6th April 2009 Archive

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  • Data Centers get 'black box' flight data recorder

    Minus the flight

    Storage 06 04:24

  • MS teams with Facebook to eradicate Koobface worm

    Redmond clean-up crew

    Security 06 04:26

  • Pink Floyd frontman backs McKinnon musical protest

    Shine on you crazy diamond

    Security 06 04:30

  • IBM-Sun deal breaking down, report says

    Too little money. Too little commitment

    Financial News 06 04:35

  • Workplace dispute laws change today

    Got beef?

    Small Biz 06 07:02

  • Olympic cock-up knocks East London off Internet

    Diggers virtually level East End

    Broadband 06 08:55

  • Irish Blood Transfusion Service endorses Dracula

    Dublin book initiative with added Type O

    Bootnotes 06 08:56

  • Failed Nork rocket bits straddle Japan

    Pyongyang claims of 'singing sat' success dismissed

    Science 06 09:01

  • Drunk Swedish pastor woos Christians online

    'You look like a bearded lady'

    Bootnotes 06 09:02

  • Boffins develop sight-free touchscreen phone dialler

    Make calls without looking at the screen

    Phones 06 09:30

  • Pure Flip Mino HD

    The YouTuber's favourite goes HD at last

    Hardware 06 09:33

  • EMC gets social to push storage

    LinkedIn, Facebook manipulated by heartless megacorp

    Storage 06 09:35

  • Wii's MotionPlus peripheral to launch in July?

    Leaked document shows launch schedule

    Games 06 10:03

  • Xiotech Emprise takes PowerNAPs

    Forty winks for 'street fight'

    Storage 06 10:10

  • Unannounced BlackBerry trio show up online

    Onyx, Magnum and Driftwood

    Phones 06 10:12

  • MPs battle to save great British pub

    Death by taxation and cheap supermarket booze

    Bootnotes 06 10:17

  • SNIA embraces NAS and FCoE

    Ethernet bunk-up

    Storage 06 10:31

  • A Geeks Guide2 ...Hacking

    40% off

    Developer 06 10:46

  • WAN optimisation: the experts' view

    Advice and debate to improve business performance

    Data Networking 06 10:55

  • Dixons cuts off Norse to right base

    No word on cash rumours

    The Channel 06 11:22

  • UK transport minister's website pwned

    Wrong kind of hats on the line

    Security 06 11:28

  • Profs: Sex with oldies or youngsters will give you the clap

    Stay within 5 yrs of own age to avoid Cupid's measles

    Science 06 11:29

  • Vatican researcher claims Templars worshipped Turin Shroud

    Pope's newspaper scoops Dan Brown for Easter

    Bootnotes 06 11:39

  • Touchy Google wraps protective arm around Chrome EULA

    Rejects Slashdotter's musings as 'FUD'

    Applications 06 11:41

  • BBC goes live... over Wi-Fi

    Live TV airs for smartphones

    Phones 06 11:54

  • Symbian Foundation: A brand that wants to share and talk

    Holistic ecosystem awareness with crayons

    Mobile 06 11:59

  • 3D camera to arrive for Christmas

    In Japan, of course

    Hardware 06 12:07

  • Crucial N125 64GB SSD

    Expand your netbook's storage capacity

    Hardware 06 12:08

  • BT does Italian Job on London traffic lights

    Boring contractors thrust 35,000 offline

    Broadband 06 12:13

  • Keeping up with the Zetta Joneses

    Store primary data in Zetta's cloud

    Storage 06 12:37

  • Terry Pratchett cuts ribbon on Treacle Mine Road

    Somerset town honours Discworld

    Bootnotes 06 12:39

  • DARPA: Give us solar cells you can use to build stuff

    Robotic 'Power Skin' would also be Power Bone™

    Science 06 12:58

  • Old worm learns new Conficker tricks

    Collaborators or copycats?

    Security 06 13:25

  • Wagoner: EVillain or EVictor?

    Will former General Motors CEO be remembered for Volt or EV1?

    Science 06 14:09

  • Entry-level Archos MP3 revealed by Amazon

    The Archos 2

    Hardware 06 14:18

  • T-Mobile and Android to renew vows?

    Rumours of T-Mobile Android-based mobile... and tablet PC

    Phones 06 14:24

  • Microsoft's Live Search to morph into Bing?

    Joins Kumo on runners and riders list

    Applications 06 14:38

  • Next-gen iPhone to gain FM transmitter tech

    Courtesy of same chip that'll provide 802.11n Wi-Fi

    Phones 06 15:02

  • Sun shares sink as IBM deal breaks down

    Board splits into Schwartz and McNealy factions

    Financial News 06 15:06

  • Swedes mash Japanese pop pineapple

    Malmö video shoot ends in human piña colada

    Bootnotes 06 15:07

  • No FreeRunner follow-up, says OpenMoko

    Cuts staff, turns focus on secret Plan B

    Mobile 06 15:13

  • 3PAR F-class jumps into Clariion competition

    Quad controller vs high-end dual controller arrays

    Storage 06 16:02

  • Wolverine leak claims first victim?

    Fox News columnist reportedly up for chop

    Media 06 16:17

  • Research spies holes in Fortune 1000 wireless nets

    Frequency hopping. It's not a security protocol

    Security 06 17:02

  • Open-source .NET gets AJAX polish

    Components punch

    Developer 06 17:23

  • Cisco takes comfort in misery of others

    Firesale buying spree is on

    Data Networking 06 17:38

  • PS3 back to haunt Wii in Japan

    Zombies and Yakuza deliver March blow

    Games 06 18:05

  • VMware wheels and deals on server virtualization

    Guaranteed savings or services are free

    Servers 06 19:14

  • Next iPhone to make you a film editor?

    Video secrets of the lost .pngs

    Mobile 06 19:41

  • Japanese porn at heart of Home-Office terrorism snooping

    Must be 18 or over to watch, listen, and advise

    Bootnotes 06 22:08

  • HP bails on massive Wi-Fi patent claim

    Oz boffins pursue 12 others

    Broadband 06 22:10

  • Microsoft cries netbook victory against Linux

    Bring in the telcos

    Software 06 22:12

  • Obama's DoJ defends Bush-era wiretaps

    Telecom spy program a 'state secret'

    Security 06 23:41