9th April 2009 Archive

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  • GPS drives father to murder

    Man kills himself and kids after tracing cheating wife

    Science 09 00:02

  • Trekkies enjoy surprise Star Trek premiere

    Live long and prosper

    Bootnotes 09 00:02

  • Novell's openSUSE does ARM Linux

    Foundation blessing

    Operating Systems 09 00:12

  • Sonar causes (temporary) deafness in dolphins

    One unlucky bottlenose

    Science 09 00:16

  • Hadoop - Why is Google juicing Yahoo! search?

    Inside the Mountain View mind

    Software 09 01:01

  • Isilon's EMEA boss leaves

    Director of technical services also obtaining coat

    Storage 09 06:02

  • Ofcom guns for Hollywood with roaming vid

    Epic on hazards of foreign food to follow

    Mobile 09 08:02

  • Apple sued over iPhone, MacBook multi-touch tech

    Taiwanese firm takes on Mac maker

    Hardware 09 08:36

  • AP orders affiliate to pull embedded YouTube vids

    Radio station 'stunned' by 'unlicenced' use attack

    Media 09 08:49

  • Russian schoolgirl invents inertioid-driven Venus rover

    'Indigo Child' shows humanity the way forward

    Science 09 08:54

  • Apple reportedly coughs to plastic MacBook crack conundrum

    Quietly authorising out-of-warranty repairs?

    Hardware 09 09:00

  • Microsoft ordered to pay $388m patent infringement damages

    Astonishingly, Microsoft plans appeal

    Applications 09 09:22

  • NASA astronaut goes a-Twittering

    Hubble mission specialist muses on space 'scope and tostadas

    Science 09 09:27

  • Traffic info goes mobile

    But don't read it while actually driving

    Mobile 09 09:46

  • Summary care records - you might die, but they never will

    Once you can opt in, you can never opt out

    Government 09 10:02

  • US outlines secretive international piracy deal

    Shadowy ninja agreement allegedly for industrial use only

    The Channel 09 10:02

  • Bidders 'plot Nortel break up'

    Rivals snap at best bits

    Data Networking 09 10:10

  • MySpace rant was not private, rules US Court of Appeal

    Why not just keep your trap shut? That might help

    Media 09 10:21

  • P2P eavesdrop 'guilt by association attack' developed

    Free BitTorrent countermeasure released

    Security 09 10:31

  • Ricoh CX1

    Say hello to the 'careful-cam'

    Hardware 09 11:02

  • Conficker botnet stirs to distribute update payload

    It's alive!

    Security 09 11:02

  • The Quick - and the Dead in the Water

    Met Assistant Commissioner resigns following security breach

    Government 09 11:02

  • New e-crime units nabs nine banking Trojan suspects


    Security 09 11:26

  • PETA pitches for Pet Shop Animal Shelter Boys

    Pop duo decline name change request

    Bootnotes 09 11:30

  • HK movie star porn snap thief faces trial

    Allegedly swiped intimate pics from Edison Chen's laptop

    Security 09 11:54

  • How to address the two key challenges with virtualization

    Three papers for the data centre

    Data Centre 09 11:57

  • Whitehall to train pro-West Islamic groups to game Google

    Experts say it won't work

    Government 09 12:02

  • LG launches first 'Freesat inside' TV

    Say goodbye to set-top boxes

    Hardware 09 12:05

  • Xbox Live downloads for sale on Amazon

    Click, pay, print, download, play

    Games 09 12:08

  • NASA: Clean-air regs, not CO2, are melting the ice cap

    Acid-rain countermeasures could drown London

    Science 09 12:10

  • Samsung phone named after northern city

    Llanfairpwll gwyngyllgogerychwyrnd robwllllantysiliogogogoch in uproar

    Phones 09 12:14

  • Brits not sold on eco handsets

    Price, battery life more important than greenness

    Phones 09 12:19

  • Microsoft wraps Live Search in chicken and breadcrumbs

    Redmond prays Kiev contents will be hot

    Applications 09 12:44

  • Naming the Palm Prē: Strategy Boutique OD's on joss-sticks

    'Fluid alliteration' to the sound of whalesong

    Bootnotes 09 12:57

  • Obama science chief: Geo-engineer to save Gaia!

    Sulphur, so good

    Science 09 13:23

  • 16 teams to field 24 e-bikes in 'zero-emission' TT race

    Some big names among them

    Science 09 13:27

  • France rejects Three Strikes

    Has Hadopi had it?

    Broadband 09 13:30

  • Denon spins out vinyl-to-MP3 turntable

    Bring your music collection into the modern age

    Hardware 09 13:43

  • In-car Twittering on the rise?

    Insurers scan Twitter for evidence of Tweeting drivers

    Science 09 14:01

  • UK.gov delays new data breach powers

    ICO still waiting for teeth

    Government 09 14:19

  • UK police bust lottery scam centre in Somerset

    Scammers told: 'Get orf moi laaand!'

    Security 09 14:47

  • Who snapped first?

    The Met experiences panopticon blowback

    Law 09 14:54

  • Firm debuts flashing 'phones

    Blinking LEDs visualise the beats

    Hardware 09 15:07

  • Microsoft loses data centre head

    Michael Manos takes on 'bigger' job at Digital Realty Trust

    Servers 09 15:19

  • US mobile carriers want more devices, fewer OSes

    And they take their time saying it

    Mobile 09 16:33

  • Microsoft puts Sun's Tremblay in SiArch

    Whatever that is

    Servers 09 16:49

  • Facebook in Pirate Bay block Fail

    Big clumsy brother

    Media 09 19:39

  • Apple eyes new-age iPhone answering machine

    You've got video mail

    Mobile 09 20:01

  • Google money machine defies common sense

    Advertisers shrink, ads expand

    Business 09 21:02

  • Cisco shells out $105m for Tidal

    Interspersing California

    Servers 09 21:32

  • Intel committed to mobile Linux, despite core dump

    Participation through project packing

    Operating Systems 09 22:22

  • Nehalem aces OLTP test on HP iron

    Shames Shanghai, Dunnington

    Servers 09 22:33

  • Microsoft downsizes Seadragon and Photosynth brains

    Hip to be square in a down economy

    Applications 09 23:43

  • GooTube unfurls Universal video player, website

    'Vevo' la revolución

    Media 09 23:50