20th May 2009 Archive

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  • HP chops away sales slump in Q2

    Loss of hands helps firm land on feet

    Financial News 20 00:03

  • Hitachi gung-ho for Nehalem EP blades

    Mum on Itanium

    Servers 20 00:30

  • Yahoo! murders unborn Java smartphone app

    What is Yahoo! Mobile?

    Mobile 20 01:27

  • Rumor rubberizes iPhone 3.0

    Third Coming due July 17?

    Phones 20 01:33

  • Philips SPC1330NC

    90f/s webcam anyone?

    Hardware 20 08:02

  • Google News stumbles again

    World stops happening for 15 whole minutes

    Applications 20 08:51

  • Government rejects Lords' surveillance criticism

    Puts fingers in ears and goes "la la la"

    Government 20 08:55

  • Atmos cloud wafts up at EMC World

    Federate this

    Storage 20 09:17

  • Western Digital debuts 2TB power sipping drive

    New GreenPower unit for video and surveillance storage

    Storage 20 09:44

  • The Sun points bazookas at MoD killjoys

    Boobies to Big Brother

    Bootnotes 20 09:59

  • World's smallest, lighest camcorders unveiled

    Three camcorders, two manufacturers

    Hardware 20 10:20

  • Obama embarks on car emissions cutback

    Regulation aims for 30 per cent reduction by 2016

    Science 20 10:22

  • Apple touts tips to sidestep iPod earphone electric shocks

    Spark keeper

    Hardware 20 10:30

  • Billy Bragg: Three-strikes lobbying is 'shameful'

    Says FAC off to fan-punishing labels

    Media 20 10:39

  • Taxpayer coughs for AOL Connie's flat

    Well connected

    Government 20 10:42

  • Another 0.03% of Blighty goes wind powered

    The very fact this is news shows it isn't happening

    Science 20 10:48

  • Croats flock to support openly corrupt politician

    'All for me, nothing for you' message a hit with voters

    Bootnotes 20 11:17

  • Nokia's next-gen tablet OS uncovered?

    Maemo mole talks of 2010 release

    Phones 20 11:33

  • 3 has no place Like Home

    Tariff was 'promotional', you silly

    Mobile 20 11:34

  • More doubts on ID card readers

    Pointless project has no flicking point

    Government 20 11:38

  • HP OfficeJet Pro 8500 Wireless

    Colour laser killer?

    Hardware 20 12:02

  • Europe, Russia discuss 'orbital shipyard' plans

    ISS to be replaced by Mars-ship docking facility?

    Science 20 12:07

  • Ofcom freezes pay

    Could be worse

    Government 20 12:27

  • Vatican declares 'the internet is blessed'

    As Scots Bish says online relationships 'Profoundly sad'

    Bootnotes 20 12:31

  • Blu-ray brains create 3D taskforce

    Uniform 3D Blu-ray standard incoming

    Hardware 20 12:40

  • BT and 3 unite to fight mobile rate

    Unions, small biz reps and care workers pile on

    Mobile 20 13:04

  • ESA chooses British army officer as astronaut

    French space boss: 'A good man, even if he is a Brit'

    Science 20 13:09

  • Google: Let us keep search data or die

    You're all doomed

    Science 20 13:14

  • 'Chief whip' tweet suggests early general election

    Excites credulous blogosphere regardless of veracity

    Security 20 15:00

  • Ex-NebuAd staff target behavioural data via websites

    Titsup Phormalike UK team try again

    Broadband 20 15:08

  • Win an HTC Touch Diamond2!

    Get your mitts on the best iPhone botherer yet

    Site News 20 15:16

  • Asus France dooms 'flagship' Eee PC

    1000HE to be replaced by new machines

    Hardware 20 15:21

  • Dell designs 10in netbook for Bash Street

    Whizz For Atoms

    Hardware 20 15:21

  • HP's servers and storage hit a wall in Q2

    Global economy, legal entanglements to blame

    Servers 20 15:58

  • Palm Pre to sell like hot cakes, Sprint CEO proclaims

    Best to er, pre-order, says man familiar with the matter

    Mobile 20 16:03

  • Microsoft IIS hole fells university server

    Hackers find zero-day bug irresistible

    Security 20 17:17

  • Amazon juices Kindle iPhone app

    Lock and landscape mode

    Mobile 20 19:11

  • Craigslist sues South Carolina attorney general

    Seeks restraining order for 'erotic services' threat

    Media 20 19:15

  • Google accused of selling free clicks

    'Conversion inflation syndication fraud'

    Media 20 19:35

  • IBM goes live with Smart Cube appliance server

    The modern day AS/400

    Servers 20 21:04

  • Microsoft consumes Chicago data center

    If the container fits

    Servers 20 21:18

  • Adobe convenes 'Come to Jesus' meeting for buggy Reader app

    Flash left outside the tent

    Security 20 21:34

  • NetApp buys Data Domain for $1.5bn

    Will it dedupe the deduping?

    Storage 20 22:33

  • NZ Telecom in 'deep' with Apple

    iPhone rumored for XT Mobile

    Mobile 20 22:40

  • Google turns analytical engine inwards

    Oompa Loompas under the microscope

    Developer 20 22:43