin'n'light laptop CPU takes on the netbooks

    Laptops 05 16:51

  • Intel could Atomise handsets in two years

    After 'handset-sized' devices

    Hardware 05 17:12

  • Pirate Party set to board European Parliament ship?

    Polls say yes. Results out Sunday. Avast!

    Government 05 17:28

  • Wolfram Alpha to venture beyond boron nucleus

    Looking for a few good data sets

    Media 05 17:34

  • Remembering the true* first portable computer

    *The one that melts your face off

    Vintage 05 18:42

  • Money mule cops plea in online brokerage hacking scam

    Hee haw

    Security 05 18:48

  • Intel MIDs stare into the great abyss

    Moorestown too big, too late?

    Mobile 05 20:09

  • Dell and the dedupe appliance conundrum

    What's going on?

    Storage 05 20:33

  • Microsoft's software vision chief embraces future horror

    New Bill sees Windows everywhere

    Software 05 20:47

  • Big Ben squeezes into your iPhone

    Sesquicentennial second hand

    Mobile 05 20:52

  • Baseball icon sues Twitter over parody account

    La Russa sees red, demands green

    Media 05 20:58

  • Cray sells Opteron-Linux super to Swiss boffins

    Monte Rosa to scale the petaflops peaks

    HPC 05 21:48

  • Pondlife scammers abuse Air France tragedy

    Carradine death also cheap fodder

    Security 05 22:05

  • Hulu headed for subscription service scheme?

    News Corp says ad model 'doesn't work'

    Media 05 23:14