4th March 2009 Archive

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  • Google boss backs subsidized Linuxbooks

    Backtracks on Meltdown-proofiness

    Hardware 04 00:10

  • The Borings renew Street View fight

    'Our home a Google Slave'

    Media 04 00:15

  • Obama releases Dubya's secret anti-terror memos

    Warrantless wiretapping? Check

    Government 04 00:18

  • Fusion-io secretly parts with CEO

    Oh, and there's an HP pact

    Storage 04 00:27

  • US court urged to block warrantless GPS tracking

    Surveillance in the digital age

    Government 04 00:54

  • MontaVista joins Moblin crew

    Hop into Intel's Linux stack

    Hardware 04 01:15

  • US warboffins update Where Eagles Dare gizmo-bombs

    Multifunction plug-in detonator gadgets sought

    Science 04 05:02

  • Serious business behind Microsoft's Silverlight-3 tease

    Game faces on this month

    Developer 04 05:02

  • Iron Mountain punts subterranean data storage

    Underground cloud vault

    Storage 04 06:02

  • Dell plays with virtual data centers

    Punts shiny new server racks too

    Servers 04 06:02

  • Gigabyte unveils touch-sensitive, twistable netbooks

    Quartet of Atom-based tablets shown off

    Hardware 04 08:41

  • Butt-based watch UI uncovered

    Gentlemen, sit your watches

    Hardware 04 08:48

  • San Diego F-18 crash deaths 'avoidable'

    Mechanical failure and human error led to tragedy

    Science 04 09:53

  • Live security webcast: 3pm GMT today

    Your questions, expertly answered

    Reg Technology Panel 04 09:57

  • Portuguese open sourcers decry MS-only gov eProcurement

    Running Linux? Want to tender? Forget it

    Operating Systems 04 10:39

  • HP plays the Fusion-io card

    A solid state of mind - for now?

    Storage 04 10:50

  • Panasonic reveals dual-resolution camera

    Shoot video at 1080p or 720p

    Hardware 04 11:10

  • Lenovo IdeaPad S10e netbook

    The ThinkPad of laptots?

    Laptops 04 11:10

  • ITV to sell Friends Reunited, axe 600 jobs

    Ad revs plummet

    Financial News 04 11:19

  • MPs vote to keep addresses private (theirs, not yours)

    Our house, in the middle of a street we're not about to reveal to you plebs

    Government 04 11:47

  • Government wastes £4.6m on mobile telly nonsense

    Web2.0-twattery: Condom ads watched by almost no one

    Mobile 04 11:51

  • Online bookie Bwin funding dodgy football website


    Media 04 12:03

  • Cut your desktop TCO with The Register

    Exclusive Reg event for senior bods

    Reg Technology Panel 04 12:17

  • Garmin walks out pedestrian-oriented satnavs

    'Step left at the next corner'

    Science 04 12:28

  • ZTE promises world's first low-cost solar phone

    Only 30 quid a pop?

    Phones 04 12:34

  • Polish Spitfire shoots down BNP

    Anti-immigration poster pic blunder

    Bootnotes 04 12:40

  • LG preps 8Mp Viewty successor

    Popular cameraphone to be updated?

    Phones 04 12:41

  • Amazon's Kindle goes soft with iPhone app

    LCD reading fun for the US

    Phones 04 12:45

  • OLED-equipped 'open source' EV shown at Geneva Motor Show

    Light Car in the flesh

    Science 04 12:52

  • HP punts Officejet threesome at SMBs

    One page after another

    Small Biz 04 13:02

  • MPs told PGP 'incompatible' with Parliament network

    Cryptographic conundrum

    Security 04 13:05

  • Taiwan suggests suffering IT vendors try China, Africa and India

    No prospects in the US and Europe

    The Channel 04 13:23

  • Bloodhound supercar is 'recession beater', says promoter

    Boob-squeezing boffins steal Richard Noble's show

    Science 04 13:32

  • Epson EH-DM2 projector with built-in DVD player

    Only needs a mains connection?

    Hardware 04 14:02

  • US cops called to McDonalds menu cock-up

    No McNuggets? Dial 911!

    Bootnotes 04 15:01

  • Acer promises Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone for €49

    'The market's changed in recent months...'

    Phones 04 15:21

  • Eye-Fi launches Wi-Fi video upload SD

    Picture upload app for iPhone also promised

    Broadband 04 15:37

  • EC retires the Microsoft watchdog

    Monitoring trustee gets laid off

    Operating Systems 04 15:44

  • Opera lances 'extremely severe' jpg bug

    Norwegian browser update guards against pillaging

    Security 04 15:46

  • Asus cracks out of its shell with Air-esque Eee PC

    Slaps Eee moniker on PCs, storage, sticks...

    Hardware 04 15:53

  • Last day for anti-snooping petition

    As ad companies promise not to break the law

    Broadband 04 16:21

  • Huawei unwraps 21Mb/s HSDPA dongle

    Sports retractable USB connector

    Broadband 04 16:23

  • Asus unfolds dual-screen laptop/e-book reader

    Prototype display seen at CeBit

    Hardware 04 17:12

  • German cops bust cybercrime forum

    Trojan scammer trouncing

    Security 04 17:46

  • Spotify breach creates password hack risk

    Radio ga-ga

    Security 04 17:49

  • Obama taps net neut for FCC post

    Law school chums

    Government 04 18:59

  • AMD's former chip-making unit dubbed 'Globalfoundries'

    'The Foundry Company' no more

    Hardware 04 19:23

  • AMD teams with Intel chum on 40nm GPU shrink

    TSMC gets around

    Hardware 04 19:50

  • Brit pair convicted for high-tech bank heist gone bad

    Botched £229m USB stick plot

    Security 04 20:23

  • Schwarzenegger delivers the goods for Cebit fans

    You know he won't really be back

    Bootnotes 04 20:42

  • NASA teams with Cisco to track carbon in 'near real-time'

    New insights into climate change

    Science 04 22:28

  • Microsoft courts enterprises with Windows 7

    Take a look. We dare you

    Operating Systems 04 22:32

  • HP babysits small biz servers

    Zeros in on Europe with 0% financing

    Small Biz 04 23:02