13th May 2009 Archive

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  • Intel's Otellini plots little growth path

    Bigs bucks from small stuff

    Business 13 May 01:22

  • Google crossbreeds search with spreadsheet

    Semantic squares

    Media 13 May 04:51

  • LaCie's xbig products get bigger

    Bulked-up to 10TB

    Storage 13 May 06:02

  • Nvidia punts 3D into Europe

    The GeForce 3D Vision kit for games, films and photos

    Hardware 13 May 07:02

  • iRiver P7 8GB portable media player

    Playing to win?

    Hardware 13 May 08:02

  • Intel cuts ribbon on research lab

    Graphic depiction of the future

    Hardware 13 May 08:48

  • Gov 'smart meter' plans: Sky box in charge of your house

    Smart for energy companies, crippled for users

    Science 13 May 09:02

  • Google faces trade mark class action over AdWords

    Firepond looks for help melting Chocolate Factory

    CIO 13 May 09:04

  • ICO voices concern over creaking data protection law

    Data Protection Directive approaching 15th birthday

    Law 13 May 09:17

  • Herschel and Planck off to meet Lagrange

    European twin 'scope launch tomorrow

    Science 13 May 09:35

  • Apple releases OS X 10.5.7 update

    Squeezes Leopard's spots

    Operating Systems 13 May 09:37

  • Raygun 747 to fight 'one-off' tag with twin '09 missile fryings

    Energy cannon reload fills two cargo planes

    Science 13 May 09:44

  • Kanye West doesn't have a f***ing Twitter, OK?

    Short-fused hip hop star in all-caps microblog bitchslap

    Bootnotes 13 May 10:02

  • Intel hit with largest ever EU fine

    Millions harmed by chip giant's behaviour

    Hardware 13 May 10:10

  • Patches bring zero-day relief from PDF and PowerPoint flaws


    Security 13 May 10:13

  • Apple prepping 32GB iPhone 3.0?

    Alleged specs indicate 3.2Mp camera and 600MHz CPU

    Phones 13 May 10:19

  • Electric racer hits the track

    Solar cells and lithium-ion battery packs

    Science 13 May 10:42

  • Sign up for The Register Agile Data Centre Summit

    Power to the people

    Servers 13 May 10:44

  • HBA duopoly blown away by 10gigE

    Emulex, Mellanox get converged networking pot bubbling

    Storage 13 May 10:46

  • Qualcomm ponies up half mill prize cash

    May the best business model win

    Mobile 13 May 10:51

  • Zune phone specs spied

    Nailed down data - or Microsoft wish list?

    Phones 13 May 10:55

  • Intel to appeal EU fine

    They don't like it up 'em

    Hardware 13 May 10:57

  • New service seeks to monetise microwaffling

    Twittery profit? Say it isn't so!

    Mobile 13 May 11:18

  • Virgin Media to add 500k homes to cable network

    Because it's worth it

    Broadband 13 May 11:32

  • Could Sadville break the internet with nakedness?

    Look out - it's the virtual moral majority

    Broadband 13 May 11:32

  • Mio tunes into TV satnavs

    A world's first, apparently

    Science 13 May 11:56

  • VeriChip shaves 3mm off human RFID chips

    No doubt allaying users' fears at a stroke

    Broadband 13 May 12:00

  • Intel Xeon W5580 workstation desktop processor

    Worth sticking in your PC?

    Hardware 13 May 12:02

  • EU case relies on dodgy evidence: says Intel

    War of words heats up

    The Channel 13 May 12:30

  • Netbook demand dropped 26% in Q1

    But decline matched industry average

    Hardware 13 May 12:46

  • Jail for Hong Kong techie who exposed stars' sex snaps

    Eight months hard time

    Bootnotes 13 May 12:47

  • US airforce looking at winged-rocket booster 'X-plane'

    'VTHL': Cheaper than disposables, proper spaceplanes

    Science 13 May 12:48

  • Microsoft slings out Office 2010 technical preview

    Testy fingers at the ready

    Applications 13 May 13:15

  • HDS adds CommVault dedupe

    Heading towards unified storage arrays

    Storage 13 May 13:40

  • Pirate Win 7 ruse used to build botnet

    Zombie torrent

    Security 13 May 13:43

  • Government appoints Twittercrat

    Fresh old face for PR 2.0

    Government 13 May 13:55

  • Google inks biggest ever apps deal

    It's a giant cloud, as big as a cloud

    Applications 13 May 13:58

  • Debbie Gibson battles Mega Shark and Giant Octopus

    Sci-fi romp trailer flashes big teeth and tentacles

    Bootnotes 13 May 14:17

  • Intel's record fine will lead to civil suits, says expert

    €1.06bn fine could just be the start

    Hardware 13 May 14:41

  • Watchdog bans Natasha Richardson ski helmet ad

    Email punt 'insensitive', ASA rules

    Bootnotes 13 May 14:47

  • MSI pushes skinny MacBook Air-like laptops

    One a notebook, the other a netbook

    Hardware 13 May 14:56

  • Atlantis creeps up on Hubble

    Engineers examine images of 'minor' shuttle damage

    Science 13 May 15:25

  • Seagate slashes more jobs

    1,100 sacrifices for $125m annual savings

    Storage 13 May 15:26

  • Oracle buys Virtual Iron

    Pocket change for some Xen experts

    Virtualization 13 May 15:56

  • Lombardi re-thinks the cloud model

    Bugs trapped in time

    Developer 13 May 17:31

  • Cyber attack could bring US military response

    No options removed from table

    Security 13 May 17:54

  • Craigslist shutters 'erotic services' section

    Pressure gets to Buckmaster

    Media 13 May 18:40

  • Otellini questions EU logic

    'No consumers harmed'

    Hardware 13 May 18:48

  • Snow Leopard, Jobs to miss Apple geekfest

    What'd you expect?

    Operating Systems 13 May 18:48

  • P2P study: Music crackdown is bad for business

    Music biz throwing away cash

    Media 13 May 19:09

  • Ubuntu fluffs web file-synchronization service

    Battles Microsoft off desktop

    Operating Systems 13 May 20:00

  • Russia raises fare for NASA's Soyuz rocket rides

    ISS round trip rates skyrocke...

    Science 13 May 20:36

  • Fanbois squeal over Mac OS X upgrade

    Per usual

    Hardware 13 May 20:42

  • AMD: 'The dog didn't eat Otellini's homework'

    Moore's Red Herring

    Hardware 13 May 22:25

  • IBM puts future profits in the bag

    2009 and 2010 a done deal, thanks

    Financial News 13 May 22:37

  • Nokia cuts Ovi fluff

    Media package put out to pasture

    Media 13 May 22:43

  • Google openness is a closed door

    Open source versus an open mind

    Media 13 May 22:50

  • Microsoft slapped for Windows-only Office patch

    Mac patch on the way

    Security 13 May 23:02

  • Fujitsu takes trip to Venus

    The octocore Sparc64

    Servers 13 May 23:15