1st May 2009 Archive

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  • Google name 'worth $100 billion,' says Strategy Boutique

    Joss sticks dropped for magic abacus

    Bootnotes 01 04:10

  • Disney dances the Hulu

    NetworkTube gets ABC vids

    Media 01 04:11

  • Google, Schmidt, and the Gray Lady Resuscitator™

    A cesspool of drivel

    Media 01 04:53

  • Citroën e-car launched in Blighty

    Electric C1, yours for £17k

    Science 01 07:02

  • LG Arena touchphone

    Apple cool?

    Phones 01 08:02

  • Space shuttle may fly until 2011

    Extension to avoid 'bitter pill' of paying Russians

    Science 01 08:56

  • QLogic fortifies results with acquisition

    NetXen purchase sends message to market

    Storage 01 09:23

  • Star Trek Klingon lingo hits cutting room floor

    qaStaH nuq jay', thunders Trekosphere

    Bootnotes 01 09:29

  • Logica says hard cheese to Dutch workers

    Jobs go, but revenue holds

    The Channel 01 09:33

  • Disclosure to private eyes sometimes legal, says privacy watchdog

    Good news for mustachioed Ferrari drivers

    Law 01 09:39

  • Asus to launch Air-like Eee PC 'Seashell' next week

    Conch trick?

    Hardware 01 09:41

  • Equality Bill U-turn could damage businesses, warns expert

    Pay audits could open tribunal floodgates

    Small Biz 01 09:54

  • DHS tests bomb-proof CCTV by blowing up bus

    Pop quiz, hotshot. Everybody's dead, what do you do?

    Science 01 10:15

  • Videogame history project successfully emulates CRT on LCD

    See old games how they were meant to look

    Games 01 10:20

  • Home Office 'ring of steel' fails the pig plague test

    Passenger list? Nope, don't have that...

    Government 01 11:02

  • Windows 7 brings Microsoft to its knees

    In a good way, unlike Vista

    The Channel 01 11:02

  • NHS warned about data protection

    Trusts pledge to treat data incontinence

    Government 01 11:04

  • Satellite to offer 10Mbit broadband to entire UK

    Not cheap, but better than nothing

    Broadband 01 11:05

  • Video iPhone coming in June?

    'A one-stop studio for recording, editing, viewing and sharing videos'

    Phones 01 11:18

  • BOFH: Spontaneous Legal Combustion

    The truth? You can't handle the truth...

    BOFH 01 11:19

  • NASA hacker Tenenbaum agrees to US extradition

    Analyzer surrenders to US Marshals

    Security 01 11:24

  • PS3 motion-sensing controller en route?

    Sony thought to be prepped for E3 launch

    Games 01 11:27

  • Isle of Man KKK burns cross on Facebook

    Satirical responses suggest rivers of blood unlikely

    Bootnotes 01 11:28

  • Apple ponders quantitative easing for hard-up customers

    Macbook and iMac to offset Intel's Air for all plan

    The Channel 01 11:40

  • China launches DNA database to track trafficked kids

    It couldn't happen here, could it?

    Government 01 11:44

  • Oracle to intensify battle with Salesforce.com

    Seven services spied

    The Channel 01 12:20

  • Yes! It's the invisible¹ shed²!

    At last, some proper arse-kicking new tech³

    Science 01 12:34

  • Palm Pré 2 rumours gathering pace

    Eos en route?

    Phones 01 12:34

  • Windows 7: MS plays a Jedi mind trick on netbook owners

    And happiness is not a hardware acquisition

    Microbite 01 12:54

  • PRS shakes up online music fees

    New rates for hobbyists, small 'casters

    Media 01 13:27

  • Sacha Baron Cohen scars Paula Abdul for life

    American Idol judge traumatised by Bruno interview

    Bootnotes 01 13:36

  • USB gadget warns of impending suffocation

    Breathe easy

    Hardware 01 14:24

  • Palm crosses twits with silver

    Blogtastic web 2.0 Pre marketing plan unveiled

    Mobile 01 14:34

  • Flood of liquidations as credit dries up

    Accountants still getting rich

    Small Biz 01 14:38

  • T-Mobile getting out of blighty?

    And then there'd be four

    Mobile 01 14:47

  • Chip sales dive 29% in March

    Big year on year slump, but up on February

    The Channel 01 14:51

  • Nikon Coolpix P90 bridge camera

    Super zoom, so-so pictures

    Hardware 01 16:05

  • Rackable free to pick SGI carcass

    Court OKs $42.5m buy

    Servers 01 16:08

  • Interference knocks Vodafone NZ into court

    Seeks to block rival's new service

    Mobile 01 16:15

  • Windows 7’s XP Mode — Virtually worth the effort

    What’s real and what’s not?

    Operating Systems 01 17:15

  • IBM lubricates Obama's IT stimulus

    Fronts $2bn for 'smart infrastructure'

    Government 01 17:52

  • NASA's ENose sniffs for cancer

    Still no cure for B.O.

    Science 01 17:56

  • US Congress wants hack teams for self-penetration

    While girding power grid

    Security 01 19:03

  • Google sued for 'stealing' Android name

    Along with Vodafone, Intel, Nvidia, TI...

    Mobile 01 19:22

  • OpenBSD 4.5 light cycles into the wild

    Master Control Program shakes fist in anger

    Operating Systems 01 20:09

  • Fired IT director admits $94k rampage on organ bank

    Revenge served coldly

    Security 01 21:32

  • Love on the buses: The S-100 and me

    An illustrated affair

    Vintage 01 23:18

  • YouTube swot beats ambulance to birth

    Skateboarding dog not in picture

    Media 01 23:52