3rd June 2009 Archive

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  • US issues revised e-voting standards

    Stringent recommendations for testing

    Security 03 00:03

  • Sun rallies mobile faithful to simplified Java tests

    Once more, with feeling

    Developer 03 00:56

  • Xandros - the Linux company that isn't

    'Users don't care about Linux'

    Operating Systems 03 01:07

  • Google eyeballs planted on 92% of top websites

    'The most dominant player in the tracking market'

    Media 03 01:39

  • BakBone's SMB continuous data protection

    A cure for slipped disks

    Storage 03 03:13

  • Brocade gets HP HBA support

    But can't see any for CNA

    Storage 03 07:02

  • Shuttle X 5000TA

    The touchscreen all-in-one your kitchen's been waiting for?

    Hardware 03 08:02

  • Opera 10 debuts with 'Turbo' boost

    Shorter waits on slow networks

    Applications 03 08:02

  • Sarin took half a mill in 'sod off' expenses

    Career in British politics surely beckons

    Mobile 03 08:24

  • Murky world of recruitment gets DoJ probe

    Anti-compete clauses anti-competitive

    Financial News 03 09:20

  • Sony PSP Go to hit UK in October

    'Worst kept secret' official

    Games 03 09:33

  • Yahoo! snaps up top NetApp PR bod

    The Brown Exclamation

    Storage 03 09:53

  • Who's afraid of the SOA police?

    Just do it

    Applications 03 10:02

  • Code for handling personal data is muddled, says lawyer

    Further confusion in an already bewildering area

    Management 03 10:03

  • EMC prevails over HP in job switch trial

    Donatelli locked out of storage for a year

    Storage 03 10:14

  • Wiltshire welcomes clutch of Great Bustards

    Male parentage of first UK chicks since 1832 in question

    Science 03 10:15

  • Dell intros KITT-style gaming laptop

    Fastest in the universe, it says here, without irony

    Hardware 03 10:31

  • eMusic doubles prices, snares Sony

    And faces a mighty backlash

    Media 03 10:44

  • Nokia's N97 flagship to sail in this month

    Retailers taking orders

    Phones 03 10:45

  • Boffins create super flies that need almost no sleep

    Still no progress on monkeys able to mix cocktails

    Science 03 10:46

  • Sony's PS3 Motion Control demoed

    Add-on's features revealed

    Games 03 11:00

  • Blears is latest to scurry away from Brown's Cabinet

    Whitehall to replace government with Facebook group?

    Government 03 11:06

  • Fake Outlook config scam aims to harvest logins

    New spin on social engineering also punts scareware

    Security 03 11:19

  • How will sir pay? Facebook credits, that'll do nicely

    Internal only, for now

    Applications 03 11:23

  • Asus aims at Apple TV with LAN-linked set-top box

    The Story of O!Play

    Hardware 03 11:24

  • Microsoft UK NTO leaves to spend more time with IT policy

    Lobby now while there's still a government, Jerry

    Software 03 11:27

  • Second iteration of Windows Server 2008 due in October

    Maintenance droid counterpart to Windows 7

    Servers 03 12:11

  • Phorm woos browsers with personalised web

    It's 'something cool'!

    Broadband 03 12:12

  • Robosub prowls Pacific's hadal depths

    Nereus plunges to 10,902 metres

    Science 03 12:24

  • 12 of the best... mice

    Rodent wars

    Hardware 03 12:30

  • NetApp ups bid for Data Domain

    Equals EMC's $30/share

    Storage 03 12:53

  • Pentagon funds 'Wireless Network After Next'

    Next one thought likely to be crap, presumably

    Mobile 03 12:55

  • Scientists seek noctilucent cloud enlightenment

    More night-shining expected in 2009, but why?

    Science 03 13:05

  • Spectral Spector Twitterer admits hoax

    River Deep, Mountain Ha!

    Bootnotes 03 13:07

  • Larry Ellison relives reveals network computer netbook dream

    Tonight I'm going to party like it's 1995...

    Hardware 03 13:15

  • Cambridge hospital cleans up after mystery malware infection

    Patients unaffected after PCs get the pox

    Security 03 13:41

  • Hitler kicked off iPhone

    Apple does irony - it's like steely

    Bootnotes 03 14:14

  • Microsoft takes hard line on Win 7 hardware

    Flexes Windows 7 muscles in your face!

    Hardware 03 15:02

  • Insurance giant coughs to malware-related data breach

    This is not business as usual

    Security 03 15:05

  • Data Domain bid war: Could NetApp go higher?

    Hanging onto the balloon

    Storage 03 15:35

  • Scientists design picture projection specs

    Glasses embed HUD and eye-movement detector controls

    Hardware 03 15:39

  • BT bumps up broadband speeds

    Punters reap 21CN benefits

    Broadband 03 15:46

  • Royal Navy warship almost fires on UFOs

    'Kryten gun' trained on possible alien invaders

    Science 03 15:58

  • Tukwila Itanium delay situation still as clear as mud

    Poulson and Kittson allegedly still on track

    Servers 03 16:02

  • Tesla and Daimler plan joint 'affordable' e-car

    £18k EV for the rest of us in the works?

    Science 03 16:10

  • Microsoft sues John Does for bilking search bribery machine

    Sop money pilfered

    Media 03 17:41

  • Hacker disrupts economy of annoying Twitter-based game

    Spymaster gets Twoted

    Security 03 17:50

  • Judge orders Echostar to disable set-top DVR

    Awards Tivo $103m in patent suit

    Media 03 18:59

  • Data-sniffing trojans burrow into Eastern European ATMs

    Professionally written, rapidly developed

    Security 03 19:29

  • Moblin Linux boosters go global

    The world versus Google

    Operating Systems 03 20:08

  • Cisco punts not-so-unified rack servers

    California boxes ship end of June

    Servers 03 21:18

  • Google to slip SVG into Internet Explorer

    Forced standards love

    Developer 03 21:34

  • Microsoft Bing rehosts Wikifiddling as 'Reference' material

    Wikihegemony extended

    Media 03 22:08

  • Data Domain shareholders to judge beauty contest

    EMC cash or NetApp stock?

    Storage 03 22:10

  • Verizon sends compute cloud over US, Europe

    Mamma CaaS

    Servers 03 22:23

  • Microsoft renames netbooks 'low cost small notebook PCs'

    Rolls off the tongue, donnit?

    Hardware 03 22:29

  • Google Wave - a developer's eye view

    Better than pistol ammunition taste-testing

    Developer 03 23:31