21st April 2009 Archive

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  • Police detain Craigslist masseuse murder suspect

    Two more women attacked

    Security 21 00:07

  • Sun and Oracle: End of a beautiful dream

    Open source goes to work

    Business 21 00:20

  • VMware unmasks next-gen hypervisor

    Cloud eats ESX 4.0

    Virtualization 21 05:07

  • Under-caution spam faxer fined over £6,000

    Debt firm fax up

    Law 21 06:02

  • Tech Mahindra seeks approval for Satyam takeover

    US, EU authorities think it over

    The Channel 21 08:49

  • Circling storage in the vSphere

    Encroaching on array controller function

    The Channel 21 09:01

  • Freecom ToughDrive Sport

    Triumph of form over function?

    Hardware 21 09:42

  • The WAN Optimisation Regcast: 2pm BST today

    Expert advice and educated debate

    Reg Technology Panel 21 09:53

  • Half of 10 year olds now mobile connected


    Mobile 21 10:02

  • Oracle stares into Sun for storage future

    Just what is Oracle's business now?

    Storage 21 10:03

  • Sharp intros 'world's first optical sensor LCD pad' netbook

    The trackpad's that a display too

    Hardware 21 10:20

  • New non-volatile memory promises 'instant-on' computing

    Super SrTiO3 FeRAM tech to replace RAM and disks?

    Hardware 21 10:23

  • Sony talks up next PSP firmware update

    Memory Stick sub-folders and icon-based searches

    Games 21 10:37

  • Start-up Bee pledges 'affordable' British e-car

    Four-seater 'leccy hatch for under £7000, anyone?

    Science 21 10:40

  • The hole in HP Matrix' storage heart

    Where's FCoE?

    The Channel 21 11:11

  • Zango goes titsup

    End of desktop adware market

    Security 21 11:20

  • Russian hairdresser turns stickup merchant into sex slave

    Robber taken to the floor, then just taken

    Bootnotes 21 11:22

  • Asus premiers film-friendly laptop

    With HD screen and spill-proof keyboard

    Hardware 21 11:27

  • Google serves up brace of slightly skewed search tools

    George Bush and Elvis Presley together at last

    Applications 21 11:38

  • Nominet governance review questions not-for-profit status

    Reform needed to avoid regulation, Prof finds

    Broadband 21 12:15

  • Motorola paranoid over Android box

    Set-top speculation spiked

    Mobile 21 12:20

  • Spy chiefs size up net snoop gear

    Deep packet inspection bonanza

    Government 21 12:28

  • Hefty IT prof develops robot to check that robots are safe

    Metal fink rats out air-traffic machine in trials

    Science 21 12:43

  • ACT backs Microsoft in Brussels' IE legal spat

    'Something surreal about the entire concept of this complaint'

    Operating Systems 21 13:03

  • WD gives 2TB drive a green spin

    How many to offset a Chinese power station

    Storage 21 13:18

  • €25k for an old Nokia handset?

    Scammers pay through the nose for old tech

    Mobile 21 13:42

  • Police charge suspected Craigslist murderer

    Boston man to be arraigned today

    Security 21 13:53

  • Teenage hacking menace jailed for 11 months

    Fraudster spoofed calls to set SWAT teams on adversaries

    Security 21 13:54

  • Waterproof OLED spied online

    Dunkable display

    Hardware 21 13:57

  • Concept phone punted as ultimate music handset

    Handset records and edits, but doesn’t guarantee recording contract

    Phones 21 14:12

  • OCZ Vertex solid-state drive


    Hardware 21 14:14

  • Broadcom mounts hostile bid for Emulex

    Chewing up poison pill

    Storage 21 14:56

  • IWF denies wielding Pirate Bay banhammer

    Mobile broadband users blockaded

    Mobile 21 15:17

  • Beeb pushes major new iPlayer release

    Big on HD, if your computer is beefy enough

    Media 21 15:33

  • Flying-rifle robocopter: Hovering sniper backup for US troops

    Xbox-controller killdroid has ARSS name, though

    Science 21 15:38

  • Stereoscopic 3D downloads come to PS3, Macs

    Free app promises 3D film library access

    Hardware 21 16:06

  • Unisys scratches labels off Dell Nehalems

    Reins in x64 hypervisor

    Servers 21 16:16

  • Angelina Jolie spied with Palm Pré

    Runs through her WebOS likes and dislikes

    Phones 21 17:01

  • MS opens kimono on Windows 7 security features

    Less invasive control

    Security 21 17:08

  • Bluetooth 3.0+HS arrives without the HS

    High Speed in name only

    Broadband 21 17:12

  • Microsoft gears up for Windows 8

    Mass file focus

    Operating Systems 21 18:13

  • Judge sends Blockbuster to court over Facebook Beacon Borking

    Ever-changing online contracts 'illusory'

    Media 21 19:10

  • Microsoft security chief trapped in endless identity sales pitch

    No end to 'End to End Trust'

    Security 21 20:35

  • Tree huggers will confuse shoppers, says Amazon

    Amazee organizes

    Media 21 22:30

  • Ex-Red-Hat brains decide to ride cloud

    ISV-to-enterprise switch

    Software 21 22:56

  • Yahoo! lops off (another) five per cent of self

    But this time, it's 'organic'

    Financial News 21 23:26

  • VMware anchors hypervisor future on 'nebulous phrase'

    Clouds and thundersticks

    Virtualization 21 23:50