4th June 2009 Archive

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  • At long last, internet's root zone to be secured

    VeriSign and ICANN to share DNSSEC duties

    Security 04 00:27

  • Apple confirms $1bn data center

    Reverse manifest destiny

    Financial News 04 00:30

  • Flexible displays bend towards reality

    PHOLED meets polyethylene naphthalate

    Science 04 00:36

  • Oracle's Ellison gambles with OpenOffice's future

    Dazzled by JavaFX?

    Applications 04 00:38

  • Teens rate top tech brands

    'Apple... no, yeah, but... Sony, right... no, like, Nokia' etc, etc.

    Hardware 04 04:02

  • Microsoft's Bing feeds you, tries to keep you captive

    Fully featured Google inertia beater?

    Media 04 04:51

  • Airport ID cards only for the newbies

    All in the fine print, apparently

    Government 04 07:02

  • DSGi pays off HMRC in transfer pricing dispute

    Shareholders flock to rights issue

    The Channel 04 07:56

  • Acer Aspire One D250

    Inch-thick successor to the popular AA1

    Laptops 04 08:02

  • Capita forced to dismember benefits software biz

    Competition Commission cracks knuckles

    The Channel 04 08:26

  • Huawei stymied by India security fears

    Huawei is a danger, no kit from the reds

    Broadband 04 08:51

  • AMD previews DirectX 11 GPU

    Tech demo'd six months ahead of availability

    Hardware 04 08:59

  • Sony Ericsson to drop M2 for Micro SD

    Proprietary out, standard in

    Phones 04 09:05

  • Crew preps for ISS spacewalk

    Quick docking antenna installation job

    Science 04 09:07

  • HP shows off colour display 'skin' for gadgets

    Animated laptop-lid logos, anyone?

    Hardware 04 09:13

  • Beware 'mobile elbow', sawbones warn

    I'll call you back - my ulnar nerve's playing up

    Mobile 04 09:18

  • Poor management hampers gov IT

    Info management improved by better info management

    Government 04 09:21

  • Nintendo displays re-hued Wii

    The kuro model

    Games 04 09:35

  • US raygun jumbo jet now firing live blasts in flight

    Nuke-nobbler plane starts 'three strikes' test match

    Science 04 09:52

  • Tories, LibDems under election day cyberattack?

    DDoS crosses boxes

    Security 04 09:58

  • BT slammed for 'importing' cheap Indian contractors

    On-site offshoring

    Management 04 10:11

  • Miles EV unveils first e-car

    Built in China, sold in America

    Science 04 10:15

  • The return of the diskless PC

    1TB SSDs to free desktops from slow HDD strangulation

    Hardware 04 10:26

  • Boffins boil down witch-repelling brew

    Take one bottle of urine, insert iron nails, navel fluff, sulphur...

    Bootnotes 04 10:31

  • Sony Ericsson shows its GreenHeart

    Unveils eco-phones alongside eco-pledges

    Phones 04 11:18

  • Mountain View gets boxed in with Google Squared

    All just a question of semantics

    Applications 04 11:20

  • UK jobs market: Bad but getting worse more slowly

    More demand for IT staff

    Management 04 11:25

  • Nintendo admits to rival DSi handheld

    Mystery console already designed

    Games 04 11:45

  • O2 XDA Guide satnav phone

    All roads lead to roam

    Mobile 04 12:02

  • LG announces European watchphone launch

    Coming to wrists next month

    Phones 04 12:11

  • Archbishop says Catholics confusing confessionals with couches

    See, it really does make you go blind

    Bootnotes 04 12:24

  • Twitter Trends exploited to promote scareware

    Malign micro-blogging madness

    Security 04 12:34

  • Transition flying car into 'beta test': Deliveries from 2011

    In this case 'beta test' = new prototype

    Science 04 12:42

  • New Labour: Chainsaws out, maybe Contactpoint, too

    Who will survive and what will be left of them?

    Government 04 12:46

  • US gov ordered to play ball in state secrets case

    As Obama DOJ just says no

    Government 04 13:02

  • Broadcom to Emulex stockholders: Let's get these guys

    Heroic rescue effort involves ruthless board-clobbering

    Storage 04 13:24

  • Intel spends $884m to straddle Wind River

    Embedded systems are go

    Hardware 04 13:28

  • Plug pulled on ISP over unpaid bills

    Wave Rider wipes out

    Broadband 04 13:35

  • LG intros stylish Freeview DVD recorder

    With integrated 160GB HDD

    Hardware 04 14:01

  • David Carradine found dead in Bangkok

    'Close your eyes, what do you hear?'

    Bootnotes 04 14:21

  • Ballmer clashes with Obama over US tax rules

    Threatens to ship MS drones overseas

    Financial News 04 14:25

  • 'Breathalyser for the hands' fights hospital superbugs

    Wireless warning for unwashed plague-laden medics

    Science 04 14:26

  • Man creates third-gen iPhone rumours picture

    Catalogues every rumour ever made, pretty much

    Phones 04 15:45

  • Intel paying $884m for Wind River?

    IBM should make a counter offer

    Hardware 04 15:46

  • Who will win the epic battle for the kitchen OS?

    The who now?

    Operating Systems 04 15:55

  • Core i7 bumped to 3.33GHz

    Still too slow? Overclock it

    Hardware 04 17:54

  • Stilt-walking Cirque du Soleil founder turns space tourist

    Quebec fire-breather blasts off in September

    Science 04 18:00

  • Games group demands industry tax credits, again

    Uses HSBC pro-gaming report as crutch

    Games 04 19:02

  • Microsoft pledges Java love in Sun-less world

    Sample our code

    Developer 04 19:53

  • Man accused of arranging wife's rape on Craigslist

    Attacker still at large

    Media 04 19:55

  • US Federal Trade Commission shuts down ISP

    Provider accused of harboring malware, child porn

    Security 04 20:02

  • Google tracking cookie spans AdSense, DoubleClick

    Um, but it keeps the data separate?

    Media 04 20:28

  • Qualcomm joins Microsoft in smartbook fantasy

    Blows Java bubbles

    Hardware 04 20:36

  • iPod poised for multitouch scroll wheel

    More pinching, more swiping

    Media 04 20:44

  • Cisco promises gold in California rush

    Pumping up the channel, building the pipeline

    The Channel 04 20:59

  • Data Domain promises EMC response

    In twelve days or less

    Storage 04 21:02

  • US mega retailer settles spyware charges

    Sears promises to spy no more

    Security 04 23:47

  • Microsoft ends real-time video kerfuffle

    Pals with Paltalk

    Media 04 23:51

  • Microsoft Bing rides open source to semantic search

    Powerset on the side

    Media 04 23:59