17th March 2009 Archive

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  • Mathematica man brews 'AI' Google Killer™

    A New Kind of Pseudo-Science

    Developer 17 Mar 00:39

  • Opera chief: Microsoft's IE 8 ‘undermines’ web standards

    Silverlight a lesson in openness

    Applications 17 Mar 02:41

  • Nvidia pitches OpenCL as 'market builder'

    Selling standards not our game

    Hardware 17 Mar 02:54

  • Sun lands Sparc-Xeon super on Cape Town

    South Africa's 27 teraflops

    Servers 17 Mar 04:02

  • Pratt changes name to Bruce Willis

    Die Hard supermarket shelf-stacker

    Bootnotes 17 Mar 08:02

  • Great Aussie firewall claims first victim

    Forum threatened with fine for link to banned site

    Government 17 Mar 09:30

  • Come on, Sir Tim!

    Celebrating Web 2(no point)0

    Developer 17 Mar 09:35

  • Worm burrows into Church of England email system

    Infected bishop loses e-pistles

    Security 17 Mar 09:53

  • Sony Ericsson Walkman W705 music phone

    Add GPS and it becomes the W715

    Phones 17 Mar 10:02

  • Commission repeats call for single EU patent

    You're holding up the whole line

    Small Biz 17 Mar 10:03

  • VIA pushes netbook reference design

    Yes, another one

    Hardware 17 Mar 10:07

  • The Register Security Webcast is available on-demand

    Arguments and facts

    Security 17 Mar 10:34

  • UK supplier intros 8.9in, SSD netbook as world goes 10in, HDD


    Hardware 17 Mar 10:36

  • ISS spared space junk avoidance manoeuvre

    All well pending Discovery's arrival

    Science 17 Mar 10:51

  • WIN! 20 copies of Iolo System Mechanic up for grabs

    Top-selling utility to keep Windows in peak operating condition

    Hardware 17 Mar 10:56

  • Ericsson quickens up cable broadband

    Five times faster, but will we benefit?

    Data Networking 17 Mar 10:58

  • Dell MacBook Air Adamo officially launched

    Slim and sexy, dahling, but mediocre inside?

    Hardware 17 Mar 11:08

  • Ex-Star Wars boffins build mosquito-blasting raygun

    Fiery photon vengeance wrought upon pestilential bloodsuckers

    Science 17 Mar 11:09

  • Dragons' Den winner infringed own patent, IPO rules

    He's out

    Small Biz 17 Mar 11:15

  • T-Mobile pushes consumer mail

    All you need is shove, apparently

    Mobile 17 Mar 11:31

  • Kraft puts foot in big pot of yoghurt?

    New logo maybe treads on Yoplait's toes

    Bootnotes 17 Mar 11:53

  • Lights out, Britons told - we're running out of power

    Do your bit because Labour didn't

    Science 17 Mar 12:02

  • Mozilla hangs fire on Firefox 3.5 till June

    Schtop! This browser is not ready

    Applications 17 Mar 12:11

  • Ofcom makes network operators carry mis-selling can

    Grown-up responsibilities

    Mobile 17 Mar 12:35

  • US woman attacks missus with sperm-filled syringe

    Home insemination attempt ends in court

    Bootnotes 17 Mar 12:36

  • Nokia to fire 1,700 staff

    UK offices hit hard

    Mobile 17 Mar 12:37

  • Sony Ericsson crafts miniature boombox

    Rad, man!

    Hardware 17 Mar 12:42

  • Terry Waite backs McKinnon

    Beirut hostage joins 'pretty harmless' camp

    Security 17 Mar 12:45

  • Nintendo wins Wii patent case

    Judge chucks out plaintiff's IP infringement claim

    Games 17 Mar 12:50

  • British Korea ambassador in 'diplomatic' blog shock

    Children salute Kim Jong Il's courage, indefatigability

    Bootnotes 17 Mar 13:02

  • Samsung PB22-J 256GB SSD

    Our new favourite solid-state drive

    Hardware 17 Mar 13:02

  • Put down your pens: Cartoons next on censor block

    Transatlantic campaign mounts against scribbled smut

    Government 17 Mar 13:30

  • 'Louis Vuitton'-edition 'Moto Aura' launched

    It's, like, well posh, innit

    Phones 17 Mar 13:33

  • HM Treasury website traffic goes into recession

    No inflation in these figures

    Government 17 Mar 13:49

  • Google phone OS to transform Linux netbooks, says researcher

    Windows for mini-laptops, Android for appliances

    Hardware 17 Mar 13:50

  • BMW, Fiat partner to dominate small e-car biz?

    Mini, Isetta, Topolino could be remodelled for eco motoroing

    Science 17 Mar 14:10

  • Obesity witchhunt is a 'moral panic' - sense out of Texas

    We need a total ban on Body Mass Index statistics

    Science 17 Mar 14:16

  • Euro ion-rocket sat launch success

    Open-door policy at Plesetsk this time

    Science 17 Mar 14:33

  • Hong Kong supplier punts Mac-alike netbook

    VIA Nano inside

    Hardware 17 Mar 14:58

  • Boffins finger reason for non-aligned cows

    Power lines disrupt bovines' north-south grazing tendency

    Science 17 Mar 15:32

  • Cisco's uncharted territory: Here be storage dragons

    Blades are one thing, disks are quite another

    The Channel 17 Mar 15:49

  • Samsung's first Android phone spied online?

    Blurry picture, equally blurry specs

    Phones 17 Mar 15:57

  • California: Cisco gives out some details, finally

    Just don't call it a blade server

    Servers 17 Mar 16:01

  • Dell bringing SSDs to the EqualLogic party?

    Round Rock stays mum on PS6000

    The Channel 17 Mar 16:40

  • Man turns finger into storage

    The bloke with storage at his fingertips - literally

    Hardware 17 Mar 17:03

  • Apple iPhone sales tally tops 17m

    Over 13m iPod Touches too

    Phones 17 Mar 17:23

  • Obama CIO a confessed petty thief

    Blogosphere surfaces 12-year-old guilty plea

    Government 17 Mar 18:04

  • Reverse engineering Apple's OS X

    A thunking good time

    Developer 17 Mar 18:08

  • iPhone 3.0 adds cut-and-paste, search, new dev toys

    Arriving in 'summer'

    Phones 17 Mar 20:26

  • Card-sniffing trojans target Diebold ATM software

    Innovations in cybercrime

    Security 17 Mar 20:32

  • Amazon sued by cable TV giant over Kindle ebooks

    Patent infringement, natch

    Hardware 17 Mar 21:23

  • Microsoft dumped after India PM's emails go AWOL

    Ushers in open-source era

    Applications 17 Mar 21:28

  • Irish ISPs rally against record label anti-piracy threat

    Three strikes rule? Pshaw

    Media 17 Mar 22:46

  • Google in Chrome rebetafication

    New non-release '35% faster'

    Applications 17 Mar 23:34