16th April 2009 Archive

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  • Microsoft supplies Interpol with DIY forensics tool

    Cofee to the rescue

    Security 16 00:06

  • Microsoft's online Office variant preps for business

    There goes the desktop

    Applications 16 01:20

  • Public rejects Time Warner metered-bandwidth tests

    All-you-can eat protest

    Networks 16 01:24

  • Rebuffed by western cellcos, Dell turns to China and retailers

    Eastern promise for smartphones

    Mobile 16 05:02

  • MPs call for inquiry into Tory terror arrest

    Security risks over-egged for effect

    Law 16 08:52

  • Nowak astronaut romanta-scuffle affair: New evidence

    'There was no molehill' insists lawyer

    Bootnotes 16 09:00

  • Fasthosts' market leadership claims banned

    'Number one' was talking number two

    Broadband 16 09:34

  • Carry On producer Peter Rogers dead at 95

    Carried off

    Bootnotes 16 09:44

  • Rorke's drift towards RAID ASIC replacement

    Rorke Data's Nehalem video post-production storage box

    The Channel 16 09:46

  • Govt powers up electric cars with £5k subsidy

    Sweetener available from 2011

    Science 16 09:47

  • Which zoo animals like artificial sweeteners: Facts at last

    Experts baffled by aspartame-guzzling Swiss pandas

    Science 16 10:01

  • Samsung planning three Android phones for '09?

    Yes, says mole

    Phones 16 10:11

  • Tiscali titsup fears grow

    Auditors say no

    Broadband 16 10:16

  • Microsoft gets second extension in IE EU antitrust brouhaha

    Deadline to respond pushed back again

    Operating Systems 16 10:36

  • Oracle releases whole security blanket of patches

    43 updates, 15 remotely exploitable

    Developer 16 10:38

  • Symbian show struggles for identity

    Just needs name, theme and branding

    Mobile 16 10:47

  • Family-friendly gaming site launches

    Guides and reviews for mum, dad and the kids

    Games 16 10:49

  • Jamaica cracks down on 'daggering' after broken todger upswing

    Dance craze or sexual practice? Who knows

    Bootnotes 16 10:59

  • Sapphire Vapor-X HD 4850 vapour-cooled graphics card

    The cooler that turns a Vindaloo into a Korma

    Hardware 16 11:02

  • Silicon Valley's biggest winners and losers in 2008

    HP biggest $ riser, Symantec biggest $ loss

    Financial News 16 11:19

  • eBay buys Korean rival

    Sold... to the primary-coloured magpie at the back

    Financial News 16 11:22

  • Can the iPhone save NFC?

    Retro-fitted sensor still pointless

    Mobile 16 11:30

  • Nokia's profits dive 90 per cent

    Retail clear out hoses bottom line

    Mobile 16 11:37

  • Nokia shifts 13m 2.6m 5800 phones

    Model numbers cause sales confusion for Nokia exec

    Phones 16 11:41

  • DHS offers glimpse into life of its top snot'n'slobber expert

    Points up disease-doom disaster 'drivel' threat

    Science 16 11:45

  • Nirvanix nabs $5m for cloud expansion

    Start-up fattens self up for enterprise customers

    Storage 16 11:47

  • Pizza-polluting YouTube plonkers soil Domino's

    Internet bogey bandits wreak corporate havoc

    Bootnotes 16 11:48

  • No charges for terror arrest Tory

    Nor for civil servant

    Government 16 12:01

  • Microsoft cut 'n' shuts search engine with bribery machine

    Live Search receives Cashback

    Applications 16 12:03

  • Mac and Linux Bastilles assaulted by new attacks

    No one here gets out alive

    Security 16 12:19

  • UK dons dunce hat on copyright law

    F-grade on user protection - gov stalls reform

    Law 16 12:45

  • Sun begs IBM to come back and talk

    Why can't you commit?

    Financial News 16 13:20

  • Google nabs purse snatcher

    Sister-tracking app used for good, not evil

    Mobile 16 13:30

  • US parkies in 'burrow-buster' marmot detonation campaign

    Explosives forestall squirrel population explosion

    Bootnotes 16 13:44

  • Patent application uncovers PSP RC car

    Play driving games and spy on friends

    Hardware 16 14:01

  • HP goes sweet sixteen with HP-UX 11i update

    Serviceguard but no leather boots

    Servers 16 14:29

  • Q1 PC sales: Bad, but not quite awful

    And HP whups Dell in US

    The Channel 16 14:49

  • NetApp snuggles up to Cisco in data centre love-in

    Partner up with strap on storage

    Storage 16 14:57

  • Touchscreen phones to take 20% market share

    Top panel maker predicts big sales for '09

    Mobile 16 15:29

  • Iomega opens sub-$2k box of storage tricks

    Rackmount NAS and iSCSI for the SMB masses

    Storage 16 15:40

  • Pirate Bay server becomes museum artefact

    Marvel at the flashing lights!

    Bootnotes 16 15:50

  • Antitrust-shy IBM closed to fresh Sun talks

    Good thing, gone

    Business 16 18:18

  • Researchers dissect world's first Mac botnet

    When zombie Macs attack

    Security 16 18:21

  • Blizzard ditches long-time WoW operator

    Dependency issues

    Business 16 18:37

  • Hackers develop 'memory-scraping malware' to steal PINs

    They are probably watching you now and laughing

    Security 16 18:39

  • Flagship satnav paraded by Garmin

    The 5in Nüvi 1490T

    Science 16 19:02

  • NASA's Kepler dazzles with first pics in new-Earth hunt

    One snapshot, millions of stars

    Science 16 20:03

  • IBM and pals to start baking 28nm chips

    Fast, efficient - just don't call it 'high-k/metal gate'

    Data Centre 16 20:27

  • Fake SMS snoop utility turns spies into zombies

    Bite back

    Security 16 21:18

  • Hacking internet backbones - it's easier than you think

    'Disastrous havoc' made easy

    Security 16 21:31

  • Bush-era NSA wiretap violations exposed

    US hawks not amused

    Government 16 21:32

  • Jaunty Jackalope release candidate unleashed

    Claims of distro riches

    Operating Systems 16 22:33

  • Microsoft v TomTom: a GPLv3 wake-up call

    Free software's alarm bells ringing

    Operating Systems 16 23:12

  • Google money machine records Q1 choking sound

    Five-year revenue streak finished

    Financial News 16 23:17