1st June 2009 Archive

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  • Adobe buffs and brands full Flash suite

    Catalyst and Builder go wild

    Developer 01 04:17

  • Virtualization moves to centre of mobile agenda

    No more OS wars?

    Virtualization 01 07:02

  • LG 42LF7700 HD TV

    Good reception? Enter LG's first Freesat telly

    Hardware 01 08:02

  • Asus eyes Ion

    You don't say...

    Hardware 01 09:06

  • Quantum extends deduplication to the sticks

    Regional offices get their own super deduper

    Storage 01 09:15

  • Yahoo! shuts! failed! social! networking! site!!

    Never! out! of! beta!

    Applications 01 09:16

  • Official next-gen PlayStation Portable details leaked

    Sony's PSP Go launch ruined?

    Games 01 09:58

  • Blighty’s barmy for e-cars, poll discovers

    6.7m planning to buy within five years

    Science 01 10:14

  • Emulex says Broadcom unfit to take it over

    Alleged cokehound ex-CEO allegedly still influential

    Storage 01 10:24

  • MP 'devastated' over Facebook profile hack

    'Outlawed from cyberspace and unable to communicate with my cyber friends'

    Security 01 10:38

  • TechNet goes Virtual with online conference for all

    Doors open on June 19

    Software 01 10:50

  • VIA offshoot aims ARM SoC at Intel's Atom

    WonderMedia's Prizm unveiled

    Hardware 01 10:58

  • Jacqui whacks shock jock crock

    Libel letter still in post

    Government 01 11:01

  • Phoenix glides serenely over recessionary ashes

    Smug services firm predicts woe - for others

    The Channel 01 11:02

  • Samsung unveils 12Mp cameraphone

    Snap it up later this month

    Phones 01 11:03

  • Boffins: Ordinary lightbulbs can be made efficient, cheaply

    Incandescents nearing extinction: Impeccable timing, everyone

    Science 01 11:03

  • Britain leads world in police state survey

    Gold medals for snooping, spying and surveilling

    Law 01 11:05

  • Level 3 wilts in London sunshine (again)

    Last.fm downed by mildwave

    Broadband 01 11:06

  • Bada Bing tickles UK fancies

    As if finding Pr0n wasn't easy enough already...

    Applications 01 11:35

  • US firm says handheld puke ray is ready to go

    Pistol style chunder-gat and torch/vom-sabre models

    Science 01 11:39

  • Hindus take divine mace to Sony Playstation

    Demand boycott over Hanuman: Boy Warrior

    Bootnotes 01 11:41

  • Is there an easy way to root access on a Linux netbook?

    Hardware 01 11:45

  • Sony X-Series Walkman

    Does it kick the iPod into touch?

    Hardware 01 12:14

  • Intel confirms end of Psion 'netbook' legal fight

    Psion flees the scene

    Hardware 01 12:15

  • Egyptian cuts off todger to spite his face dad

    Refused permission to marry 'lower class' woman

    Bootnotes 01 12:22

  • UK chases Obama on cybersecurity

    Officials aim to release strategy this summer

    Government 01 12:42

  • Storage world asks: Is a copy a backup?

    Yes, but only if it meets strict criteria

    Storage 01 12:50

  • WIN! LG 42in Freesat HD TV worth £900

    LG's very stylish 42LF7700 up for grabs

    Hardware 01 13:02

  • Israeli TV star ordered execs beaten up

    How not to pitch for a new show, allegedly

    Bootnotes 01 13:20

  • STEC goes all the way with EVA

    HP picks STEC SSDs

    Storage 01 14:02

  • Better Wii Fit and Balance Board en-route?

    Enhanced connectivity and increased sensitivity rumoured

    Games 01 14:03

  • 'Cloned' CGI faces mimic people 'better than skilled actors'

    Gollum animators, Disney develop impersonation-ware

    Applications 01 14:04

  • Toshiba demos facial recognition for cars

    Alerts drowsy drivers to dangerous driving

    Science 01 14:09

  • Google pledges to open ebook service by year end

    Life gets tough for Amazon

    Media 01 14:16

  • Brits suffer 'cinema TV' price hike

    Rip-off Britain?

    Hardware 01 14:18

  • 3 lures data dabblers

    Here, have a bundle

    Mobile 01 14:18

  • Firefox users flip out over sneak MS add-on

    Silent, but deadly annoying

    Security 01 14:19

  • Display maker spends $215m on E Ink

    Or $1.4m per electronic ink patent

    Hardware 01 14:46

  • Her Maj honours NZ wizard

    Christchurch character conjures up Queen's Service Medal

    Bootnotes 01 15:03

  • Irish politicos try to cut off call girls' mobiles

    Seven deadly SIMs

    Law 01 15:34

  • Sun rolls out OpenSolaris 2009.06 release

    Sparcs finally get it

    Servers 01 16:07

  • Asus shows ARM-based, Android-running skinny Eee

    Decent competition for Atom at last?

    Hardware 01 16:31

  • AMD locks and loads 'Istanbul' six-shooter

    Gunning for Dunnington, Nehalem

    Servers 01 16:34

  • Google's doing to Twitterbook what it's doing to copyright

    Wave: Stealing your lunch 2.0

    Media 01 17:08

  • Chip sales down 25% from last year

    But up from last month

    Hardware 01 17:47

  • Cisco joins Dow, as GM jettisoned

    'Information superhighway' and all that

    Financial News 01 18:07

  • Linksys router ripe for remote takeover

    Stealth attack exploits gullible management console

    Security 01 18:09

  • iPhone 3.0 to nix app redownloading?

    Boot your PC or buy again

    Mobile 01 19:46

  • Ex-SAP man joins Gore green crusade

    Hip hip Hara

    Science 01 21:22

  • Microsoft uncloaks invisible XBox controller

    'Project Natal' flails into existence

    Games 01 21:30

  • Plague of web bugs descend on British sites

    HSBC, Barclays, The Telegraph bitten

    Security 01 21:34

  • Apple ChiPhone set for July?

    Edge, 3G, and some such other thing

    Mobile 01 22:00

  • Red Hat blends JBoss blocker to SpringSource

    Open-source goes at it

    Developer 01 22:06

  • Gartner: No server growth until 2010

    Q1 worse than expected

    Servers 01 22:13

  • Feds quiz former worker over Texas power plant hack

    Danger danger! High voltage!

    Security 01 22:42

  • EMC trumps NetApp bid for Data Domain

    $1.8bn all-cash offer 'substantially superior'

    Storage 01 23:12

  • Microsoft to talk Sun-cloud interoperability

    Playing to the Oracle gallery

    Developer 01 23:58