7th May 2009 Archive

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  • Google data center takes leak on God's green earth

    EPA probes refrigerant spill

    Bootnotes 07 00:01

  • US air traffic faces 'serious harm' from cyber attackers

    When. Not if

    Security 07 00:13

  • AMD merges processor and graphics biz

    ATI finally allowed into the house

    Hardware 07 00:19

  • Microsoft's new search - Built on open-source

    With Kumo, you get cancer

    Software 07 00:46

  • Cisco profits drop, spirits rise

    Hello video & sports, g'bye HP

    Financial News 07 00:53

  • Aussie censors implement six degrees of separation policy

    Links to links now banned

    Law 07 05:02

  • Disk platter sizes vary with drive speeds

    Faster speeds equal small platters

    Storage 07 07:02

  • Asus Eee Box B206

    HDMI-equipped budget media centre

    Hardware 07 08:02

  • Intel playing virtual silly buggers

    Potential 'Vista Capable' disaster all over again

    Hardware 07 08:02

  • Home Office to keep innocent DNA samples

    Hey, it's only for 12 years

    Law 07 08:55

  • Carphone and Best Buy shrink store plans

    Fewer shops less soon

    The Channel 07 09:11

  • Science tests for 11-year-olds to be scrapped

    Corduroys would prefer no tests or league tables at all

    Science 07 09:19

  • Intellectual Property Office approves software patent for UK

    More than just a program, apparently

    Software 07 10:00

  • Asus updates Eee 1002HA processor

    Eee 1002HAE born

    Hardware 07 10:13

  • Dell to launch Android netbooks

    So says PC giant's software porting partners

    Hardware 07 10:18

  • UK spectrum map uncovers mysterious emissions in Cumbria

    Not much going on in Scotland though

    Mobile 07 10:23

  • English vocab poised to hit 1m words

    Dictionary swelling by one neologism every 98 minutes

    Bootnotes 07 10:29

  • Exam bosses target faster cheat takedowns

    ISPs tapped for emergency copyright hotlines

    Broadband 07 10:37

  • Duke Nukem Forever developer defunct, says staffer

    From vapourware to nowhere?

    Games 07 11:00

  • Blu-ray Disc player sales on the up

    But many punters still waiting for further price cuts

    Hardware 07 11:07

  • Wacky telly firm unveils me-too netbook

    Hannspree's Hannsnote hannounced

    Hardware 07 11:14

  • An unthinking programmer's guide to the new C++

    Raising the standard

    Developer 07 11:16

  • RFID goes Underground

    30,000 tags stepping up serviceability on tube

    Broadband 07 11:21

  • Missile data, medical records found on discarded hard disks

    Study finds all manner of stuff on eBay

    Security 07 11:28

  • eBay says Skype worth $2bn

    Less than you paid for it then?

    VoIP 07 11:29

  • AMD ATI Radeon HD 4770 40nm GPU

    Can a budget graphics card really be this fast?

    Hardware 07 12:02

  • 2060: Humvee-sized, bulletproof meat-eating spiders attack

    Armoured arctic arachnids, the big-game hunter's dream

    Science 07 12:11

  • Mozilla mauls Microsoft on IE, Windows 7 bundle

    Can we have a spoonful of sugar with that?

    Operating Systems 07 12:17

  • Kent council plans giant 'Hollywood' erection

    Welcome to MEDWAY

    Bootnotes 07 12:17

  • Telecom NZ dodges Vodafone wrath

    Delays network launch, hands back spat dummy

    Mobile 07 12:29

  • Microsoft crimps products after second wave of job cuts

    Slice, dice and mince it up

    The Channel 07 12:37

  • Vatican damns Angels and Demons as 'quite harmless'

    Will lack of condemnation mean box-office purgatory?

    Bootnotes 07 12:37

  • Google buffs Chrome with security update

    Silent patch fixes bug brace

    Security 07 12:45

  • Curl goes outside browser for Silverlight fight

    User control override

    Developer 07 13:02

  • Google extends controversial trade mark purchasing policy

    Rivals' names buyable as ad keywords in 194 countries

    Media 07 13:27

  • Nintendo financials reveal impressive Wii, DS sales

    Wii sales surpass 50m

    Games 07 13:40

  • T-Mobile replaces Compact IV with... Compact V

    Rebranded HTC Touch Diamond 2

    Phones 07 13:47

  • Renault intros e-MPV

    be bop concept nears production

    Science 07 14:09

  • Symantec hit by massive goodwill impairment

    Okay-ish financial numbers otherwise

    Financial News 07 14:11

  • Google: Make newspapers more like Wikipedia

    Wire creator: No, don't

    Government 07 14:17

  • Moblin 2.0 Linux goes alpha (again)

    Novell jumps aboard the bandwagon

    Operating Systems 07 15:17

  • Activision spins out DJ Hero

    Master the decks, with three coloured buttons

    Games 07 15:29

  • Louis Vuitton launches hi-tech... suitcase

    Equipped with everything from solar panels to TVs

    Hardware 07 15:37

  • DARPA to develop anti-Credit Crunch software

    Ain't no more horses gettin' outa that stable

    Applications 07 15:38

  • Zen and the Art of Laptop Battery Maintenance

    Keep your notebook or netbook's power pack in tune

    Hardware 07 16:02

  • Windows Storage Server boosted, killed and resurrected

    Folded back into Windows Server

    Storage 07 16:15

  • Microsoft teams up with US gov on double 'ard XP

    More secure config open to all. Ish

    Operating Systems 07 17:59

  • Microsoft rebrands WGA nagware for Windows 7

    This is not an alert

    Operating Systems 07 18:21

  • Google auto-links YouTube, Google accounts

    The expanding eyeball

    Media 07 18:25

  • US braces for 'bio-Katrina'

    Security appointee talks tough

    Security 07 18:54

  • Citrix XenServer 5.5 cleared for June landing

    Encircling vSphere

    Virtualization 07 19:04

  • Apple spooked by white powder

    Hazmat alert clears Infinite Loopers

    Bootnotes 07 20:37

  • Irish Wikifiddler hoaxes worldwide journos

    Wikipedia: 'Just another mainstream news medium'

    Networks 07 21:45

  • Data-sniffing attack costs Heartland $12.6m

    Credit card processor promises end-to-end encryption

    Security 07 22:16

  • Google confirms FTC probe over Apple ties

    Schmidt won't resign Jobsian board

    Media 07 23:14

  • Microsoft to patch 'critical' PowerPoint hole

    Zero-day relief expected

    Security 07 23:18

  • Nvidia staggers off the mat

    Revenues up/down

    Financial News 07 23:24

  • Sudden exit for SugarCRM co-founder and CEO

    Open source and cloud no guarantee of success

    Applications 07 23:55