2nd April 2009 Archive

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  • Intel trades ownership for popularity on mobile Linux project

    Atom drivers wanted

    Operating Systems 02 00:47

  • 'Freakishly fast' Ruby coming to the Mac

    Blowing up the bridge

    Software 02 00:50

  • Microsoft plays coy over iPhone Office

    'Keep watching'

    Applications 02 05:14

  • Google admits data center podification

    And battery-powered big iron

    Servers 02 06:25

  • What if IBM doesn't buy Sun?

    Schwartz and McNealy exit would be on the cards

    Servers 02 08:02

  • DARPA wants 'clandestine' 3D building-interior mapping kit

    'Active' probes via plumbing, wiring etc

    Science 02 08:55

  • We read WiReD, so you don't have to

    It's out. But is it any good?

    Media 02 09:02

  • Apple Mac Pro

    Goes like the proverbial off a shovel

    Hardware 02 09:18

  • Playmobil Bible faces wrath of lawyers

    Company objects to Eve boob job and heat-treated Jesus

    Bootnotes 02 09:51

  • AMD, Nvidia introduce new GPUs

    GeForce 275 GTX sneaks in ahead of Radeon 4890

    Hardware 02 10:03

  • Sony unveils 'world's smallest' HD camcorder

    Chic design and 1080p shooting capacity

    Hardware 02 10:09

  • Conficker suspect brought to book in Beavertown?

    Evidence of Russian sense of humour found!

    Security 02 10:17

  • Subsidized netbook model could sweep away 20 years of PC history

    Attack of the Killer Laptot

    Hardware 02 10:18

  • YouTube yanks music videos from German site

    Meanwhile Billy Bragg takes a swipe at Google

    Media 02 10:44

  • Most undergraduates 'show fear when asked to do maths'

    Choose easy joke degrees as a result

    Science 02 10:46

  • PS3 firmware update to add text chat

    Backs up downloaded videos too

    Games 02 10:53

  • Palm opens up, and goes back in time

    ECMAScript for the new, Codewarrior for the old

    Mobile 02 10:57

  • EMC extends EmailXtender to SourceOne

    Start of general content archiving services platform

    Storage 02 11:19

  • The Cloud, Virtualization, and all that

    More Webcasting goodness from El Reg

    Servers 02 11:22

  • TomTom brings high-end features to low-end models

    One and XL models given IQ Routes

    Science 02 11:23

  • What would you pay for 400,000 new green jobs?

    This New Green Deal is gonna cost

    Science 02 11:24

  • UK.gov to get power to force ISPs to block child porn

    IWF refuseniks under pressure

    Broadband 02 11:44

  • Aussies backtrack on firewall plans

    Conroy racks up another gaffe

    Broadband 02 11:59

  • Apple cracks down on rogue app stores

    iPhone T&Cs switcheroo to smother competition

    Mobile 02 12:05

  • Swedish web traffic tumbles as IPRED arrives

    New anti-piracy law hits net usage

    Broadband 02 12:08

  • PS3 players prefer gaming to bonking

    'Not tonight, Josephine, I'm trying GTA.'

    Games 02 12:11

  • Nokia E75

    The Finns' first full slide-out alpha keyboard

    Phones 02 12:21

  • The security expert's armoury

    Audio with slides attached

    State of Security Workshop 02 12:42

  • Foreign and Commonwealth Office plans biometrics bonanza

    £15m earmarked for embassy security systems

    Government 02 12:42

  • Microsoft focuses on 3D camera company

    Make gestures at your XBox

    Hardware 02 12:45

  • Unauthorised Wolverine claws his way onto interwebs

    X-Men movie leaked ahead of 1 May release

    Media 02 13:17

  • Carbon capture would create fizzy underground oceans

    North Sea could turn to Perrier, cautions prof

    Science 02 13:23

  • EU gets real in fight against counterfeiters

    It's all about drugs and handbags

    The Channel 02 14:14

  • Fulton imbues protection with power

    Makes the case for proximity charging

    Mobile 02 14:33

  • Jabra reveals 'world's first' dual-mic Bluetooth headset

    Noise isolation for call clarity

    Hardware 02 14:35

  • MSI names UK date, price for 'hybrid' netbook

    HDD and SSD on board

    Hardware 02 14:40

  • Brits build e-car friendly solar parking bay

    Ideal even for the land of rains?

    Science 02 14:54

  • MEPs urge govs: Set up surveillance register

    Watchers must be seen to be watched

    Government 02 15:32

  • ClaraNet email falls over

    You haven't got mail

    Broadband 02 15:33

  • Bigger Indigo - shades of AT&T's NCR grab

    Deal due Friday?

    Servers 02 17:45

  • Intel, GE partner on healthcare gadgetry

    The internet will see you now

    Business 02 18:05

  • UK operation patents DVD lockdown

    Premium content ransomed without use of special kit

    Media 02 18:19

  • Amazon puts stuffed elephant in sky

    Distributed data crunching for the masses

    Servers 02 18:45

  • US states may seek Microsoft anti-trust extension

    It's Windows Vista wot dunnit

    Operating Systems 02 18:48

  • China restricts online video after YouTube police beating

    Big Arnie and Willis welcome

    Media 02 19:51

  • Apple seeks to patent movement, vibration and pleasure

    Shape-shifting scrolling

    Media 02 20:14

  • Short bursts of The Reg at work increase your productivity

    Oz study calls for WILB time

    Media 02 22:03

  • Microsoft's latest open-source release catches a wrinkle

    .NET architecture pattern goes wild

    Developer 02 22:20

  • RIM profits jump in Q4

    Recession, we've heard of it

    Financial News 02 22:53

  • AT&T mistakes netbook for phone, sells with service plan

    Answers the call

    Mobile 02 23:13

  • Next-gen SQL injection opens server door

    1 in 10 sites naked

    Security 02 23:54