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Quantum: hot air balloon or just a basket case?

Quantum made a sizeable loss last year, and faces trouble in its efforts to return to the black. The financial promise of its DXi deduplication technology isn't enough to overcome the dead weight of its debt liabilities and tape ballast. A return to profitability could happen in the next few months, though, with Dell lending a hand.
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Can you talk and drive?

The UK's Department of Transport has launched a free game that demonstrates how hard it is to listen while driving, addressing the fact that 30 per cent of young drivers admit sending text messages from behind the wheel.
Bill Ray, 04 2009
Acer Aspire One 751

Acer 11.6in notebook-not-netbook demo'd on camera

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How to turn votes into tax free cash

As Labour’s penultimate gamble – the budget – works its way through the system, professionals and dabblers alike are starting to size up the odds on the next election. There is tax-free money to be made – and lost as well – and whilst we’re never going to advocate betting the house, here are some pointers that anyone looking to have a little flutter may find useful.
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Trade in secondhand BlackBerries booming in Nigeria

A TV investigation has revealed that secondhand BlackBerries on Nigerian markets are priced according to the data held on them, not the age or the model of a phone.

Leyio demos UWB personal data-sharing device

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Brocade 'restructuring' personnel for Ethernet push

It has been rumoured that Brocade is planning to sack 200 to 400 excess employees following on from the $2.6bn Foundry acquisition closure.

Ousted Seagate CEO boards Vertical Circuits

Ousted Seagate CEO Bill Watkins is back at work, as a board member at Vertical Circuits, a maker of thin interconnects used to stack chips vertically.
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Moon Macrosystems - How to build a better Sun

Analysis You're a Sun Microsystems systems engineer. Or a Sun software developer. Or maybe even one of the few sales people that knows a disk drive from a processor from a TCP/IP stack.
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Voltaire two-times InfiniBand with 10Gb Ethernet

InfiniBand switch maker Voltaire announced this morning that it would be crossing the high-speed protocol divide and will later this year launch a set of converged switches based on the 10 Gigabit Ethernet protocol.
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Emulex tells Broadcom to go away

Emulex' board of directors has unanimously rejected Broadcom's takeover offer because it "significantly undervalues Emulex and is not in the best interest of Emulex stockholders." Interesting. Does Emulex want more cash?

Apple hooks Microsoft Xbox tactician

Apple continues to add to its stable of hardware heavyweights with the addition of Richard Teversham of Microsoft's European Xbox division.
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Hyperic acquisition binds Spring Framework to cloud

SpringSource is moving into management of public and private clouds with its third acquisition in two years.
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Zend plugs PHP into Amazon cloud

Zend Technologies has plugged its PHP web development framework into Amazon's cloud.
Cade Metz, 04 2009
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Firefox users caught in crossfire of warring add-ons

A protracted war between authors of two of the most popular add-ons for the Firefox browser has prompted calls for changes in the way extensions are written, after one of them admitted he added camouflaged code that disabled features in the other's program.
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Amazon big-screen Kindle sails this week

Amazon is just days away from busting out a new large-screen Kindle e-reader designed to better replicate old-media newspapers, magazines, and textbooks.

BlackBerries outselling Apple iPhones

RIM's BlackBerry Curve outsold Apple's iPhone in the first quarter of this year, according to a US survey conducted by the wireless-market research firm NPD Group.
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Botnet hijacking reveals 70GB of stolen data

Security researchers have managed to infiltrate the Torpig botnet, a feat that allowed them to gain important new insights into one of the world's most notorious zombie networks by collecting an astounding 70 GB worth of data stolen in just 10 days.

FreeBSD 7.2 joins BSD fest

The Beastie sent up FreeBSD 7.2 today, topping off the recent bout of major BSD releases last week.
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Asempra collapses, Bakbone pounces

Backup software vendor Bakbone is buying the continuous data protection technology assets from the collapsed Asempra Technologies for a mixture of shares and cash.
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Google patent feeds ebook 'monopoly' infrared 3D

If there were any doubt that Google is in a prime position to establish a legal monopoly in the world of digital books, the US patent office has snuffed it out.
Cade Metz, 04 2009
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Apple snips Nine Inch Nails app

Apple has once again proven the absurdity of its App Store product-approval process by rejecting an app from Nine Inch Nails because of its "objectionable content."

Unicode bloat blights SAP upgrades

A relatively small change to the way SAP represented characters four years ago is threatening to complicate upgrades to the latest edition of its software.
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Compellent - the billion-dollar storage company?

Comment Holding up Compellent as an example - and with an emphatic sideswipe at some business ethics - Compellent CEO Phil Soran opened his company's CDrive conference today by saying: "Big business isn't going to pull us out of this recession. Nor big computer computers. It's the small and medium-sized businesses that are going to have to pull us out."