3rd March 2009 Archive

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  • Bootleggers jump on 'complete' Windows 7

    Ultimate knock off

    Operating Systems 03 00:00

  • Child porn suspect ordered to decrypt own hard drive

    Self-decryption not self-incrimination

    Security 03 00:07

  • Virtualization soars on Big Blue Power boxes

    Fake server catch-up

    Virtualization 03 00:13

  • Italian iPhone makes like Roman candle

    Jobsian hardware flames out

    Mobile 03 00:38

  • Ballmer to go Kumo on Microsoft's Live Search?

    Just like .NET

    Applications 03 01:34

  • ICANN supremo opens escape hatch

    Flees gTLD wasps' nest

    Broadband 03 01:40

  • Inside Cisco's Hotel California

    A unified fabric should include storage

    Storage 03 05:02

  • Fujitsu Siemens floats private cloud plan

    Just selling stuff is so pre-meltdown

    Applications 03 06:02

  • Etailer flogs signed Jade Goody biog for £1,000

    Sun less than impressed with eBay punt

    Bootnotes 03 09:40

  • UK opposes copyright exemptions for mash-ups

    You ain't got a bootleg to stand on, chum

    Media 03 10:11

  • Intel: We'll spend our way out of the downturn - again

    Barrett recycles slogans at Cebit opener

    Hardware 03 10:23

  • BT wins pricing control over faster broadband

    Competitors must pay to play

    Data Networking 03 10:33

  • Surface surfaces in Europe

    The touch-sensitive coffee table is here

    Hardware 03 10:38

  • Brother MFC-990CW all-in-one printer

    With a fax and an answerphone too

    Hardware 03 10:38

  • Fridge-fixeable netbook debuts

    Doubles up as a tablet PC too

    Hardware 03 10:45

  • Fiorina treated for cancer

    Ex-HP boss to undergo chemo

    Government 03 11:20

  • McKinnon extradition review date set

    Sting backs campaign to keep Englishman out of New York

    Law 03 11:28

  • DSGi crosses fingers on new store format

    City = thumbs up, HMRC = thumbs down

    The Channel 03 11:33

  • Spare Backup pumps up the volume

    While HP Upline deflates

    Storage 03 11:42

  • Expedition to probe cavern lake 3km beneath Antarctic ice

    Bizarre, 'extreme' prehistoric lifeforms expected

    Science 03 11:49

  • Sony waves in HD-shooting high-end Cyber-shot

    With sweeping panorama capture mode

    Hardware 03 12:06

  • Sony exec hints at third PSP Grand Theft Auto outing

    Sony miffed by game's shift to the DS?

    Games 03 12:10

  • Asus lights up 1TB SSD Lamborghini laptop

    More storage space than the real thing?

    Hardware 03 12:15

  • BT accused of 'sharp practice' on rolling contracts

    TalkTalk calls for Ofcom action

    Broadband 03 12:24

  • Local authorities must change child privacy practices

    Report wants better data protection

    Law 03 12:30

  • Ford shows off e-van concept

    Not weird, for a change

    Science 03 12:46

  • Intel announces autos, mobiles Atom ambition

    Embedded netbooks, anyone?

    Hardware 03 12:51

  • LG Super Multi Blue BE06-LU10

    Very fast, very capacious

    Hardware 03 13:02

  • Pirate Bay rejects law-breaking claims

    'Cocky attitude not sufficient to issue guilty verdict'

    Media 03 13:14

  • Facebook sues 'Spamford' Wallace over spam scam

    Bring in the usual suspects

    Security 03 13:31

  • Brussels and Beijing work to end trade show police raids

    Angry patent holders offered mediation

    Data Centre 03 13:55

  • Study: Girls still not swarming into sci-tech, dammit

    Playing FPS, Tetris makes you good at sums, seemingly

    Science 03 14:06

  • Securing the corporation

    The Alpha and Omega of risk management

    State of Security Workshop 03 14:07

  • Ancient pulsar still radiating like a young 'un

    'Surprisingly active' X-ray source after 200m years

    Science 03 14:10

  • Apple updates full desktop Mac line-up

    Mini. iMac. Pro. All change.

    Hardware 03 14:11

  • Asus keyboard PC due May. Or maybe June

    OLED screens coming too

    Hardware 03 14:19

  • Barclays heralds new wave of wallet-waving

    Contactless tech going in cards - data-gathering to follow

    Security 03 14:34

  • Apple adds simultaneous multi-band Wi-Fi to routers

    Time Capsule and Airport Extreme updated

    Broadband 03 14:36

  • NetApp gives MetroCluster a good going-over

    From minutes to seconds

    Storage 03 15:24

  • Oz runs Romero-themed zombie awareness week

    Throw another braaaain on the barbie

    Security 03 15:29

  • BT OpenZone: Is it or isn't it?

    Hotspot controversy stoked by ambiguity

    Broadband 03 15:46

  • Telenor shuns IFPI's 'block Pirate Bay' demands

    Like asking post office to open every letter, says Norwegian ISP

    Broadband 03 15:55

  • Extreme-sports fans offered tough compact camera

    Dive-proof, ski-proof and frost-proof

    Hardware 03 16:02

  • Nokia N97 price skyrockets

    Smartphone's launch date put back too

    Phones 03 16:13

  • Snacker discovers Nokia phone in crisp packet

    Bag Finnished off?

    Phones 03 16:14

  • NZ unleashes sonic Manilow weapon

    Oh Barry, you came and you dispersed my mallrats

    Bootnotes 03 16:41

  • SGI lays off another 9 per cent

    Itanium support still in limbo

    Servers 03 16:50

  • Tandberg puts DiskStor library on books

    Virtual tape teaser

    Storage 03 17:01

  • Environmentalists greenmail Google, Dell

    Greenpeace presses suits to lobby pols, launch products

    Science 03 17:35

  • Nokia releases cuter Qt

    Open-source, web, Mac bases covered

    Developer 03 18:49

  • Google CFO nabs $1.2m bonus for five months' work

    This ain't Wall Street

    Financial News 03 18:57

  • Neil Young posts angry YouTube missive

    After the Gold Rush

    Media 03 19:09

  • HP quashes executive jet perks

    Arrives after company-wide wage reductions

    Financial News 03 19:31

  • Hack-off contestant dubs Apple Safari 'easy pickins'

    Pwn2Own's low-hanging fruit

    Security 03 19:38

  • Apple Mac-sprucing bores fanbois

    The thrill is gone

    Hardware 03 19:44

  • Contractors risk mini-Microsoft-protest

    Turner talks new hires

    Financial News 03 20:57

  • US spy agency gains support for cyber security role

    DHS not up to task, Congress told

    Security 03 21:39

  • Intel dubs 2009 'The Year of 10Gb Ethernet'

    Coming soon to a motherboard near you

    Data Networking 03 22:01

  • Server market gets second opinion on Q4

    Gartner confirms sickness

    Servers 03 22:40