15th May 2009 Archive

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  • Microsoft yanks preferred status from Daddy Gates' old firm

    Thanks for the briefs

    Bootnotes 15 May 00:07

  • Deleted cloud rebuilds self from scratch

    FlexiScale fluffs Amazon rival

    Servers 15 May 00:17

  • Unsafe at any speed: Memcpy() banished in Redmond

    Larry? Steve? Linus?

    Security 15 May 00:39

  • Eurofighter Tranche 3: Oh please, God, no

    BAE and Brown stick it to taxpayers, troops again

    Government 15 May 07:02

  • Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition S8300

    Touchscreen, keypad and a killer camera, but where's the WiFi?

    Phones 15 May 08:02

  • HP hit by laptop recall

    Red hot kit

    Hardware 15 May 08:39

  • Google protects Colonel Sanders' privacy

    KFC off the menu on Street View

    Bootnotes 15 May 08:51

  • BakBone stretches into email management

    Fires up with ColdSpark

    Storage 15 May 09:01

  • Hubble packing shiny new camera

    Servicing mission proceeds apace

    Science 15 May 09:15

  • LG confirms 12Mp cameraphone

    Where Idou treds, LG follows

    Phones 15 May 09:48

  • Intel shows glimpse of 32-core Larrabee beast

    Has a larra, larra processing power

    Hardware 15 May 09:50

  • Ireland's 'most romantic man' is complete w*nker

    Craic'd one off while following women

    Bootnotes 15 May 09:59

  • Exclusive: Mitsubishi's iMiEV UK launch revealed

    Five-door e-car to land here in November

    Science 15 May 10:18

  • Computacenter: Life's not as bad as we thought

    Silver linings, green shoots

    The Channel 15 May 10:23

  • Entry-level Phenom II CPUs to launch in June

    Dual-core part to take on Core 2 Duo

    Hardware 15 May 10:58

  • Isilon filer guarantees 80 per cent utilisation

    Offers unique system up to 3.45PB at less than $1/GB

    Storage 15 May 11:11

  • BlackBerry Storm 2 spotted in wild

    Like the original only skinnier

    Phones 15 May 11:13

  • Solar-powered netbook spied in Spain

    Free power on the Costa Del Sol

    Hardware 15 May 11:18

  • Canadian Sex Party stands proud at polls

    Priapic politics - one in the eye for the New Puritans

    Government 15 May 11:23

  • Fujitsu Services shuts final salary pension scheme

    It's the final countdown

    Financial News 15 May 11:35

  • Mozilla marks June for Firefox 3.5 release candidate

    Code freeze expected next week

    Applications 15 May 11:36

  • USAF raygun boffins clocking planet-buster asteroid threats

    Really, Really Distant Early Warning line in Hawaii

    Science 15 May 11:48

  • Malware infested MPs' PCs inflate leak risk

    Four in five Parliamentary machines pwned in last year

    Security 15 May 12:04

  • Organised crime cops seek international hacking powers

    Euro-cops could offshore hacking work - to UK

    Law 15 May 12:11

  • Samsung etches tiny mechanical shutter for cameraphones

    Will end blurred snaps, video, firm claims

    Hardware 15 May 12:30

  • Acer to launch Gateway-branded netbook this year

    But needs to launch its desktops and notebooks first

    Hardware 15 May 12:35

  • Mac update has 3D issues with VMware Fusion, ATI card

    Maybe it needs some of those special glasses

    Hardware 15 May 12:37

  • New script outstrips all other drive-by download risks

    Major malicious domo

    Security 15 May 13:03

  • Archaeologists unearth oldest known 3D pornography

    German cavemen carved jubtabulous mammoth-tusk lady

    Bootnotes 15 May 13:07

  • UK tech quango eyes 10Gbit broadband

    £1m funding leg-up for researchers

    Broadband 15 May 13:29

  • Tony Hawk prepping skateboard gaming peripheral?

    Video points to high-tech skateboard

    Games 15 May 14:11

  • Canon EOS 500D

    DSLR with HD video trimmings, but has Canon sliced off too much?

    Hardware 15 May 14:18

  • Banned US shock-jock demands Clinton intervention

    Savage goes cap in hand to 'fraudulent huckster' over Blighty snub

    Media 15 May 14:19

  • Acer readies HD netbook

    720p screen, H.264 decode chip, mini optical drive on board

    Hardware 15 May 14:46

  • The V-Max dust is settling

    How will EMC's competition respond?

    Storage 15 May 15:07

  • EU selects satellite broadband providers

    But will blighty get covered?

    Mobile 15 May 15:13

  • Mickey Rourke to star in Mona Lisa rehash

    'It's a diabolical liberty', Part III

    Bootnotes 15 May 15:14

  • Sony, Nintendo: release your next-gen handhelds now

    Sooner they do, the faster sales will climb, forecasts analyst

    Games 15 May 15:21

  • Asus to slash retail Eee PC line-up

    'Luxury' and 9in models for the chop?

    Hardware 15 May 15:22

  • Facebook users warned over renewed phishing assault

    As Gray Lady's fashion blog gets pwned

    Security 15 May 15:38

  • Emulex rebuffs Broadcom's advances again

    Naff off. Or come back with more cash

    Storage 15 May 15:53

  • White House confiscates hack's handset


    Phones 15 May 17:02

  • D-Link exposes WiFi routers with new 'security feature'

    It's not a lock. It's a key

    Security 15 May 18:31

  • Atlantis crews begins second Hubble spacewalk

    Fresh set of gyros and battery swap

    Science 15 May 18:34

  • Google trademark grab defies mounting lawsuits

    Court costs no match for money machine?

    Media 15 May 19:58

  • Microsoft's JavaScript strategy hurting IE 8?

    A total-package decision

    Applications 15 May 20:03

  • IBM supers shun nukes for biz analytics

    BAO. It's the next ERP

    Servers 15 May 21:09

  • Hacked flight sim site in catastrophic crash and burn

    Avsim, RIP

    Security 15 May 21:30

  • Take-Two sues over death of Duke Nukem Forever

    'Nobody steals our checks... and lives!'

    Games 15 May 21:33

  • Ocarina dedupes better than NetApp

    Says commissioned Swiss tester

    Storage 15 May 21:57

  • Dell taps VIA Nano chips for custom mini-servers

    Keeping hosters happy

    Servers 15 May 22:10