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Sri Lankan Army site 'assasinated' by rebels

The Sri Lankan army has said its website was hacked by rebels who posted "horrible and gruesome images."
Dan Goodin, 02 May 2009

Google hires goat army for lawn maintenance

Job openings are few and slim in Silicon Valley these days, but at least Google is hiring. Applicants are required to have at least 2 years experience eating grass with a four-chambered stomach.
Austin Modine, 02 May 2009
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IT utilities, the biggest game in town

CommentIT suppliers are lining up to play at the Data Centre Casino, the biggest IT game in the world, to stake a claim as a supplier of IT services as utilities. There are just two tables with limited seats; complete systems on one, essential components on the other. Are your IT suppliers in the game or not?
Chris Mellor, 02 May 2009

Man survives death march to display-on-a-chip

Happy Birthday, ICToday, the Digital Micromirror Device puts images onto new-age movie screens. But in a past life, this light-bouncing semiconductor was a print technology.
Cade Metz, 02 May 2009

Flu chip fights pig plague

As swine-flu mania continues to suck up every available nanosecond of fear-mongering media maundering, one small company has developed a sure-fire way to detect the potent piggy pathogen.
Rik Myslewski, 02 May 2009

Microsoft and Linux trade patent words in Europe

Microsoft has teamed with General Electric to petition European regulators on a fundamental principle that will continue to drive a wedge between the company and open source supporters.
Gavin Clarke, 02 May 2009
HTC Magic

Vodafone shows off HTC's second Android phone

Register Hardware, 02 May 2009

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