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AT&T to sell no-contract iPhones

AT&T will begin selling no-contract iPhones next week in the US, but they'll still be locked into AT&T service.
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Robo-fish to hunt pollution in Spanish seas

ROTM Scientists in the UK plan to release a school of autonomous robotic fish into the sea off northern Spain to help detect for hazardous pollutants in the water.
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Flaw makes Twitter vulnerable to serious viral attack

Updated Micro-blogging site Twitter suffers from a potentially devastating vulnerability that forces logged-in users to post messages of an attacker's choice simply by clicking on a link. It could be used to spawn a self-replicating worm.
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Amazon cloud offers protection from falling meteors

Now that you can purchase future compute power on its intercontinental cloud, Amazon is pitching the sky-high operation as a safe haven for anyone worried that their earthbound data center may soon be hit by a falling meteor.
Cade Metz, 20 2009

Microsoft promises IE web-standards love

Mix 09 Internet Explorer chief Dean Hachamovitch has committed Microsoft to standards and working with standards bodies, after years of going its own way on the browser.
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Privacy campaigner vows legal challenge to Google Street View

A privacy campaigner will launch a legal challenge to Google's Street View service, which was launched today. Simon Davies of Privacy International says that he will pursue "a test case" against Google.

eSATA: A doomed stopgap?

Comment The external SATA (eSATA) interconnect is merely an interim idea and the coming of USB 3.0 will kill it off, according to Verbatim's EMEA business development manager Hans Christoph Kaiser.
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La Cie heads to Switzerland to get into the cloud

Desk-based peripherals vendor La Cie is getting into the cloud by merging with Swiss online storage house Caleido.
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Online opt-outs for care record

Connecting for Health (CfH) has told NHS primary care trusts that patients do not need to appear in person to opt out of the Summary Care Record (SCR).
Kablenet, 20 2009
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Still more Tasers for plods - but still not in London

The Home Office yesterday announced funding for a further 6,000 Taser electroshock stunguns to be used by police forces across England and Wales. Nonetheless it appears that in London the weapons will not be widely issued, a situation condemned by rank-and-file officers' spokesmen.
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Wally found on Street View

On releasing Street View UK this week, Google set users the challenge of finding "Wally", the elusive, bespectacled children's cartoon character, somewhere in the UK.
Acer Predator

Acer recalls potentially overheating Predators

Updated Acer has recalled all of its Predator monster gaming desktop PC in the US after two owners experienced machine meltdown.

Apple iPhone to get OLED screen, claims mole

Apple may launch a host of gadgets with OLED displays later this year, including an OLED-equipped iPhone, it has been suggested.

Boffin builds DIY solar cell from doughnuts and tea

An inventor claims to have proven that a mixture of teatime staples from England and North America can be used to make solar panels.
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Cops wanted compulsory DNA cards

Civil servants considered including DNA or iris biometrics as well as digital photographs in the ID card scheme and the police wanted carrying the cards to be compulsory, just released documents reveal.
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NYC 'Top Model' stampede: The truth revealed

NYC was last weekend witness to shock scenes at an audition for America's Next Top Model as a panic-stricken crowd of hopefuls stampeded through Manhattan, scattering designer bags and expensive shoes in their wake as law-enforcement operatives attempted to restore order.
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Indian call centre credit card 'scam' exposed

An undercover investigation by the BBC has exposed evidence of the theft of credit card details by workers at an Indian call centre used by security giant Symantec.
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Sick of that crap office laptop? IBM can help You*

Sick of using that clunky old work laptop that the bean counters want to write down for another two years? Boy, does IBM have a deal for you - if you work for IBM, that is. These days companies can't afford to throw their money around, but IBM UK has licked that problem by letting its staff buy new computers, so that they can use them for work.
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TomTom countersues Microsoft

GPS maker TomTom hit back at Microsoft yesterday by issuing a countersuit against the software giant with a patent claim of its own.
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US reality TV 'star' attacked fiancé with laptop, cat, apples

A US reality TV 'star' was cuffed earlier this week for allegedly laying into her (now ex) fiancé with a cat, a laptop and, for good measure, a few apples, the New York Post reports.
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Wikileaks tells Aus censorship minister to rack off

Wikileaks has told the Australian Chief Censor communications minister, Stephen Conroy, to reel his neck in after the gaffe-prone politician threatened a police investigation to find out who leaked his secret blacklist of sites banned in Australia.
Philips 42PFL9803H/10

Philips 42in Ambilight LED array TV

Review Philips flatscreens have a lot going for them. The picture quality is usually strong, sometimes outstanding. The designs are striking and eye-catching rather than bland or anonymous, though this doesn't mean they please everyone, of course.
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Apple proves: It pays to be late

This week Apple threw the kitchen sink at its iPhone/Touch software stack (details outlined here), removing most of the most irritating nuisances at a stroke. It's a stunning achievement.

Ingram Micro scales back in Nordic region

Ingram Micro is restructuring its Nordic breadline broadline business in an effort to increase profits.
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Prof pooh-poohed in pig-v-whale hippo genealogy brouhaha

Rival Canadian and American boffins went head to head this week, battling to resolve one of the most hotly-disputed scientific questions of recent times. That is of course: are hippos a type of amphibious whale, or are they in fact a freshwater pig?
Evoasis charging post

London to get EV charging post network

'Leccy Tech Californian company Evoasis has announced that it's going to build a network of electric vehicle charging stations in and around the central London.
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Romanian police arrest Pentagon hack suspect

Romanian police have arrested a hacker suspected of breaking into Pentagon systems and planting malware.
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El Reg spymobile snapper nailed on Street View

It was kind of inevitable that at least one of El Reg's tireless Google Orwellian black Opel spotters would, in the line of duty, end up nailed on Street View.
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PC buyers fail to prove MS deceived in Vista 'Capable' suit

The judge in the ongoing Vista Capable row has denied PC buyers a motion for partial summary judgment in a lawsuit against Microsoft, citing a lack of evidence to show the company had hoodwinked customers.
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Enter if ye dare the Comment Dungeon

Ah, Friday, the perfectly-formed posterior of the week. As I sit here surveying the many, many, many hundreds of web-bound hollerings that jostled for my attention this week in the comment threads, I'm inspired to throw a bone to you restless hordes (I said "hordes").
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Palm bets the farm on WebOS

Palm has announced it has enough money to launch the Pre, but with a net loss for the last quarter ($98m) bigger than its revenue ($90.6m), there's not much left in the piggybank.
Bill Ray, 20 2009
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DARPA orders hypersonic Nazi Doodlebug engine

Rebellious Pentagon boffins, whose plans for a really cool hypersonic robot stunt plane were stymied by stick-in-the-mud Washington politicos, have managed to sneak through an alternative project. A $2m contract has been inked for initial development work on the "Vulcan" zero-to-Mach-4 hyper pulse-jet engine.
Asus Eee 1000HE

Asus Eee PC 1000HE netbook

Review Asus was clearly stung by criticism last year that its Eee PC line-up wasn't providing the runtime punters had been led to believe netbooks would deliver. Couple that with the confusion caused when some countries got Eee PC 900s with one battery capacity, while other regions got better ones, Asus needed to look to its reputation as netbook pioneer.
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Sony-Ericsson warns of handset slump

Sony-Ericsson warned today that it expects to sell just 14 million mobile handsets in the first quarter of 2009.

O2 starts giving away iPhones

UK operator O2 is going to start handing out free iPhones from April 3, for punters prepared to sign up to a two-year contract or pay almost £45 for 18 months.
Bill Ray, 20 2009
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Nokia closes Porn'n'Warez swap site

Nokia is closing its Web 2.0-tastic user generated content website MOSH.

Dell confirms more jobs cuts in EMEA

Dell is preparing to swing the job axe once again following its Q4 profit hammering when the firm was forced to jack up its cost-saving target by a billion dollars to $4bn last month.
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Xerox sees bleak 2009

Xerox announced Friday morning that it was lowering its expectations for first-quarter 2009 earnings by 69 to 85 per cent. Its share price immediately took a 20 per cent hit, but struggled back by five per cent in time for lunch in New York.
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Websense mistakes Cisco.com for hack site

Websense briefly classified the home page of networking giant Cisco as a hacking site earlier this week.
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SAS schemes $70m biz analytics cloud

Business-analytics software developer SAS Institute is taking to the clouds. But rather than stake the future of its hosted-application business on existing clouds such as Amazon AWS, SAS has decided to shell out $70m (£48m) to build its own cloud-computing facility.
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Gmail offers 'undo' email option

The folks at Gmail Labs obviously dedicate a healthy amount of brainpower to the prevention of regrettable emails sent through their service.
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National Semiconductor goes green(er)

Analog chipmaker National Semiconductor took another step towards repositioning itself a green-technology heavyweight when it announced Friday that it had acquired Act Solar, a Santa Clara, California company specializing in power optimization of solar-cell arrays.

Platform lands OCS cluster deal with HP

Grid-computing specialist Platform Computing has notched another distributor for its software, with HP working with Platform to integrate a software bundle with HP's ProLiant rack servers, BladeSystem blade servers, and their respective System Insight Manager management tools.
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Microsoft's Silverlight for mobile to muscle iPhone

Mix 09 The planned mobile edition of Microsoft's Silverlight media player is shaping up to be a touchy-feely alternative to Apple's iPhone.
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China nabs website staff for erotic audiobooks

Authorities behind China's nationwide crackdown on internet pornography have turned their eyes — or rather, their ears — to a less-traditional form of online erotica: dirty audiobooks.
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Text-message hoax threatens death by Wal-Mart

Text messages are appearing all over the US that warn women to stay away from Wal-Mart stores or risk being murdered.
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Kaminsky: MS security assessment tool is a 'game changer'

CanSecWest Microsoft on Friday released an open-source program designed to streamline the labor-intensive process of identifying security vulnerabilities in software while it's still under development.