10th March 2009 Archive

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  • Mobile companies unite on Apple - Google threat

    Eclipse offers sliver of light

    Developer 10 04:02

  • Inside the world's greatest TV remote

    Fun with microcontrollers

    Hardware 10 05:22

  • HP sweet talks the hand that feeds IT

    Now is the time to spend (on us)

    Servers 10 05:56

  • Seagate revs up SATA speed

    Keep up at the back

    Storage 10 07:02

  • Nokia sweetens juice-monitor app

    Data rates, signal strength and RAM, oh my!

    Mobile 10 08:02

  • Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C510

    Who says Cyber-shots have to be high end?

    Phones 10 09:02

  • Computacenter grows revenues as profits fall

    Blames the French

    The Channel 10 09:31

  • Oz bloke in underpants wrestles 'lunatic ninja' roo

    When Skippys attack

    Bootnotes 10 09:34

  • Motion-powered phone en route

    Stores kinetic energy

    Phones 10 09:55

  • Isilon adds faster clustered file storage

    Deduping nearline storage too

    Storage 10 10:04

  • No welcome in the valleys for Welsh incinerator

    Locals oppose £400m 'dirty stinking scheme'

    Science 10 10:22

  • UK IT should 'fire men first', says Kate Craig-Wood

    Expensive blokes' jobs should be gendersourced

    Small Biz 10 10:23

  • HP tells us all about EVA

    Fasten your seatbelts

    Storage 10 11:08

  • Royal Mail disses runaway post van man

    Injured have-a-go hero 'victim of his own misfortune'

    Bootnotes 10 11:21

  • Google's cloud bursts yet again

    Scattered outages for Gmail users

    Applications 10 11:41

  • MEPs flatten roaming costs

    Cheaper calling next year, probably

    Mobile 10 11:44

  • Russian politician: 'My assistant started Estonian cyberwar'

    Dubious DDoS lols

    Security 10 11:49

  • Samsung spells out alphabet touch-phones

    Swipe A to open messaging or B to start the camera

    Phones 10 12:02

  • Dell launches well 'ard laptop

    With tank-like armour plating

    Hardware 10 12:14

  • Ingram ups small biz credit

    Money meets mouth

    The Channel 10 12:18

  • Tata to release UK's first 'serious' electric car

    Looks like a real car not a G-Whizz

    Science 10 12:21

  • The world's best tech bike?

    A snip at just £20,000

    Hardware 10 12:32

  • Boffins build 'slow glass' light-trapping nanodoughnut

    Exciton in tight ring = fast photonic computing?

    Science 10 12:35

  • Government rejects call to limit insolvency firms' fees

    Don't soak the liquidators

    Small Biz 10 12:55

  • Apple 17in MacBook Pro

    How much battery life? How big a price tag?

    Hardware 10 13:02

  • DNA database includes nipper and nonagenarian

    The seven ages of man according to Smith

    Government 10 13:02

  • A Geeks Guide2 ...Sybex Study Guides

    40% off at Reg Books

    Site News 10 13:19

  • UK gov gets twitchy on Google feature creep

    Less lassitude on Latitude please

    Mobile 10 13:26

  • Eset false alarm puts system files on remand

    Kryptik cock-up

    Security 10 13:29

  • Man punts 'prototype' iPhones on eBay

    A piece of history?

    Phones 10 13:31

  • No investigation after malware is found on parliamentary PC

    Hill to climb for new e-crime unit

    Security 10 13:33

  • Silverlight and open-source Java love has its day

    Microsoft-blessed interop project delivers

    Developer 10 14:04

  • Court rules airline secret security list is stupid

    You carrying anything which might be on our secret list?

    Law 10 14:42

  • Drunk sorority girls quaff booze 'to impress boys'

    Prof: College chaps unimpressed by squiffy vixens

    Bootnotes 10 14:48

  • Cops foil Level 3 burglary

    Three charged after attempted London heist

    Broadband 10 15:33

  • Microsoft notebook stand blows in

    Fan-powered cooling base

    Hardware 10 16:26

  • Homosexuality does for UK blue duck population

    'A lovely couple', admits downheartened bird warden

    Science 10 16:27

  • Firefox 3.1 morphs into Firefox 3.5

    Mozilla claims version switcheroo won't hurt ship date

    Applications 10 17:07

  • Conspiracy theories fly around Norton forum 'Pifts' purge

    EXE phones home?

    Security 10 17:13

  • Hynix to pay Rambus $379m in patent dispute

    Case ending just short of its tin anniversary

    Hardware 10 19:05

  • The long road to Reader and Flash security Nirvana

    Critical Adobe updates not easy to come by

    Security 10 19:52

  • Microsoft promises 'first' relational cloud storage

    Policy U-turn adds SQL Server network protocol

    Software 10 19:59

  • VMware takes EMC 'beyond virtual servers'

    The 21st century software mainframe

    Virtualization 10 20:38

  • Apple ogles location-based iPhone ads

    Patent app knows where you are

    Mobile 10 20:43

  • TSMC shocks market with break-even claim

    Last minute Chinese save

    Hardware 10 21:26

  • Concerted Linux-netbook effort needed to beat Microsoft

    Zemlin: skin this cat with services

    Operating Systems 10 21:45

  • Stratus punts freebie VMware virt software

    Company feels your pain

    Hardware 10 21:56

  • Craigslist boasts 95% drop in 'erotic services' listings

    Cracking down on classifieds of ill-repute

    Security 10 22:37

  • Linux-Lego man trumpets OSH revolution

    Open source hardware 'ten years away'

    Hardware 10 23:14

  • Nvidia seeks 'PC soul' software

    $5m could be yours

    Hardware 10 23:17

  • AOL starts swinging the axe

    'Important meeting' invite

    Financial News 10 23:25