18th May 2009 Archive

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  • Credit Management meets computer automation

    A necessary balancing act. A risky business

    Financial News 18 03:02

  • Hippus HandshoeMouse

    It's a saddle for your hand

    Hardware 18 08:02

  • Intel rattles sabre over AMD licence deal

    Processor giants get chippy

    Hardware 18 08:51

  • 'Bolt removal issue' hits Hubble spacewalk

    Stubborn handrail? Break it off

    Science 18 09:03

  • DARPA in useful, easily-achievable project shocker

    System likely to actually work: Sackings expected

    Science 18 09:50

  • Please kill this cookie monster to save Europe's websites

    Crummy cookie cutting law really takes the biscuit

    Law 18 10:02

  • Twitterer cuffed for provoking 'financial panic'

    Possible jail time for Guatemalan twittero

    Government 18 10:16

  • Boffin builds better display from... a cuttlefish

    Ultra low-power reflective display

    Hardware 18 10:33

  • ToysRus unleashes Devil's Whore on innocent kiddies

    Mephistophelean strumpet heads suggested kids' viewing

    Bootnotes 18 10:48

  • Beardie cuts Virgin Media stake

    Credit Suisse takes a shave

    Broadband 18 11:01

  • Green GT rolls out sexy e-supercar

    LMPE2011 set for race and road debuts

    Science 18 11:08

  • Microsoft promises summer lovin' for test heads

    Loses to Apple this autumn

    Microbite 18 11:14

  • Sony simplifies DSLR snapping

    Alpha trio unveiled, including 'world's lightest DSLR'

    Hardware 18 11:25

  • Facebook eliminates parts of Wales

    Welcome to Pontypridd, England

    Bootnotes 18 11:26

  • Canon LV-8300

    It is big, it is clever, it is portable

    Hardware 18 11:52

  • Hunt for MPs' expenses leaker hots up

    Damaging data flogged around Fleet Street

    Government 18 11:54

  • The ROI on hosted solutions

    Three papers get onto the cloud

    Applications 18 12:00

  • Red Hat throws business rules at IBM and Oracle

    Turns the JBoss advantage

    Developer 18 12:02

  • Office 2010 tech preview leaks onto interwebs

    Word up

    Applications 18 12:06

  • MSI cracks open 'Red Bull effect' laptop

    Boost button ups CPU performance, but won't give you wings

    Hardware 18 12:17

  • Bates: Cops to defy courts over return of indecent material

    Who really defines 'public interest'?

    Law 18 12:22

  • London cops extend virtual justice trial

    Trial of trial by video conferencing

    Law 18 12:25

  • Boeing to build prototype pulsed-microwave robomissile

    Fly-by sky fry

    Science 18 12:32

  • Chinese screw sex theme park

    'Vulgar' Love Land demolished

    Bootnotes 18 12:37

  • Franco had one ball: Official

    Monorchic European dictators: Part II

    Bootnotes 18 13:17

  • McAfee buys whitelisting firm Solidcore

    If you're not on the list, we're not going in

    Security 18 13:37

  • Nortel and BT ink enterprise deal

    Financial basketcases of the world unite

    The Channel 18 13:40

  • Patent app points to Xbox 360 Wiimote

    The Newton project's controller?

    Games 18 14:05

  • STEC wins Fujitsu for its SSDs

    A relationship for all ETERNUS

    Storage 18 14:27

  • University emails 'blocked from Hotmail'

    And BT. And Comcast. And Yahoo!

    Data Networking 18 14:28

  • Proliferating mobile app stores polish their windows

    Qualcomm opens up, Microsoft shares, Nokia gears up

    Mobile 18 14:54

  • AMD to imprint 'Caspian' laptop CPU at Computex?

    We'd really like to see the Fusion-class 'Llano'

    Hardware 18 15:40

  • The Great Spotify Mystery

    Part One: Who's really running this show?

    Media 18 15:46

  • Swivel-shed v polar stilt-scope in Big Bang boffinry clash

    Quest for the cosmic grav-wave afterglow 'gunsmoke'

    Science 18 15:50

  • Software pirate convicted of DMCA offences

    Unwisely punts pirate codes to US Marine Corp

    The Channel 18 16:14

  • Taking a first bite out of Wolfram Alpha

    The knowledge engine that knows the answer is 42

    Applications 18 16:28

  • Apple to look to software to differentiate multiple iPhone models

    Execs talk about 'segmentation by software'

    Phones 18 17:10

  • Microsoft IIS6 bug exposes sensitive files sans password

    Server pilfering made easy

    Security 18 17:42

  • Canonical hooks Ubuntu Landscape into Amazon EC2

    Pre-Koala cloud management

    Applications 18 17:54

  • Craigslist boss wants apology for 'erotic services' attack

    Fully-clothed person not erotic

    Media 18 18:10

  • Final Hubble spacewalk done and dusted

    Venerable 'scope in good shape

    Science 18 19:22

  • Amazon teaches cloud self-growth trick

    Automatic elasticity

    Servers 18 20:48

  • AT&T mulls cut-rate iPhone data plan

    $10 butter on Cupertino's bread

    Broadband 18 21:54

  • Sims 3 leaked two weeks before release

    Digital dollhouse bootleg

    Games 18 21:56

  • Sophos punts anti-virus for Klingons

    No more Betazoid sub-ether porn diallers

    Bootnotes 18 23:18