7th April 2009 Archive

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  • Zend offers PHP cure for Java bloat

    Application-server speed pill

    Developer 07 Apr 04:11

  • US Defense Dept shuffles self

    Obama 'disarms America'

    Government 07 Apr 04:15

  • Egenera grooms Nehalem EP blades

    Dell re-ups PAN Manager deal

    Servers 07 Apr 04:28

  • Multiple security scanner bugs give users a headache

    Kaspersky pop-up glitch, Symantec mouse madness

    Security 07 Apr 04:33

  • Isilon cuts staff, recruits NetApper

    Fizz, not Fitz

    Storage 07 Apr 04:39

  • Google digital book 'monopoly' feels heat

    Redmond blamed

    Media 07 Apr 05:48

  • As Sun unravels, it's time for a new suit

    Update: Sun says not so

    Financial News 07 Apr 07:02

  • IPS misses its ID cards for foreigners target

    Database contract goes to Big Blue

    Government 07 Apr 08:32

  • Motorola spends $216m on money-saving job cuts

    You've got to spend a lot to save a little

    Mobile 07 Apr 08:41

  • Sony W-series Walkman MP3 player

    Eat this, Shuffle

    Hardware 07 Apr 09:05

  • LG eyes up comfy viewing monitors

    Another excuse not to leave your desk

    Hardware 07 Apr 09:13

  • Boffin: Titan moon largely made of LPG, not cheese

    Patio-heater paradise in the outer solar system

    Science 07 Apr 09:15

  • Grav-mapping satellite fires ion engines

    GOCE xenon-fed drives 'performing nominally' says ESA

    Science 07 Apr 09:18

  • Phoenix predicts hitting end of year mark

    Walk the line

    The Channel 07 Apr 09:56

  • Go-Between actress backs McKinnon extradition fight

    The US is a foreign country. They do things differently there

    Bootnotes 07 Apr 09:58

  • HP and Fusion-io now quicker than QuickSilver

    A million IOPS with less flash: Next stop, a squillion!

    The Channel 07 Apr 10:00

  • Japanese unleash Jedi Obama

    Prez also available in James Bond and Samurai versions

    Bootnotes 07 Apr 10:03

  • Symbian maps out mighty app hangar

    Painting it yellow, in its own sweet time

    Mobile 07 Apr 10:12

  • GM, Segway to unveil iPhone-driven wheelchair e-car

    Sorry, 'the future of personal urban mobility'

    Science 07 Apr 10:14

  • Balls saves history lessons from Facebook and Twitter

    Twittering won't replace Empire Building

    Government 07 Apr 10:17

  • Zune exec Tweets of 'new Zune hardware'

    When? Where? How? What? Why?

    Hardware 07 Apr 10:19

  • Sony Ericsson intros basic Walkman phone

    The latest - but not greatest

    Phones 07 Apr 10:23

  • Bacon sarnies cure hangovers: Official

    Good news for boozers, bad news for porkers

    Science 07 Apr 10:58

  • Realtors charged with Glengarry Glen Ross-style rival hack

    Closers face cracking charges for webmail peek

    Security 07 Apr 11:02

  • Online casino pays off US investigation

    US bets remain off

    Financial News 07 Apr 11:06

  • Photocops: Home Office concedes concern

    Zooming in on the snapper-stoppers

    Law 07 Apr 11:37

  • Report: Legalising drugs would save UK plc huge packet

    Common sense doomed by Guardian/Daily Mail axis

    Law 07 Apr 11:51

  • Google's trademark keyword sale kyboshed by Appeals Court

    'Use in commerce' ruling overturns earlier judgement

    Media 07 Apr 12:05

  • Drobo doubles up storage robot capacity

    4 slots good, 8 slots better

    Storage 07 Apr 12:29

  • Firm finalises Wii weights design

    Bulk up while playing videogames

    Games 07 Apr 12:30

  • Wi-Fi BlackBerry Storm rumour blows in

    Storm 2 to replace Storm... er... 1?

    Phones 07 Apr 12:32

  • Aussies get gov-backed uber-broadband

    Women will glow, men will chunder

    Broadband 07 Apr 12:41

  • Boffins list sci-fi words which wormed their way into dictionary

    Nine words that came from deep space

    Bootnotes 07 Apr 12:57

  • Amazon UK kicks off low-end price scuffle with iTunes

    Hunt for lesser-spotted 59p track begins at Apple store

    Media 07 Apr 13:21

  • Arizona teen's mobile shops him to cops

    Rings 911 while owner boasts of theft

    Mobile 07 Apr 13:32

  • EC blasts mobile masts away from schools and hospitals

    Report inconclusive, sides with campaigners anyway

    Mobile 07 Apr 14:02

  • BT blocks up to 40,000 child porn pages per day

    Cleanfeed busy

    Broadband 07 Apr 14:03

  • DSi UK sales off to strong start

    92,000 sold during week one

    Games 07 Apr 14:20

  • Sony Ericsson says phone makes snapping, shooting simpler

    S312 camcorderphone debuts

    Phones 07 Apr 14:28

  • Wi-Fi Beeb viewing may break law

    Live net telly could be licensing foul

    Mobile 07 Apr 15:12

  • State-owned RBS to axe 9,500 workers

    Cutting taxpayers to pay off taxpayers

    Financial News 07 Apr 15:27

  • Apple plays catchup with Nehalem EP-powered Xserves

    But Mac servers still short on memory

    Servers 07 Apr 15:43

  • Brocade launches FCoE switch and adapters

    End-to-end Ethernet storage networking in sight

    Storage 07 Apr 15:46

  • Microsoft to offer Windows 7 downgrade to XP

    Gives Vista predecessors the nod

    The Channel 07 Apr 15:49

  • MS pushes back Forefront security offensive

    Sterling recast and postponed until 2010

    Security 07 Apr 15:58

  • Obama & Gates vs the US military-industrial complex

    Battle of Porkbarrel Hill begins

    Government 07 Apr 17:02

  • Indian Feds arrest more for Satyam fraud

    Blame list growing

    The Channel 07 Apr 17:02

  • YouTube a 'half billion dollar failbucket'

    What this means for musicians

    Media 07 Apr 18:27

  • Microsoft killing free XP support next week

    Office 2003 on chopping block too

    Operating Systems 07 Apr 18:29

  • AMD offers Opteron upgrade discounts

    Drops Istanbul's price before launch

    Servers 07 Apr 19:37

  • Linux device developers not weird, just mainstream

    Intel man hopes embedded distinction disappears

    Software 07 Apr 19:58

  • Blade server standards coming this year

    But who will adopt them?

    Servers 07 Apr 20:15

  • Apple iTunes unwraps (precious few) 69 cent tracks

    Vanilla Ice. Still 99 cents

    Media 07 Apr 21:30

  • Double-Take expands beyond server replication

    It's now called workload optimization

    Servers 07 Apr 21:31

  • Animal rights group protests seal clubbing in World of Warcraft

    Stages battle against Canadians undead

    Media 07 Apr 21:36

  • Dungeons & Dragons slays its digital distribution

    Loses saving throw against piracy, pulls PDF products

    Media 07 Apr 22:36

  • Google taps your IP address for Starbucks targeting

    Except when it does something else

    Media 07 Apr 22:38