31st March 2009 Archive

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  • Intel clears Core i7 Xeon 5500 for landing

    Code tweaks ahead

    Servers 31 04:10

  • PC firms slammed in latest Greenpeace eco report

    Nokia triumphs, Nintendo stuck in the mire

    Hardware 31 07:37

  • EU launches pirate talking shop

    'Arrr, me hearties!' or somesuch

    Media 31 08:00

  • The reference guide to data centre automation

    Our weekly white paper trawl

    Reg Technology Panel 31 08:44

  • Cost of a cuppa set to rocket

    Droughts mean bad news for Brit builders

    Science 31 08:57

  • Seagate sneaks content round your home network

    Physically carried FreeAgents

    Storage 31 09:14

  • Greenbird sail-car wafts in as future of zero-emission motoring?

    Breaks land-speed record too

    Science 31 09:21

  • Pirate Bay linking could implicate Facebook, says lawyer

    I link your milkshake

    Media 31 09:56

  • NYC granny shoots mugger with .357 Magnum

    Wheelchair-bound Dirty Harriet sued for $5m

    Bootnotes 31 09:58

  • Scareware scammers latch onto Conficker hype

    Sysadmins served poisoned searches

    Security 31 10:11

  • Canon i-Sensys LBP3100

    Cheap and better than cheerful

    Hardware 31 10:16

  • Slimline iPhone pictures unearthed

    The 'iPhone 4G'?

    Phones 31 10:19

  • IDC says disk market spinning down this year

    Rebound from 2010 though

    The Channel 31 10:35

  • EU demands 20% energy cut from tech industry

    Reding calls for IT to act on emissions

    Data Centre 31 10:45

  • Grey squirrels invade Nutt house

    NI woman in sciurine plague ordeal

    Science 31 10:47

  • Olympus welcomes in the E-450 DSLR

    Waves goodbye to the E-420

    Hardware 31 10:47

  • DNA database grows faster than forecast

    5.14m profiles, despite removal of under-10s

    Government 31 10:53

  • EU issues ultimatum on internet privacy

    Behavioural targeting investigated

    Broadband 31 10:55

  • Dell gives birth to octuplet Inspiron colours

    All the colours of the rainbow?

    Hardware 31 10:56

  • Vulture Central on total G20 terror lockdown

    Fearmail announces anti-crusty security Defcon Red

    Bootnotes 31 11:10

  • EU endorses telecoms talking shop super regulator

    More Aquaman than Superman

    Broadband 31 11:26

  • Emulex and QLogic bring FCoE closer

    Integrated converged network adapters arrive

    Storage 31 11:30

  • Ex-Google design man trundles into Twitter

    'Learn from your mistakes, but never dwell on them'

    Applications 31 11:52

  • EU tells members to get ready for disaster

    Which disaster were you thinking of?

    Security 31 12:07

  • Workers take Caterpillar Inc managers hostage

    Grenoble four held in latest French incident

    Bootnotes 31 12:18

  • Playboy TV offers 'Jacq off' special package

    Home Office says adult movies were 'vanilla' flavoured

    Government 31 12:46

  • Westminster forced to switch off digital CCTV cameras

    Just in time for bikers' demo

    Law 31 13:09

  • 'Big Brother' - the price of self-driving cars

    Privacy concerns forbid in-car beer, movies, snoozing

    Law 31 13:12

  • G20 police demand ID as train staff ordered to spy on passengers

    Hysteria mounts over crusty onslaught

    Law 31 13:24

  • Honda creates thought-controlled android

    Asimo gets smarter

    Hardware 31 13:38

  • What's wrong with a Twitter degree?

    I can haz Master of Arts!

    Media 31 13:39

  • Sun confirms second round of layoffs

    Another 1,500 get pink slips

    The Channel 31 14:42

  • Israelis' invulnerable, 60-tonne robot bulldozer force to double

    Cat D9 also starred as satanic Killdozer. Coincidence?

    Science 31 14:46

  • BT Wholesale cuts off Prodigy Internet

    MACs all round for Mary Celeste ISP

    Broadband 31 14:47

  • iPhone slip serves up free 3G Skype calls

    Woo hoo!

    Phones 31 15:01

  • Satyam races to find buyer ahead of Indian election

    Firm on the block as pols on the stump

    The Channel 31 15:06

  • Cosmonaut bemoans ISS toilet row

    Can't use apparently non-existent deluxe US space dunny

    Science 31 15:07

  • 'Fit and healthy' Brit dies playing Wii

    25-year-old collapses during Wii Sports session

    Games 31 15:24

  • Sony ignores UK as US, Europe get PS2 price cut

    Sterling plunge to blame?

    Games 31 15:29

  • Nortel staff sacked without redundancy payout

    Staff go from England and Northern Ireland

    Data Networking 31 15:48

  • Convicted Trojan author in new hacking charge

    Back before the beak

    Security 31 15:59

  • Ultra-quiet MSI all-in-one PC blows in

    As quiet as a librarian

    Hardware 31 16:18

  • GM in-car kit team says no to drive'n'Twitter tech

    Mirror, signal, Tweet?

    Science 31 16:25

  • Security in 2009, the expert view

    Audio with slides attached

    State of Security Workshop 31 16:32

  • Clarification

    Simon Davies and Privacy International

    Site News 31 17:09

  • What's an open cloud? The Manifesto's not telling

    Nebular thinking

    Servers 31 17:29

  • Google animates venture capital arm

    Looking for 'next big thing'

    Financial News 31 18:04

  • US Supremes flatline Virginia's hardline anti-spam law

    AOL junk mailer ignored

    Law 31 18:16

  • Android tethering app tossed

    T-Mobile the tossers?

    Mobile 31 18:18

  • Acer rides little netbooks to big profit

    38 per cent growth

    Financial News 31 19:35

  • YouTube signs on scraps of Disney

    Ad-backed clips imminent

    Media 31 20:32

  • Microsoft draws fire for taxpayer handout

    Stimulus spending stimulates squabble

    Policy 31 20:39

  • Sun talks up Solaris 10 for Nehalem

    Two weeks away

    Servers 31 21:31

  • Jimbo Wales kills 'Google killing' Wikia Search

    Jet-setting dream in doubt

    Media 31 22:29

  • US judge bars teen 'sexting' charges

    Provocative is as provocative does

    Law 31 22:31