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Google expands ad empire with expandable ads

Google is now serving expandable display ads onto partner websites in its AdSense content network. But it's taking the tasteful route. Unlike so many others, these expandable ads won't consume your browser unless you ask them to.
Cade Metz, 06 2009
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Cold-water treatment for Ballmer on Windows Mobile

If Steve Ballmer loves one group of people more than developers, it's Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) - except when he's gently threatening them, of course.
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Suit seeks close of Craigslist's red-light district

Chicago's sheriff on Thursday filed a lawsuit against Craigslist, saying the site may be the No. 1 source of prostitution in the United States and is straining his department's ability to enforce the law.
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Skype to give away wideband audio codec

Skype this week said it will soon be offering royalty-free licenses to its new SILK wideband speech codec to interested third-party developers and hardware makers.
Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Mini

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Mini UI 3520 netbook

Review Fujitsu Siemens is no stranger to small laptops, but the Amilo Mini pushes it into the Small, Cheap Computer category along with the likes of the Asus Eee PC and that machine's many, many competitors.
Will Head, 06 2009
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ICO raids and shuts builder blacklist firm

The Information Commissioner's Office has made its first use of an Enforcement Notice with a seven day deadline to shut down a Droitwich firm which ran an illegal database of building staff.
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'World's Worst Banker' joins Lads from Lagos

Spare if you will this morning a thought for Sir Frederick Anderson Goodwin, aka "Fred the Shred", and former big swinging dick down at the Royal Bank of Scotland.

March patch Tuesday omits Excel fix

Microsoft forthcoming patch Tuesday will bring no relief from an unpatched Excel flaw that's the target of active malware attacks.
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Forced retirement due to age can be justified, rules ECJ

A UK law which allows companies to force people to retire at 65 or at that company's specified retirement age does not necessarily breach European Union laws, the EU's highest court said today.

Camcorder-cum-compact piloted by JVC

JVC has unveiled a hybrid HD camcorder suitable for budding Spielbergs or anyone still bothered about snapping stills.

3D car dashboard displayed

The same boffins that brought you gesture-controlled 3D TV have another depth-defying treat in store: a 3D car dashboard.
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NAO calls for better crown court IT

The National Audit Office has called for improvements to two crucial crown court computer systems
Kablenet, 06 2009

Sexy Namir sportster to rewrite fuel economy rulebook?

'Leccy Tech Frazer-Nash is a name usually associated with British sports cars of the 1950s, so it came as something of a surprise to find the moniker sitting on something that looks like... well... this:

Infortrend to launch enterprise Fibre Channel arrays

Taiwan-based SME storage supplier Infortrend wants to move up to the enterprise by adding a VSA (Virtual Scaleout Architecture) disk drive array product to its range.
HTC Magic

HTC Magic to materialise next month

Vodafone will pull HTC’s Magic handset out of its hat next month, the UK network operator’s website has revealed.

Samsung launches not-2TB drive

Samsung, stepping up to the 500GB per platter level, has chosen not to follow Western Digital and Seagate's 2TB hard drive lead and restricted itself to a 1.5TB capacity.
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Vulcan appeal in emergency tin-rattling

The Vulcan to the Sky trust - which after years of restoration and around £7m succeeded in getting Vulcan XH558 back into the air - is looking for an emergency injection of cash to keep the aircraft flying:
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US killer robo-plane makes strike without remote pilot

A US killer drone has carried out a lethal strike from the skies above Iraq, for the first time remotely controlled entirely by non-aircrew-rated, enlisted soldiers. The milestone would seem to foreshadow redundancy for large communities of military pilots in coming years.
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Bletchley's Colossus makes beautiful music

Bletchley Park's National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) has hooked up with "chip artist" Pixelh8, aka Matthew Applegate (pictured below), for a most unusual project - a musical composition in which the "instruments" are the museum's collection of vintage hardware.
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'Lex Nokia' company snoop law passes in Finland

A new law that will allow increased monitoring of employees’ electronic communications by their employers was passed by Finland’s parliament on Tuesday. Despite splits on the government side – most notably within the Green party – the Bill had a healthy majority: 96 in favour, 56 against, with 47 absent from the vote.

NES emulation phone unfolds online

An unfolding mobile phone able to play games from the NES console has been spied for sale online.
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Metallica's Lars Ulrich illegally downloads own album

Metallica drummer and notorious Napster naysayer Lars Ulrich has admitted he illegally downloaded his band’s latest album from a file-sharing website.

Philips launches GoGear PMP - again

Philips has launched a compact portable media player with an OLED display.

ESX 4.0 to hit the dancefloor in May

El Reg's ever-twitching cyberspace antennae have detected that Compellent is certifying its storage product with a coming major release of ESX which appears to be slated for May.
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Italians boffins prove plausibility of spam-javelin spam

Italian scientists appear to have taken an important step in proving that you really can "drive her wild with nine-inch length" and "make girls gasp when unzip flies" by proving that the Andropenis todger-stretch apparatus actually works.
graph up

Eurocrats declare war on e-commerce cross barrier red tape

A new European Commission report has blamed persistent barriers to cross border trade for hindering the nascent e-commerce industry.
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Gang jailed over failed Sumitomo cyberheist

The gang behind the failed multi-million pound cyberheist at Sumitomo bank were each sentenced to a lengthy spell behind bars on Thursday.
Inside Mac Mini

Slash your way inside Apple's Mac Mini

Photos You can break into Apple's new Mac mini, but it's nerve-wracking. However, if you do, you can up its storage capacity to one terabyte.
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DARPA, US Army seek 'social computing' tech

The social computing phenomenon continues to spread, with news now emerging that Pentagon warboffins are commencing work on a military project entitled "Technologies for the Applications of Social Computing (TASC)" - meant to "support leadership decision making at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels".

Satyam gets greenlight for sale

Indian outsourcer Satyam has won government approval to save itself from bankruptcy by selling itself off.
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David Blaine tw*tdangles into Urban Dictionary

David Blaine has secured his place in lexicographical history by twatdangling his way into the Urban Dictionary.

Microsoft to force New Xbox Experience upgrade?

Microsoft has refused to confirm or deny rumours that it could soon force Xbox 360 gamers to upgrade their consoles onto the New Xbox Experience (NXE) interface.
Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive

Iomega Home Media Network

Review The Home Media Network Hard Drive sounds like an all-singing, all-dancing multimedia extravaganza, along the same lines as Iomega’s recently-released ScreenPlay Pro HD. However, it’s actually a much more modest proposition than that.

Nokia transforms text messages into art

Some say that sentence construction is like a work of art, and Nokia certainly seems to agree. It’s crafted a mobile phone application that turns text messages into “mind-bending” masterpieces.
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UK.gov ditches multi-million spooknet project

Multi-million pound plans to upgrade the UK intelligence community’s secure communications system have been shelved in a move heavily criticised by a parliamentary oversight committee.
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iPhone monopoly-kicker starts charging for jailbreak apps

A site devoted to providing iPhone software for those who object to the Apple monopoly has announced plans to start charging for applications, presenting the possibility of real competition in app provisioning.
Bill Ray, 06 2009
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Enormous pain-ray patio heater towers erected in California

US weaponry globocorp Raytheon tried a small change of pace this week, announcing successful field trials of enormous microwave patio heaters intended to prevent frost damage in crops.
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Illinois restores Pluto's planetary status

The State of Illinois has decided it's unhappy with Pluto's 2006 expulsion from the league of planets and has decreed that as it "passes overhead through Illinois' night skies, that it be reestablished with full planetary status".
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IT feels the pain as US loses 651,000 jobs in February

The monthly jolt of bad news coming out of the US Department of Labor hit this morning, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting that employers cut 651,000 jobs in February. Those cuts, which do not include farm workers, pushed the unemployment rate in the United States up to 8.1 per cent from 7.6 per cent in January.
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MS coughs to hokey-cokey IE8 option in Windows 7

Microsoft has finally acknowledged that Windows 7 will come with a toggle option to “turn off” Internet Explorer 8.
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Twitter SMS spoofing still undead

A fix against an SMS spoofing flaw involving micro-blogging service Twitter offers only partial protection.

One-eyed man creates prosthetic 'surveillance' eye

A one-eyed man has taken advantage of some of the world’s smallest imaging and data transmission technologies to help him create documentaries filmed from the first-person perspective.
server room

Fanboi co. punts half-price Mac mini memory

Mac-centric parts supplier Other World Computing (OWC) has begun offering memory upgrades for Apple's new Mac mini at less than half of Apple's build-to-order price.
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Did TomTom test Microsoft's Linux patent lock-down?

Microsoft's prosecution of TomTom over alleged violation of patents is looking increasingly like a failure in its long-running policy of tying down Linux users through cross licensing of its IP.
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Obama seeks econ advice from Web2.0rhea king

Facing the worst worldwide economic crisis since The Great Depression, US President Barack Obama has sought help from Twitter, the micro-bogging outfit that boasts 6 million navel-gazing users but no obvious source of revenue.
Cade Metz, 06 2009
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Fanbois will abandon iPhone for Palm, says Wikisugardaddy

Once their current wireless contracts are up, each and every iPhone owner will switch to the Palm Pre. Or so says the ever-entertaining top-secret Wikicult sugar-daddy Roger McNamee.
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NASA's Kepler ready (again) to snoop for Earth-like planets

After delaying Kepler's eagerly-anticipated launch so NASA engineers could kick the tires on the spacecraft's Delta II rocket, the agency declared today a fine day for blastoff.

AT&T wants to run your data center

In a bad economy, any job that can be turned into a service is at risk. That's why system administrators should be a little worried, with so many companies offering remote IT management services to IT shops. This week, telecom giant AT&T threw its hat into the ring with its own remote infrastructure management service.

Apple's Snow Leopard set for June 8?

The next version of Apple Mac OS X operating system, Snow Leopard, will be released on June 8 - if one Apple-watcher's prediction is correct.