29th April 2009 Archive

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  • Swedish factory fined $3,000 for robot attack

    Sigurd! Klaatu barada nikto!

    Media 29 00:28

  • String theory and the OS X AppKit

    Colorful language

    Developer 29 04:04

  • Mitsubishi to release e-car in UK this year

    Ambitious plans for iMiEV

    Science 29 07:02

  • Wacom Intuos4 L

    Magic OLEDs and 2K sensitivity

    Tablets 29 08:02

  • UK graduates face bleak future as teachers

    Gis' a job

    Government 29 08:16

  • Top EMC exec jumps ship for HP

    Donatelli fills servers, storage and networking berth

    Storage 29 08:21

  • Swine flu spam clogs inboxes

    Processed porker porkies proliferate

    InfoSec 29 08:57

  • Computacenter claims Q1 bounce back

    Easter timing resurrects figures

    The Channel 29 09:09

  • No-go woe for doughnut co after Vo-Vo blow

    So no-show for Iced Dough-Vo

    Small Biz 29 09:22

  • IWF: Child abuse domains down, reports up

    Bigs up a year of achievement, glosses over iffiness

    Law 29 09:47

  • Privacy notices work best in tables, says US gov research

    Boxing up the small print works

    Law 29 09:49

  • Storage systems: Reg readers speak

    How come Microsoft is so popular?

    Storage 29 10:00

  • T-Mobile flips bird to alternative voicemail

    Stubbornly stands alone in billing for forwarded calls

    Mobile 29 10:06

  • Pig plague and Twitter: The terrifying truth

    Disinformation + internet = fear?

    Science 29 10:09

  • Pudsey Bear refused UK passport

    Charity fundraiser confined to Blighty

    Bootnotes 29 10:29

  • Microsoft releases Vista SP2 to manufacturing

    Hyper-V included for Server 2008

    Operating Systems 29 10:30

  • Patent granted for OLED biometric Flash drive

    The mafia's drive of choice?

    Hardware 29 10:42

  • Orange hears his master's voice

    Handsets find shelf space in HMV

    Mobile 29 10:44

  • USAF slammed for pranging Predators on manual

    'Xbox flyer' sergeants + autopilots do better

    Science 29 10:53

  • HP launches stylish ProBook laptop line

    With 'innovative' keyboard

    Hardware 29 10:55

  • Ubuntu's Koala food hits open-source supermarket

    Eucalyptus in a can

    Developer 29 11:02

  • SAP won't give outlook but continues jobs cuts

    Software sales down by a third in Q1

    Financial News 29 11:23

  • Police want new remote hard drive search powers

    New laws aim to tackle backlogs

    Law 29 11:26

  • Nvidia, Intel up, AMD down as Q1 GPU shipments jump

    Machine manufacturers start buying graphics chips again

    Hardware 29 11:32

  • UMD-less PSP to get E3 games show launch?

    Mole mentions handheld with slide-out controls

    Games 29 11:36

  • Justice Dept to take long hard look at Google Book deal

    Monopoly and orphan fears

    Media 29 11:59

  • Acer DX900 dual-SIM Windows smartphone

    One SIM for business, one for pleasure

    Phones 29 12:02

  • Microsoft opens up for Office SP2

    Faster Outlook, better PDF/ODF support

    The Channel 29 12:14

  • Man quits job using videogame

    The Resignation Game, not coming to the PS3

    Games 29 12:21

  • Security salaries hold up during economic gloom

    Kit spending culled but work still plentiful

    InfoSec 29 12:21

  • Microsoft answers EU antitrust charges

    We never done nuffink

    Operating Systems 29 12:23

  • ElcomSoft poster provokes PGP apoplexy

    Also: Pants, fire

    InfoSec 29 12:55

  • Windows 7 might rock up in 2009, says MS veep

    'Holiday release accomplishable'

    Operating Systems 29 13:22

  • RIAA settles for $7,000 after 4 years pursuing NY mum

    Because I'm worth it

    Media 29 13:23

  • Prince of Wales extends Thermageddon deadline

    Chances of him becoming king increase fractionally

    Science 29 13:24

  • Jobs bloodbath at Brit, Danish wind turbine factories

    Offshore wind offshored

    Science 29 13:32

  • I7500 pictures and video released online

    A visual treat of Samsung's first Android phone

    Phones 29 13:58

  • Americans will need credit cards for Nokia's door

    No operator billing for Ovi

    Mobile 29 14:02

  • Edison Chen sex snap thief found guilty

    Sentencing imminent for computer repair shop worker

    Bootnotes 29 14:07

  • Plan to publish court sentences launches in farce

    MoJ site sentenced to 404

    Government 29 14:13

  • Star Trek halted by pig plague

    Will not boldly go into Mexico on 8 May

    Bootnotes 29 14:47

  • Brown finally wins something

    E-petition success at last

    Government 29 14:47

  • Trend taps Third Brigade for security and compliance tech

    Purchase pushes security firm into intrusion defence

    InfoSec 29 14:49

  • Samsung takes the strain out of filming

    Slanty lens camcorders

    Hardware 29 14:55

  • Emulex' earnings fall as it fights off Broadcom

    Q3fy09 results and Broadcom blues

    Storage 29 14:55

  • Nokia focuses strategy, again

    To the tune of 450 employees

    Mobile 29 15:03

  • IBM's dynamic infrastructure taking shape

    Storage part comes in collection of point releases

    Storage 29 16:08

  • Verizon calls for public access to D Block

    Public safety should get free spectrum

    Mobile 29 16:16

  • IBM doubles Power Rewards to chase Sun gear

    Big Blue can't discount like in the old days

    Servers 29 16:17

  • Hacker behind P2P botnet gets no jail time

    Turns to good after spawning Nugache

    Security 29 17:40

  • OpenOfficers pitch Oracle on life after Sun

    Microsoft-Office gambit played

    Applications 29 19:27

  • NASA micro-satellite eyes space bacteria

    Orbiting yeast inspection

    Science 29 19:36

  • US military's cyberwar rules 'ill-formed,' says panel

    And 'undeveloped.' And 'highly uncertain'

    Security 29 20:16

  • 'iPhone lite' and the business of world domination

    Wait 'til next year

    Mobile 29 20:54

  • Cell phones trace family tree to rocket beams

    A man, a blank pad, and some high-vacuum heat

    Science 29 20:58

  • Growth in developer population set back

    Pandemic not blamed

    Developer 29 22:06

  • SAP extends unpopular support window, caps prices

    Concern at Oracle-like transformation

    Applications 29 23:22

  • Minnesota calls for 200-site net gambling blockage

    Here we go again

    Government 29 23:31

  • Google beefs health record lobby

    What ye worry?

    Government 29 23:35

  • EMC sues Donatelli over HP move

    To compete or not to compete

    Storage 29 23:43