26th February 2009 Archive

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  • Jobs will return, says Apple's board

    Shareholders serenade absent deity

    Hardware 26 00:00

  • Microsoft sues GPS maker TomTom

    Lawyers blow IP infringement smoke signals

    Law 26 00:07

  • VMware, Novell hatch virtual appliance scheme

    More hardware that isn't real

    Servers 26 01:37

  • Windows 7 to take Surface mainstream?

    Ikea-priced table computing

    Developer 26 01:53

  • Hacking contest offers $10,000 for iPhone exploit

    Pwn2Own your smartphone

    Phones 26 02:02

  • Google seeks starvation of growling watchdog

    (Semi-)apology for money-snuffing missive

    Government 26 02:09

  • Microsoft trades goodwill for TomTom Linux satisfaction

    Skeptics' 'told-you-so' moment arrives

    Applications 26 06:11

  • VMware's one-trick pony: Destined to be a platform?

    A Maritz made in heaven - or not

    Virtualization 26 08:02

  • Debt collection can be harassment, rules court

    British Gas ruling sends warning to all suppliers

    Small Biz 26 08:16

  • Samsung S1 Mini 1.8in external hard drive

    Very cute

    Hardware 26 09:59

  • Dominican lad suffers six-day stiffy

    Doctors battle in vain to placate priapism

    Bootnotes 26 10:12

  • Polluters to start paying, tardily

    EU environmental liability regime for England finally kicks in

    Science 26 10:34

  • Nokia plotting Symbian laptops

    MC400* route to keeping up with the Androids

    Hardware 26 10:44

  • UMD-free PSP coming this autumn?

    Exec claims Sony's already working on prototype

    Games 26 11:08

  • Small biz still struggling for funding as RBS flounders

    Last roll of the dice for UK economy

    Small Biz 26 11:16

  • Hertfordshire drivers endure 200-year roadworks

    Impact 'slight', mercifully

    Bootnotes 26 11:17

  • Boffins: Send robot lawn tractors to the Moon

    Droid dump-truck Moonbase spaceport plan

    Science 26 11:33

  • Miley Cyrus hacker in MySpace spam ringtone scam

    TrainReq invites surfers to vote on own punishment

    Security 26 11:36

  • Texting: Good for kids after all?

    Regular texters read more gooder, finds study

    Mobile 26 11:49

  • Stargazers peer into the 'Eye of God'

    Helix Nebula poses for ESO 'scope

    Science 26 11:53

  • Nokia eyes up notebook biz

    Mobiles and laptops to converge, says company chief

    Hardware 26 11:53

  • Sony Walkman X1000 series priced, dated

    Thanks, Amazon!

    Hardware 26 11:56

  • Carphone Warehouse to axe 450 jobs

    Head office and call centres targeted

    The Channel 26 12:07

  • TechNet, MSDN subscribers get Vista SP2 release candidate

    Coming soon to a screen near you

    Operating Systems 26 12:09

  • How secure is your organisation?

    Get advice and opinion from our experts

    Reg Technology Panel 26 12:24

  • Sonim XP3 Enduro ultra-rugged mobile phone

    Well 'ard

    Phones 26 13:02

  • Spectrum Bridge maps out the white spaces

    You said no strings could secure you

    Mobile 26 13:08

  • Reg Reader poll on notebook quality: results are in

    Are Apple and Sony worth the price premium?

    Hardware 26 13:19

  • McKinnon's UK trial bid rejected by DPP

    Health hearing becomes sole barrier against extradition

    Law 26 13:29

  • Google shakes AdWords snowglobe again

    Add ads to Google News, shutters mobile biz pages service

    Financial News 26 13:37

  • Nintendo unveils 'Pro' Wii controller

    Like the Classic, just with more grip

    Games 26 14:21

  • iPhoney nano found, tested in Asia

    Not the gadget you were expecting...

    Phones 26 14:28

  • Panasonic readies Freesat Blu-ray pair

    Record the BBC, in HD

    Hardware 26 14:29

  • Sky taken to task for online promo cock-up

    Broadcaster broke ASA rules after servers failed

    Servers 26 14:46

  • UK kids presenter gets online support

    Storm + teacup + stupid parents

    Bootnotes 26 14:51

  • Spooks told to get used to encrypted VoIP

    UK start-up aims to conceal more conversations

    Mobile 26 15:26

  • Pirate Bay's neo-Nazi sugar daddy

    And the strange silence of the Freetards

    Media 26 15:49

  • Teen sacked for 'boring' job Facebook comment

    Marching orders for Clacton office worker

    Bootnotes 26 15:54

  • Cambridge security boffins slam banking card readers

    'Optimised to fail'

    Security 26 16:22

  • Harry Potter hangs up wand in 2011

    Warner sets release date for Deathly Hallows: Part II

    Bootnotes 26 16:40

  • Yahoo! parts! ways! with! CFO!

    Microhoo resurrection swansong

    Financial News 26 18:14

  • Apple laptop ignites marketing department

    Faulty PowerBook catches fire

    Hardware 26 20:44

  • Intel preps ultra-thin notebook chips

    You can't be too rich or too ultra-thin

    Hardware 26 21:11

  • Supremes ankle AT&T DSL line-sharing suit

    Reject antitrust pleas for lower pricing

    Broadband 26 21:15

  • Tweet hackers reopen Twitter vuln

    Clickjack tit-tat

    Security 26 21:37

  • Google finally gives self Web2.0rhea

    A spew before buying?

    Applications 26 22:31

  • Dell profits dive 48% in Q4

    More cost-cutting on the cards

    The Channel 26 23:26

  • Cisco lays off 250 in first wave of cuts

    But don't call them layoffs

    Financial News 26 23:30

  • Big Blue flaunts Meltdown-proof coating

    Re-promises record 2009

    Financial News 26 23:48