8th May 2009 Archive

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  • Early Sun middleware fans seek Oracle refuge

    Time to dump this junk

    Developer 08 00:01

  • Microsoft buys hot-shot Xbox dev team

    A walk in the Big Park

    Games 08 06:00

  • Ocarina turns detective with extended online dedupe

    New tune for NAS vendors

    Storage 08 06:02

  • UK gov squeezes 'best pricing' pledge from MS

    One licence for all our rulers

    The Channel 08 06:42

  • EU calls for tougher data laws

    Sieve-like UK.gov surprisingly unenthusiastic

    Law 08 07:02

  • DVLA issues double tax discs

    Two-for-one tax discs from Swansea? Lovely

    Government 08 07:52

  • Coyote Systems Mini Coyote

    Speed camera show and tell

    Science 08 08:02

  • Electronics giants raise ruckus over Project Canvas

    Free? Open? We can't allow that...

    Media 08 08:02

  • Carphone Warehouse buys Tiscali UK

    Hammer down on world's most tedious auction

    Broadband 08 08:50

  • US Forces 'black' budget = 2nd biggest military on Earth

    Secret space programme bigger than NASA

    Government 08 09:13

  • Next Grand Theft Auto to reward good behaviour?

    But more seductive, the Dark Side is

    Games 08 09:36

  • Palm Pré to launch right ahead of iPhone 3.0?

    Sprint aiming for 5 June launch

    Phones 08 09:44

  • NASA sticks to 2010 shuttle retirement

    Fleet will shuttle off this mortal coil on schedule

    Science 08 10:25

  • Google's email goes titsup (again)


    Applications 08 10:26

  • Eight Scots convicted of child abuse charges

    Broken computer revealed conspiracy

    Law 08 10:30

  • Too much sunshine makes you commit suicide

    Hello darkness, my old friend

    Science 08 10:43

  • Researchers release Win 7 rootkit exploit code

    Should we? Shouldn't we? Oh, go on then...

    Security 08 10:47

  • Panasonic knocks $20,000 off enormo plasma telly's price

    Now only £325 an inch

    Hardware 08 10:49

  • Sikh coppers request bulletproof turbans

    'Ballistic material' would allow firearms unit role

    Bootnotes 08 10:51

  • Oompa-Loompa v Tinky Winky: Shock scrap pic

    Exclusive snap of mindless fancy dress violence

    Bootnotes 08 11:02

  • Three short papers about SQL Server

    I'll name that instance in one

    Applications 08 11:13

  • Atlantis set for Monday lift-off

    Hubble servicing mission good to go

    Science 08 11:22

  • PSP phone could happen, says Sony Ericsson chief

    But not that it will happen

    Phones 08 11:34

  • Open Office 3.1 hits Malta, Myanmar and Papua New Guinea

    The rest of us can download it too

    Applications 08 11:42

  • Ireland bucks trend with anti-blasphemy law

    Protection for the pious cometh, and that right soon?

    Law 08 11:43

  • Clickfree creates credit card-sized external SSD

    Not accepted in shops or restaurants

    Hardware 08 11:56

  • Acer Aspire One 751

    Netbook with an 11.6in, HD screen

    Laptops 08 11:56

  • Black hole swallows Barbarella rehash

    Blame Thank the Germans

    Bootnotes 08 12:20

  • Larry Ellison: SPARC buy means we're just like Apple

    Pledges heart to Sun hardware in canned Q&A

    The Channel 08 12:34

  • Call for heads to roll over failed spook IT system

    'Appalling' intelligence project roasted

    Government 08 12:37

  • Solar gadget keeps you cool

    ...and your conscience clear

    Hardware 08 13:47

  • US prof says 'bioelectric' cars much better than biofuel

    Still trying to run modern society by burning crops

    Science 08 14:38

  • US job cuts slow in April

    Light at end of tunnel may not be a train, for once

    Financial News 08 14:47

  • Arnie pops up in Terminator Salvation

    'Brought a smile to my face', says early reviewer

    Bootnotes 08 15:04

  • Sun sale: Pillar checks itself

    Knocking for opportunities as Oracle opens wallet

    The Channel 08 15:42

  • XSS flaws poke ridicule at entertainment industry

    MPAA spanked by Pirate Bay backlash

    Security 08 15:48

  • Plod called in on MPs' expenses leak

    Westminster Whack-a-mole

    Government 08 16:00

  • Sphinx - text search The Pirate Bay way

    Like MySQL. But it can scale

    Developer 08 16:02

  • Microsoft’s Silverlight 3 delivers decent alternative to Adobe

    A difficult act to swallow

    Developer 08 16:13

  • Renault-Nissan signs Singapore e-car deal

    And tells UK govt to get serious about EVs - or else...

    Science 08 16:43

  • Sun shareholders act to block Oracle deal

    Things turn litigious

    Financial News 08 17:49

  • No sacred cows in NASA spaceflight review, chairman says

    Next-gen rockets included

    Science 08 18:04

  • Voltaire's sales plummet in Q1

    HPC takes a hit, thanks to Nehalem

    Financial News 08 18:07

  • Hulu recognizes Blighty existence

    Warning: This story for Americans only

    Media 08 19:59

  • Apple bars 2.0 code from App Store

    iPhone 3.0 or nothing

    Mobile 08 20:02

  • Sun: 'We may have violated bribery laws'

    The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

    Business 08 20:24

  • Oracle 'faster, cheaper' with VMware

    Avoid the RAC Tax

    Applications 08 20:36

  • Site schools world+dog in browsing history pilfering

    A defect as old as the web

    Security 08 21:42

  • US states mulling Google book-scan pact

    Trailing the DoJ?

    Media 08 21:43

  • iPhone compass evidence surfaces

    Go west, young man

    Phones 08 21:52