5th May 2009 Archive

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  • Microsoft challenges IBM to Websphere duel

    Big Blue amused

    Developer 05 May 00:03

  • LexisNexis says credit card fraudsters used its data

    Belated notice to 32,000

    Security 05 May 00:09

  • Permabit archives your bulk data

    Very scalable. Very, very protected

    Storage 05 May 00:29

  • EU urges US to drop ICANN

    G12-like oversight, please

    Government 05 May 00:31

  • IBM fires WebSphere CloudBurst at McKinsey heretics

    Iron rainmaker machine

    Servers 05 May 00:50

  • Sir Alan Sugar hails £30m 'equitable' Viglen win

    Public sector bonanza

    Government 05 May 07:39

  • Lexmark T650DN mono workgroup laser printer

    Low cost, good; low paper capacity, bad

    Hardware 05 May 08:02

  • VIP, JDI pick up Acer franchises

    Server push

    The Channel 05 May 08:05

  • Apple and Google fingered in monopoly probe

    In the Schmidt

    Financial News 05 May 08:30

  • Disk drive manufacturers re-hiring in Thailand

    Anyone predicting recovery? Yes, Siam...

    Storage 05 May 08:47

  • Atomsmasher boffins probe duff whisky deluge

    Mm, yes, that one's fake too. Put it in my desk

    Science 05 May 08:50

  • SSL encryption and the Ghost of Windows Past

    Three papers about security

    Security 05 May 09:03

  • Seagate to 'shut US plants'

    1000 jobs at risk

    Financial News 05 May 09:09

  • Oompa-Loompa and Tinky Winky cuffed for drunken brawl

    Spiderman also weighs into holiday camp scrap

    Bootnotes 05 May 09:23

  • UK's national grid 'ready' for e-car expansion

    Lights won't go out when 3m EVs charge up

    Science 05 May 09:43

  • RIM confirms Storm 2

    Fingers crossed for Wi-Fi

    Phones 05 May 09:48

  • EMC scuppers Donatelli's HP switch

    Massachusetts court says 'Hang on a minute'

    The Channel 05 May 09:48

  • Crimestoppers benefits from recession-hit grasses

    Hard times mean no honour among thieves

    Security 05 May 10:01

  • GCHQ: Mastering the Media

    Spy agency in public equivocation shocker

    Government 05 May 10:30

  • No 'next gen' consoles until 2013, analyst claims

    But HD Wii may land next year

    Games 05 May 10:30

  • Pilots plot air raid on Jacqui over ID cards

    Compulsory cards not fair

    Government 05 May 10:32

  • Apple drives iPhone app developers to the brink

    Could pay, will pay. Just not right now

    Mobile 05 May 10:36

  • HTC's third Android spied online

    First came the G1, third could be the G3

    Phones 05 May 11:15

  • Kebabs pose 'no danger whatsoever', Russians claim

    Another Pravda body-blow to 'insane' veggies

    Bootnotes 05 May 11:17

  • Asus intros Air-style U series

    12, 13, 14 and 15in screen options

    Hardware 05 May 11:26

  • Obama declares war on Ireland over tech tax avoidance

    India not mentioned this time round

    Financial News 05 May 11:28

  • Investigation into Mafia control of Italian windfarm biz

    In Sicily, even the wind turbines are silent

    Science 05 May 11:32

  • Chinese officials obliged to smoke 4.6m snouts

    Obvious market niche for Mao's little red matchbook

    Bootnotes 05 May 11:42

  • Further funding flung at Fring

    Only another $10m or so

    Mobile 05 May 11:50

  • Pioneer BDR-203BK

    The essential desktop upgrade?

    Hardware 05 May 12:02

  • Sage workers braced for job cuts

    Announcement expected tomorrow

    The Channel 05 May 12:02

  • Virgin Media cool on cable wholesale plans

    As you were

    Broadband 05 May 12:32

  • Ron Howard accuses Pope of scuppering Dan Brown movie

    Vatican condemns director for bad faith publicity grab

    Bootnotes 05 May 12:54

  • UK fines for IP infringement to rocket

    More to cough up for copyright crimes

    Law 05 May 13:15

  • Apple buying Twitter!

    Elvis buying groceries!

    Financial News 05 May 13:34

  • IBM Warwick data centre has a lie down

    Zonked by power outage, failed generator, lengthy restart

    Servers 05 May 13:36

  • eBay driving world's tomb raiders out of business, says prof

    Online fools' lust for forged tat stymies looters

    Security 05 May 13:46

  • Apple brands UK tabloid 'obscene'

    More iBoob action? Cor!

    Mobile 05 May 14:46

  • Apple bans Page 3 from iPhone app

    But firmware 3.0 may see Sun return

    Phones 05 May 14:51

  • French lead world in eating and sleeping

    In bed when not stuffing their faces

    Bootnotes 05 May 14:54

  • Upcoming 'Gemini' BlackBerry Curve not 3G after all


    Phones 05 May 15:01

  • Ballmer email kicks off second round of Microsoft layoffs

    Waves goodbye to pink slippers

    The Channel 05 May 15:07

  • Broadcom aims big guns at Emulex

    Resorts to rough wooing

    Storage 05 May 15:26

  • Itanium: 'A special cause for optimism'

    Stop laughing - there was growth in 2008

    Servers 05 May 16:00

  • IBM buys Greek word for 'tracker '

    Exeros: The database matchmaker

    Applications 05 May 17:52

  • Google woos BlackBerries with Apps connector

    Exchange your Exchange

    Mobile 05 May 17:57

  • Microsoft: Don't rush to download Windows 7 RC

    Take it slow, like Vista

    The Channel 05 May 18:08

  • Citrix plunks NetScaler into virtual machines

    Adds Dazzle

    Virtualization 05 May 18:58

  • Hackers demand $10m ransom for Virginia medical data

    8.3 million records held hostage

    Security 05 May 19:02

  • Juniper punts 'next-gen' network hardware

    Unified field theory

    Data Networking 05 May 19:09

  • Turkey's YouTube blackout enters year two

    Much ado about Ataturk

    Media 05 May 19:48

  • Intel animates Data Center Manager

    Power throttling for Nehalem boxen

    Servers 05 May 20:47

  • Big Blue bows to Zeus

    STEC SSDs for storage and servers

    Storage 05 May 21:54

  • Sun's Amber Road traffic picks up

    800 customers and counting

    Storage 05 May 21:55

  • Rackable serves up $13.4m in losses

    Bad news gets better

    Financial News 05 May 22:12

  • Apple prepping 3G laptops?

    Job postings = entrails of doves

    Hardware 05 May 22:33

  • US prosecutor orders Craigslist 'erotic listings' shutdown

    Plug prostitution postings or be probed

    Government 05 May 22:43

  • Open source closes gap on Microsoft's next Silverlight

    Moonlight beams into future

    Developer 05 May 23:05

  • McAfee website visited by plague of security locusts

    Eradication proves difficult

    Security 05 May 23:10