2nd March 2009 Archive

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  • LG 830 "Spyder" phones recalled for dropping 911 calls

    Stranded motorist sparks nationwide handset fix

    Mobile 02 03:51

  • Apple overhauls MobileMe

    Drains swamp of embarrassment

    Applications 02 03:59

  • Iomega muffs hard drive DLNA testing

    Home Media Network not compliant

    Storage 02 04:24

  • Citrix taps VMLogix for fake server jukeboxing

    Just what Microsoft needed

    Virtualization 02 04:43

  • Melting flash-mem giant Spansion files for Chapter 11

    Ex-CEO vows return of golden handshake

    Financial News 02 05:13

  • Great Australian Firewall dead in the water?

    Sex Party add insult to injury

    Government 02 09:13

  • Brit nuke subs exposed on Google Earth

    GCHQ. MI6 and SAS also laid bare

    Government 02 09:35

  • Two papers about data quality and governance

    Stop the firefighting

    Reg Technology Panel 02 09:51

  • Phishers automate attacks using 'Google hacking'

    Why pay when you can pwn?

    Security 02 10:00

  • Obama chopper plans leaked on file-sharing nets

    Secret 'Marine One' copter blueprints seen at Tehran IP

    Policy 02 10:52

  • Data Domain doing faster dedupe

    Doubling up and up

    Storage 02 11:13

  • BlackBerry Bold sales suspended in Japan

    Some handsets heat up too when re-charged

    Phones 02 11:26

  • Satyam sale possible before probe ends

    'Ere, wanna buy a scandalous IT firm?

    The Channel 02 11:33

  • UK indie resellers get new body

    When two become one

    The Channel 02 11:58

  • Office booze-up battered in CPW cutbacks

    'Beer Bust' busted to avoid going bust

    Mobile 02 12:00

  • NASA delays Kepler launch for rocket checks

    Habitable-planet finder mustn't fall in the sea

    Science 02 12:20

  • Three months on, you still can't get off the DNA database

    Carry on sampling...

    Law 02 12:21

  • Gamer suspended from Xbox Live after saying she's gay

    No sex please - we're Xbox gamers

    Games 02 12:33

  • Sony DSLR-A900 Alpha 900 digital SLR

    Looks great on paper

    Hardware 02 13:08

  • Asus confirms Eee Box 206

    Miniature PC with HD support and eco credentials

    Hardware 02 13:25

  • Pirate Bay prosecutor argues for one year prison terms

    BitTorrent coat-holders should do bird

    Media 02 13:39

  • Conficker call-backs threaten to swamp legit domains

    Southwest Airlines faces Friday the 13th horror

    Security 02 13:42

  • Last call for UK liberties

    Convention rallies support against government madness

    Government 02 14:16

  • Psion countersues Intel in not-netbook spat

    Sold $60,000 worth of Netbooks last year, apparently

    Hardware 02 14:28

  • Retailer reveals Touch Diamond 2 launch

    Pro 2 date still a secret

    Phones 02 14:34

  • Is Intel outsourcing chip fabs?

    Chips to Taiwan says rumour mill

    Hardware 02 15:21

  • Vendor punts laptop-as-server behemoth

    Intel quad-core Core i7 on board

    Hardware 02 15:45

  • AVG finally bothers with behaviour-based defences

    And what time do you call this?

    Security 02 15:47

  • NASA shops for new Moon spacesuits and landers

    'Not your father's moonship', insists space agency

    Science 02 16:00

  • Protostar steers out Lampo 'leccy sportster

    Italian for 'lightning', apparently

    Science 02 16:02

  • 'Ich bin ein storyteller', says UK taxman

    German kids' tales punted on payroll CD

    Small Biz 02 16:02

  • Samsung launches assault on 'hybrid' camera market

    A bridge to fear?

    Hardware 02 16:14

  • Microsoft expands hosted services waistline

    Flabby online march

    Software 02 16:23

  • Ofcom wants mobile TV spectrum pulled

    TV without frontiers - or radio frequencies

    Networks 02 16:25

  • Small is beautiful for Xyratex arrays

    Which OEMs will take the SFFs?

    Storage 02 16:26

  • Original Xbox kicks bucket

    Microsoft ends technical service

    Games 02 16:34

  • Gartner: PC sales, except netbooks, to slump in 2009

    'Sharpest unit decline in history'

    Hardware 02 16:59

  • Nokia nixes flagship phone in US

    Seven hours on the shelves for 3G-unfriendly mobe

    Mobile 02 17:06

  • Koobface variant worms across social networking sites

    Facebook reject 'martial law' app vetting idea

    Security 02 17:20

  • Convicted Romanian hacker is hot commodity in Italy

    Companies, authorities fawn over informatics whiz

    Security 02 18:50

  • iPhone surfs to mobile web domination

    New love for open-source projects

    Applications 02 19:06

  • Yang spent $79m snuffing Microhoo!

    A drop in the $47.5bn bucket

    Financial News 02 20:33

  • Prime Minister's health records breached in database attack

    Scottish rich and powerful victimized

    Security 02 20:40

  • Intel taps TSMC for low-power chip fabbing

    Atom gets a sister

    Financial News 02 21:23

  • EMC faces DoJ probe

    Someone blew a whistle

    Government 02 21:27

  • Obama removes YouTube from YouTube-side chats

    Swallows Google spy cookie

    Applications 02 23:05

  • Bill Gates bans progeny from iPhone Nation

    Microsoft matriarch suffers Apple envy

    Mobile 02 23:17

  • AMD: 'At heart, we're a design company'

    Look, Ma! No foundry!

    Hardware 02 23:49