21st May 2009 Archive

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  • Missing: 1TB of Clinton White House data

    Hard drive vanishes from National Archives

    Security 21 00:08

  • Yahoo! puts webpages in their place

    Lingua geographica

    Developer 21 00:29

  • Microsoft rolls Netflix into Windows Media Center

    No extenders. No HD

    Media 21 00:31

  • Worldwide GPS may die in 2010, say US gov

    Can the fanbois live without it?

    Science 21 00:48

  • VMware's vSphere enters real world, early!

    41 days. Is this a record?

    Virtualization 21 04:02

  • Smartphones sales on the up in Q1

    Lesser-handset sales on the slide

    Phones 21 06:02

  • China lowers national security IT ‘trade barrier’

    No more knocking at your back door

    The Channel 21 07:30

  • IntelliTouch Eos wireless iPod speaker system

    Compact, punchy, multi-zone music setup

    Hardware 21 08:02

  • Google derides 'dinosaur' system integrators

    Holier than thou finger points cloudwards

    The Channel 21 08:08

  • RealNetworks claims CSS license lets it copy DVDs. Sues studios

    Woolly Bully

    Hardware 21 08:10

  • Microsoft loses $200m in Texas Hold 'em up patent suit

    XML's the Word

    Applications 21 08:31

  • NZ couple do bunk with £3.9m bank error

    Take the money and run

    Security 21 08:33

  • Toddler snaps up mechanical digger online

    £7,700 auction punt while parents sleep

    Bootnotes 21 08:35

  • Storage vendors unroll better VTL options

    I love the smell of mainframe tape in the morning

    Storage 21 08:56

  • Germans resist Street View invasion of privacy

    Delete suspect images, Google told

    Bootnotes 21 09:07

  • Boffins build basis for 9TB DVDs

    All down to the longitudinal surface plasmon resonance of gold nanorods, don't you know

    Hardware 21 09:14

  • Acer outlines 2009 handset plans

    Nine WinMo phones, one Android coming

    Phones 21 09:25

  • Nokia gets trippy with 'light messaging'

    Make SMS recipients' phones light up to signal your mood

    Phones 21 09:38

  • Dell demos Android-equipped netbook

    Just for fun, claims company blogger

    Hardware 21 09:43

  • Cisco settles open source case

    Show us yer source code

    Data Networking 21 09:47

  • ISS re-wee tech triumph heralds golden showers in orbit

    Astronauts to live on processed space rat piss

    Science 21 10:20

  • Undead deleted photos linger on social networking websites

    We're coming to embarrass you, Barbara!

    Security 21 10:21

  • CSC freezes UK pay


    The Channel 21 10:22

  • Skype pulls about-face, calls for interoperability

    Humble pie by the international water cooler

    VoIP 21 10:34

  • Designer dreams up handheld 3D Blu-ray camcorder

    Just a concept, sadly

    Hardware 21 10:48

  • OCZ ups peak SSD speeds with Summit line

    Hardware 21 10:48

  • Spielberg: Games consoles doomed

    PlayStation etc out, virtual reality in

    Games 21 10:54

  • European 'standard' e-car power connector details emerge

    Won't let drivers head off with the cable still in place

    Science 21 11:25

  • Stumbling Lenovo turns in record loss

    Fourth quarter was pants

    Hardware 21 11:38

  • Hack suspect challenges privacy of Palin emails

    Kernell lawyers mount maverick left field legal defence

    Law 21 11:42

  • Dedupe this: NetApp buying Data Domain

    Surprise deal obscures good results

    Storage 21 11:48

  • MSI Wind U115 Hybrid

    The first netbook with an SSD... and an HDD

    Laptops 21 12:02

  • Cisco stakes out 30 markets for IP world domination

    Zettabytes of cash to play with

    Data Networking 21 12:02

  • BitDefender launches 'suck it and see' free anti-virus scanner

    Cut-down software in consumer marketing push

    Security 21 12:18

  • Yahoo! to! buy! social! networking!

    Realises Google has more friends

    Applications 21 12:20

  • Geeks make least selfish lovers: Official

    Don't get it up as much as office workers, though

    Bootnotes 21 12:31

  • Nokias, BlackBerrys pay ultimate price for Brown gov

    Airborne handsets remembered in Commons

    Mobile 21 12:53

  • 6.5m vehicles to be tracked by 2012

    Rubber Duck, we know where you are

    Mobile 21 12:59

  • Little guy trampled in meaty WEEE overhaul

    Small computer outlets down in the dumps

    The Channel 21 13:04

  • Safe signals in Perl

    The new gotcha

    Developer 21 13:13

  • Panasonic pitches high-speed SDHC cards

    Class 10 rating

    Hardware 21 13:17

  • Queen given golden console

    Wii are not amused?

    Games 21 14:18

  • Brit hover barges, airships offered to Canadian oilfields

    Can Blighty beat the (partly) Canadian blimpcopter?

    Science 21 14:23

  • Now Google tracking follows you out of cyberspace

    Making your life easier by knowing what you're doing

    Mobile 21 14:27

  • Job losses hit C&W profits

    £8m bonuses all round

    Broadband 21 14:49

  • Conficker: Hold the funeral, it's not dead yet

    50,000 new Windows systems hit every day

    Security 21 14:54

  • Intel drags feet on Itanium quad-core (again)

    No Tukwila this Tuesday. Or even this year

    Servers 21 15:47

  • Apple seeks specialist for iPhone ARM upgrade

    Neon job posting

    Mobile 21 18:07

  • Twitter typosquatting site preys on gullible

    Well, duh

    Security 21 18:08

  • US lawmakers put Canada, Spain on piracy 'watch list'

    Axis of P2P-vil

    Media 21 18:58

  • Scrubbed geo-location data not so anonymous after all

    Your commute = your fingerprint

    Security 21 19:17

  • Microsoft IIS vuln played no role in server breach, uni says

    No in-the-wild attacks reported

    Security 21 21:58

  • Jobsian cult indoctrinates American children

    The Fanboi Youth

    Bootnotes 21 22:03

  • Governator revives anti-violent video game crusade

    Fears fate of young frontal lobes

    Media 21 22:21

  • DDoS attack chokes Chinese net surfing

    Five-province traffic jam

    Security 21 22:28

  • Google brands ebook monopoly critics 'shortsighted'

    Brin and his spin

    Media 21 22:46

  • IBM euthanizes aging Power gear

    Time to get younger

    Servers 21 22:58

  • NetApp says no one wants to buy NetApp

    Warmenhoven on who could, but won't

    Storage 21 23:04

  • Hitachi GST buying WD plant

    Malaysian media substrate swap

    Storage 21 23:09

  • Can Western Digital drives vary their spin speeds?

    That would be a no

    Storage 21 23:50

  • Hulu's web TV coming to the UK

    You happy now?

    Media 21 23:53