14th May 2009 Archive

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  • Town OKs Jobsian tear-down

    Steve's house ripe for demolition

    Bootnotes 14 00:24

  • Adobe plagued by 16-month-old XSS bug

    Not to mention banks and ecommerce sites

    Security 14 00:40

  • Google money machine all cranked out?

    Paid click shrinkage

    Media 14 01:10

  • MySQL daddy seeks post-Sun Oracle independence

    Preempts the diaspora

    Applications 14 05:12

  • MPs: end Police's music clampdown

    Scrap Form 696, says culture committee

    Media 14 07:08

  • Vodafone gives up on roaming charges

    No never, no more - till September

    Mobile 14 07:11

  • Motorola waves in gesture-sensitive phone

    Shake to activate

    Phones 14 07:32

  • Massed x86 ranks 'blowing away' supercomputer monoliths

    Dell pitches modular parallel processors

    HPC 14 08:02

  • EZY Technologies MyXerver MX3600

    Low cost NAS box that doesn't skimp on features

    Hardware 14 08:02

  • Another 15,000 jobs to go at BT

    One in ten to be shown door

    Broadband 14 08:22

  • Atlantis grapples Hubble

    First chance to stretch space legs today, too

    Science 14 08:52

  • TDK readies netbook-friendly SSD series

    Cheap enough to oust the 160GB HDD 'standard'?

    Hardware 14 08:55

  • Home Sec: No more funds to e-crime unit

    Cybercrumbs from the table

    Security 14 09:13

  • Astronaut Twitters from orbit

    'One small tweet for man', etc etc

    Science 14 09:39

  • E-car supplier demos battery swap-shop

    Recharged In 60 Seconds, or thereabouts

    Science 14 09:43

  • Toshiba first with half-a-terabyte SSD laptop

    512 solid-state gigabytes on board and ready to buy now

    Hardware 14 09:48

  • eBay wins French luxury counterfeit case

    Piracy measures good enough

    Law 14 10:04

  • DARPA working on inertial-nav 'Smart Boot' tech

    Truly kick-ass precision strike at last

    Science 14 10:10

  • Sony pooh-poohs PS3 redesign claims

    It would, though, wouldn't it?

    Games 14 10:12

  • Street View forced to reshoot Japan

    Lowers its sights following complaint tsunami

    Bootnotes 14 10:22

  • Outgoing info chief predicts data collection downturn

    Suggests UK.gov use uberdatabases as comfort blankets

    Government 14 10:23

  • Creating portals with Office Sharepoint

    Whitepapers for collaborators

    Applications 14 10:25

  • AMD heralds gigahertz graphics card

    Notable engineering feat, company boasts

    Hardware 14 10:28

  • Telstra bins UK support staff

    Support team will phone it in from Bangalore

    Broadband 14 10:29

  • Daydreaming? You're actually solving complex problems

    At last - a scientific excuse for workplace indolence

    Science 14 10:53

  • Expenses row MPs warned to change cash card PINs

    This Bank of Taxpayer cash machine is now closed

    Security 14 11:01

  • Yorkshire boozer establishes 'smoking research centre'

    Barnsley Council unimpressed by gasper ban dodge

    Bootnotes 14 11:04

  • Google makes breaking up with Hotmail, Yahoo! easy to do

    Bats lashes with contacts, email tool

    Applications 14 11:10

  • Airline websites forced to clean up

    Over 100 airlines fix misleading bits

    Law 14 11:28

  • Carter's right-hand man lays out spectrum plan

    4Mb/sec: The Meek shall interpret the worth

    Data Networking 14 11:31

  • 'Made in Britain' PMP takes on California-designed, China-made iPod Nano

    Blighty's own media player

    Hardware 14 11:50

  • McKinnon supporters petition Downing Street

    Autistic Society weighs in

    Government 14 11:51

  • iPhone users to walk and read at same time

    Dogs, kids, manholes protected from captivated users

    Mobile 14 11:52

  • Acer Timeline 4810T

    A Core 2 Duo laptop with an eight-hour battery life? You bet

    Laptops 14 12:02

  • Ex-OLPC security man rocks up at Apple

    Cupertino knits Krstic into security blanket

    Security 14 12:54

  • Herschel and Planck safely away

    Euro twin 'scope launch runs on rails

    Science 14 13:18

  • UK.gov international net clean-up plan gathers dust

    Burnham lacks friends in Washington

    Government 14 13:19

  • SOCA: Cons' consoles causing crime

    Banged-up bosses using games machines to run crime empires

    Games 14 14:15

  • Beeb tech boss seeks to expand TV licence online

    iPlayer? Cough up

    Media 14 14:16

  • Wi-Fi finds its way into park bench

    Designer sketches solar-powered urban wireless seat

    Hardware 14 14:21

  • Slimline PS3 pictures surface

    Factory shots, allegedly

    Games 14 14:34

  • Index wants to play Nasdaq with spectrum

    The value of arbitrary delineations of intangibles can go down, as well as up

    Broadband 14 14:54

  • Europeans go ga-ga over virtual servers

    Watch out for that Virtualisation Whiplash

    Storage 14 15:22

  • Intel wants Medfield in smart phones

    New handheld device chip to storm ashore in mobiles

    Hardware 14 15:42

  • Intel turns software barrow boy

    Launches biz exchange website aimed at SMBs

    Storage 14 15:59

  • Google suffers international outages, slowdowns

    Gmail, News, Calendar, AdSense, Search, Analytics...

    Media 14 17:22

  • Google, Microsoft plug teens into tech

    Talk tot talent

    Bootnotes 14 17:43

  • Microsoft preps for open-source cloud apps

    PHP gets Azure tinge

    Developer 14 18:09

  • Hacker claims whaling expedition harpooned Steve Jobs

    Alleged Amazon account access

    Security 14 18:27

  • Viral web infection siphons ad dollars from Google

    Only getting bigger

    Security 14 20:49

  • Sony loses $1bn in 2008

    First annual loss in 14 years

    Financial News 14 20:54

  • Quadrics co-founder jumps to Cray

    The old-boy interconnection network

    HPC 14 22:05

  • Next Ubuntu alpha reveals video change

    Star performer

    Operating Systems 14 22:09

  • Verizon hangs 3G contract on HP netbook

    $199.99 and two years of your soul

    Broadband 14 22:15

  • NEC abandons Japan's 'next-gen' supercomputer

    Can't afford the petaflops

    HPC 14 22:19

  • FTC drops Rambus 'patent ambush' claims

    Seven year legal battle is over

    The Channel 14 22:33